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Are you a super hero?
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Hello all you brainiacs. On Saturday I saw Joe Dispenza. I took his level 1 workshop. He is the guy from What the Bleep, and he explains the neural networks, receptor sites, genes and DNA and how we can intentionally change the brain wiring.
He is a great speaker and his workshop was really good. He and I share a lot of the same thoughts.
The most important thing to remember about your brain is, in his words "If you fire it, you wire it".
When you think a thought, it causes a neurological action in your brain, the neurons fire and it creates wiring that can make really good things happen, or a variety of really bad things happen.
Then the chemical state is created, floods your body, hits your cells, the receptor sites suck it up and  blammo… you feel fantastic, or you feel not so great.
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Did you watch my video on Depression from last week?
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This week, my son Riley found this article and wrote about it. He is thinking that you might just have super powers.

Researchers believe some conditions can be duplicated in healthy people through the power of hypnosis

  • Hysterical blindness (the person cannot see but has no perceptible damage to their eyes or brain)
  • Hysterical paralysis (an inability to move a part of the body despite having no physical injury – the same limb may move while the person is asleep)

Could this open up the possibility for Hypnosis Super Heroes and Villains?
Or are life’s monotonous, taken for granted occurrences the actual villains of the mind?  

                   It turns out, Hypnosis is the
super power to battle daily life’s everyday
super villains.

 Neuropsychologist Peter Halligan at Cardiff University, UK, believes it may one day be possible to create "virtual patients" through hypnosis in order to help study some of the stranger neurological conditions seen in individuals.
 Wendi? A super hero? 
I knew something was up!

blonde superhero

Study supporting the new research

There is growing amounts of research being done on how hypnosis affects the brain.

For example, when patients were hypnotized to experience a paralyzed limb, experimenters found that brain areas normally associated with the intentional inhibition of movement are not active in people with hysterical paralysis nor hypnotized volunteers, suggesting that it really is the case that they cannot, rather than will not, move.

This shows that Hypnosis is very much real, and not just for the condition duplication experiment, but for how the mind works in all different uses of Hypnosis.

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It has been a beautiful, sunny fall here in Boulder. I am soaking up the sun for one more day, because they  tell me there will be snow soon!
I don’t believe them. It was 80 degrees this weekend.

I hope you enjoy the video about your super brain. I have been so amazed at what I can do to overcome some big problems.

I still have problems, don’t get me wrong. Even us superheros have some supershit in our lives now and then. But knowing how to redirect it, deal with the stress, make some new wiring in that genius brain of yours… well it makes even the big bumps smooth out a bit.

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