Day 1- Where in the World is Wendi? CLUES! OPEN NOW

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Where in the World is Wendi! Clues Day 1 logoBaby Elephant
Here is your Video Clue!
 Go here to find it and answer 3 questions correctly. NOW!


Win today’s prize for the first right answer, and get entered for the grand prize contest in 2 weeks for $1000 !www banner


Find Wendi
Win daily prizes
Win the Grand Prize of $1000
in cash, or a baby elephant. 

I’ve run away. Left the country. And for the next 2 weeks I will give you clues to my whereabouts.
world sign

I have to warn you, I am moving fast.


Be First each day and Win!

If you can answer the three questions each day, and you are the first one to get all 3 correct, you win that daily prize.


Grand Prize is $1000.
Every day, the top 10 answers will be in the final competition for the grand prize.


I have helpers!  Ning, Tiera and Nari joined me to write this newsletter. They are enjoying my ramblings, but we have a bit of a language barrier.




Clues will come.
Prizes will abound.
Fun will be had.
This is Day 1.  

Win a baby Elephant, a small child or something just as cool. (not really a prize, but today’s prize is REALLY cool. Check it out)


Ready? GO! 


  I love you,




Ellie water



Hurry it up! Might feel pretty dang good. :)


Hot Deal Today!

All the DVDs. $897 value, today only for $197.

Yup, you heard it right.

This DAY 1 offer is NOT to be missed.

See it here. 




It is finally here. I am very sorry for the delay in starting day one. Technical glitches got the best of me.


You have GOT to watch this video. It might be the cutest stomping of Wendi by a baby elephant ever.


Anywhooooo, the children are not a very good clue. They are from Cambodia and I am NOT in Cambodia.


I will be on the move, with clues coming from a new location every couple of days. So watch your email!


ANSWERS- you will put them into the COMMENTS section of the CONTEST  PAGE.


DO NOT send answers in this email. Feel free to reply if you have something to say. Love your replies, but NO contest answers in your reply.


Got it?
GO here for contest page.


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