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Last Chance to fix your friends ;)

For 24 hours
Everything in the store
40% off

And in the USA you get
FREE 3 Day Shipping-
Order minimum  $50 to get free
UPS shipping.

For the next 24 hours, from the time stamp on this post, you get to choose as much as you need to give the love to your friends and family.

Just think- you give a gift of deep sleep!

Or you give them a gift of ending back pain, or headaches.

Maybe you want to heat things up and give your lover a little hypnotic Christmas gift that will make things tingle all over. xmas stocking

Perhaps your friend is desperately needing some happiness and you realize that happiness is just a trance away.

Maybe your athlete needs endurance or more power. You got it covered!

Just think- a gift that truly changes a life.

Go here to start, search for anything. Just put in the need and I will have a solution for you.

Use Coupon code:


Order only from this cart.

And remember, this is a gift that might just change a life.

I love you,


Free UPS
3 day shipping.

Order minimum $50. If you order less, we will add the shipping cost back on.


When you place your order, use the coupon code CMAS24 to take 40% off the entire order.

If the amount is over $50 AFTER the discount, you can choose the 3 Day UPS option.

Love and kisses!

Best Sellers

Alcohol Freedom
Timeline Journey
Weight Release
Pocket Therapist
Sleepy Kids
Hypnotize Lover
Do It Now
Memory Magic

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40% off

Coupon is


Orders over $50 can choose free
3 Day UPS shipping at checkout.

24 hours! GO GO GO
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