Compulsive Shopping and Hoarding

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If you are a compulsive shopper, you are probably dreading the holidays.

Scary. You love to shop. But you hate yourself for it.

It is that time of year again, where the stores and merchants are going to hammer you to spend.

If you have even a slight problem with shopping and spending, you are probably feeling the urges building even now as you anticipate the 4 am store openings on the day after thanksgiving.

A compulsive shopper doesn’t have this problem only during holidays, it is obviously a full time fight. I have seen many people wrestle with this and not be able to get on top of it.

Here’s the deal. You need to shop to achieve something that you need on a very deep level. Until now, no one has been able to help you identify this or resolve it.

You might have been given medications for compulsive shopping, told that you have OCD and that it is a brain problem and can only be managed with medication. You might have also been told it is genetic.

So NOT true.

Your brain is changing constantly. If you resolve the inner issues that created this compulsive behavior you can start rewiring your brain.

But it is not going to happen without some serious brain rejiggering.

That’s where I come in.

One of my most powerful methods of releasing addictive and compulsive behaviors involves triggers.

Your core need to spend money is triggered by a behavior that happens below your conscious awareness. This behavior is stimulated by emotions, environment, TV and radio ads and even just the sight of a store.

Using hypnosis to release the compulsive behavior is the first step. Changing the effect of the triggers is the magical part.

The things that used to trigger the need to shop, now trigger an entirely new set of emotions, feelings, visions, inner voice, etc. Using hypnosis means we can attach these new feelings of power, freedom and strength to the old triggers on a subconscious level.

With me?

This means that when you walk by a store, look in the window, something entirely different happens. And it starts before you are even aware of it. Research has shown that these behaviors activate the brain (creating the compulsion or the freedom) long before you are aware of it.

By attaching NEW feelings and behaviors, values and beliefs to the triggers, you have an overwhelming sense of freedom.

Make sense?

It happens automatically. Your subconscious mind sees, hears or thinks about something, that in the past would have triggered the compulsion, and has associated an entirely new response. This is where it gets magical.

Your brain is constantly wiring up the neural networks to make these automatic thoughts, feeling and behaviors happen. Your brain, until now, only knows one way to respond. Your brain ONLY had the wiring for compulsive shopping.

Hypnosis created new neural networks. And by creating new responses to the triggers, we are forcing the brain to wire things up for freedom, being in control, loving to look at things with no need to own them and all the self love you have as a result of these new values.

Are you loving this so far?

When you no longer have to wrestle with compulsive shopping and you don’t have to judge yourself, feel ashamed or guilty every minute of the day… well, life  can start to feel pretty good again.

Is this what you want?

Yea, it is.

So you have one more thing to buy. Gulp. But this is an easy choice.

I have a session for you on CD, or download it, called JUST SAY NO.

This is a gentle, healing and life altering experience.

Find out how easy it can be, now.

Just Say No- hypnosis strategy to end compulsive shopping.

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