A Memorial Day message, and the gift to you.

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Memorial day. 


memorial day flag
Today’s ceremony was beautiful.


Thank you is not nearly enough.

I am always deeply moved by the level of dedication and commitment that those in the military choose to live by. Life is full of choices, some made for personal reasons, some because of a life passion and some because of a need to serve and protect.


For our military and veterans,  

my heart and soul salutes you today.  


I just returned from a memorial day event with air force fly by, 21 gun salute and a recognition of some of our heroes.   


memorial day 1 


While most of us go about our lives, dealing with our daily problems, difficulties, joys and celebrations… we have only one official day to honor those who chose to live a life of dedication, discipline, sacrifice and honor.


The connection and strength of your relationships is something that most of us will never know or understand.  

Watching the story on 60 minutes about the soldier who had an RPG embedded in his belly just told the story better than any of us civilians can ever understand.  

Despite the orders to not help him, not transport him, not give him medical care… he was transported, operated on and saved. Against orders and obviously a dangerous decision for everyone involved, every person on the team had no hesitation in saving him.


memorial 3 


To the dedicated soldiers in active duty and those who have served, I thank you.  

My tears of joy and sadness are for your service and dedication and loss on this day.  


One day to remember is not enough. You and your loved ones are in my heart every day.


When I decided to make the program for military and veterans to help with the horrible effects of PTSD I never imagined charging for it.  

It was never a decision I had to make.  


memorial 4 


I believe that my new program for PTSD Relief will have a profound effect on your mind, heart and soul. All you need to do is use it, experience it fully and dedicate yourself the the process for one week.


It is my gift. And it is a gift from my heart.


There are sessions in the program that are about coming home and reconnecting with your family, friends and lovers. When I made these, I let myself connect with the emptiness and fear and hopelessness that so many of you tell me you feel every day.  


As you experience these sessions just know that even though I cannot ever understand what it is like for you to come home and try so hard to live a normal life, I do have my heart in this project and I will stay dedicated to helping you.

Your feedback and thoughts about the program will help me to focus on what you need.
Just ask.   

memorial 5 


I will continue to add to the program and create the healing and empowering sessions that will let you reconnect with every part of your life.

Let’s do this together.


Thank you to the family members and mothers who convinced me that this is some of the most important work I can do.


Thank you to Mike Sweezy and to Julie R. for opening my eyes.


Thank you to every one of you who lives your life with dedication, loss, sorrow, power and service.


You are loved.




Post questions on the Forum, read the blog and find out why I am convinced that this program can help Relieve PTSD.  


Get Relief from PTSD, reconnect with loved ones, find yourself.


Free for veterans and active military.


Check it out, won’t you?  


Tell a friend. www.Wendi.com/ptsd 



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Not in the Military but want this program?


Many of you have asked me if you can get it if you are not in the military.


Well, yes of course you can!

I have an option for you to make a donation of any size.

You choose your price!


Feel like giving $100? Wonderful.

Only have $1 to donate? No Problem!


Your donations help support the program to make it available for our veterans and active military who so desperately need help with PTSD and with re-entering civilian life.


This is a powerful program and is helping so many. Please be sure to reply to me with your story about how this program has affected your life.


Let’s show our service men and women how much we care!










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You are loved.  


memorial day

Several years ago, when I noticed that we had a lot of orders  going to APO and FPO addresses (military bases) I told my staff to stop charging them for their orders.


"Refund the Charges! They should not pay for this!" That is what I said. More or less.


Soldiers everywhere were telling each other about the effects of the Wendi.com CDs and how they helped them sleep, get focused, de-stress, feel more powerful and keep them sane.


For over 6 years we have been sending packages to our soldiers who are stationed anywhere. We even pay the postage.


People  outside of the military don’t know about this, but our men and women in active military know that it is the least we can do!


All you have to do is let my staff know and they will send out our military package with our compliments.


Love you madly, 





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