The Cure for Anxiety is HERE.

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Will the next 7 days give you your life back?


This information about Anxiety might change everything. logowendi12
The 7 Day Cure for Anxiety

Also: The Contest Finalé is coming!

Also: The PTSD program update

If you are struggling with Anxiety, you have probably tried everything to make it stop.

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I know how anxiety feels and I understand how relentless it is and how it affects every part of your life.


Do you have anxiety?


Anxiety is more than just worry and fear. It is the racing thoughts, squeezing in your chest and obsessive thoughts that just won’t go away.  


Every minute feels like an hour and trying to focus on anything is nearly impossible.   


I know. I had it. And what I discovered to cure it for good is what I am going to share with you.  


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At the end of the 7 days, you email me with your experience of this program. If your anxiety is totally gone, I want to hear about it. If there is one part of the program that really made the big shift for you, I want to know.


Email me and tell me.


If you are willing to do that, you get to end your anxiety in the next 7 days!


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Is this really going to be the cure for you?
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The Cure For Anxiety
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It’s almost here!


PTSD program for EVERYONE who has served in the Military.


In a few days I will offer my new program that is to relieve Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


I created a fantastic program that is 7 days long and it allows our men and women who are tortured by PTSD to finally find relief.



This program will be completely free to all Veterans, active military or anyone who has served.


When I roll it out I want you to share the website with everyone you can. I made it with the love, respect and honor that I have for those who are suffering.


A mother wrote to me and explained how her son is struggled since he returned, and how he  can barely function. She asked. She begged. Her letters left me speechless. 


Her son had tried everything. He has done all that is offered, but nothing is working. Because she is such a believer in my work, she feels that this can really make a difference.


I agree. I think that the answer to PTSD is hypnotherapy. My program will change a few lives with your help.


Stay tuned!  







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ele wendi


I am back! Many of you know that I have been back from my Bali/Thailand adventure for a couple of weeks.


The elephant adventure was the highlight. Twice a day we rode the elephants into the river and they sprayed us, played and cooled off.


The CONTEST for the $1000 grand prize is coming. I just have to go through all the winners and formulate the questions for the final contest. Hope you have been paying attention.


While I was in Bali I had a little problem. After a long day of walking, then diving into the pool I managed to do something bad to my back.


I had the worst back spasms, so bad I could not move at all. I was stuck in one spot for about 24 hours and decided to go to the hospital.
The Bali hospital I went to was amazing. I was there for 4 days and had the most excellent care.


While there, I did my best back healing hypnosis to get this healed fast. They gave me 8 injections in  my back, and I stayed in bed. On day 4 I went into super healing mode and started walking.


Anyway, here is the fun part.


When I first arrived at the hospital, the two nurses came up to me and said "you are Wendi Friesen?" and I said yes. They asked again, "you are Wendi Friesen?" and again I said yes.


They both looked at each other, giggled a bit, then said that the doctor asked them to get my autograph. He told them who I was and that he was a big fan.


When I was waiting for my MRI another doctor came over and said "Wendi, I watch all your vidoes!" And he pulled out his phone and whipped one out. He played one of my videos right there for me.


What a trip. I guess I am big in Bali. But come on, how obscure was that? Some random hospital in Bali and I have fans. :)


On my hospital bracelet I was Ms. Wendi, no last name. Sweet.


I truly believe that the super healing meditations that we all love to do have a huge effect on how fast we heal.


I used to have episodes with my back like that one that would last for over a month. Since I learned hypnosis I have not had any, well until that day in Bali. But I sure like 4 days of healing instead of a month on the floor!


Love your Body! Send it the best thoughts and messages possible.




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