My Happy Birthday Gift to you

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Published November 30, 2010 by Wendi

It’s my Birthday and I have a cool gift for you! It is my Gratitude session from the Wake Up Happy program.

I really enjoyed making this because it made me very present in experiencing the things that are in my life to be grateful for every day.

I hope you will experience it with a deep and peaceful experience of gratitude. It is made to wake up to, but you can just use it now if you close your eyes, relax your body and let yourself emerge to the experience of gratitude.

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Another year has flown by and I looped my way around the sun for yet another year over 50. Gulp.

Grateful, but also a bit weird. When you are under 50 it just seems like this will never really happen.

This year I moved to Boulder, Colorado. 3 years before that I moved from Sacramento, Ca to southern California so I could live on the beach. I loved the beach, the sailing, the dolphins and whales. But it was time for a change. The mountains were calling me and I took the call. Boulder is an amazing town with some interesting and inspiring people. Everyone is so friendly and warm. Quite the opposite of Orange County style!

I also started work on a project to end homelessness. The project is starting to have a heartbeat, and I am finding some powerful team members who are involved in the creation of this project. In Boulder, if you dip your toe in the start up pond you are rewarded with an abundance of great minds. As this project develops beyond the testing phase I will invite you to become a team leader in your community to implement the project to end homelessness into existence.

It is very exciting. And it just might work.

And for all of you who wished me a happy, glorious, exciting, fun filled, passionate birthday… THANK YOU. I love you.

There is nothing that equals the deep and profound gratitude I have for each and every one of you. My life has been blessed by you. I know that I have made a huge difference for so many of you and for that, I am deeply, truly am grateful. Without your emails, Facebook posts, Tweets and encouragement I would not have been able to experience the gift that I was born to share.

Life gets hard. I get that. Yours, mine, everyone. We all have hard times that seem unfair, perplexing, infuriating and depressing. It would be unrealistic to think that life can always be sweet and creamy. It is the big stuff, the hard stuff, that continues to shape us, move us, create us. The pain in my life has been the catalyst to become determined to change. Without the deep dark holes in my past, I would not be here doing what I am doing. Even now, battling the darkness of addiction with my oldest son as a single mom, seeing a broken life that may never reach it’s potential and knowing the pain that only a mom could know… (oh geez, the tears) I feel more determined than ever to save the young lives from addiction. Our generation of young people are more addicted than any other generation. We have to take action.

My message to you is about being powerful. In your own way, don’t succumb to the hard stuff. Feel it, find it, get deep. But emerge with a strength and determination that that is unshakable. You don’t have to change the world. Just change yourself and a few people around you. Give that gift of strength to all that see you and know you. Be an inspiration by creating strength and wisdom after the hard stuff comes.

YOU! You are an inspiration to me. I feel your stories, your life, your heart. Every day. EVERY day.

I live in awe of you. Who you are. Who you are becoming. Who you inspire.

I love you,




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One Response to “My Happy Birthday Gift to you”
  1. Doug says:

    Hi Wendi, wishing you a very Happy Brithday and a blessed day.

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