Contest Round 4- Monkey Time! Prizes and a big bonus for you.

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My Monkey love, Waters of miraculous healing,
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Round 4!

Last round before our big $1000 Grand Finalé contest. Be the first to get all the answers correct and today you win a prize worth over $800.
 Check it out.
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The monkeys are very entertaining, as monkeys are known to do. If you are packing bananas you should be very scared. I have some fun questions for you today. Be sure to get started now.


Today- EVERYONE who gets all the correct answers  will be in the GRAND FINALÉ contest.


(for 24 hours from the send time stamp on this email)

bali rice


The rice fields are so beautiful. It makes Bali look magical.
More Bali pictures here.
The Scooter o’ fun.
I wish I could ride this just once. Until I try to squeeze between the crazy taksi (I think that don’t have an x in their alphabet) and the other 1000 scooter and crash, and watch all the colorful things go flying.
Go get in the contest, NOW!


I love you,








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