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Podcast #302

Pooping a Watermelon


Podcast #301

Anger and how to Chill


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Many of you have asked me if you can get it if you are not in the military.


Well, yes of course you can!

I have an option for you to make a donation of any size.

You choose your price!


Feel like giving $100? Wonderful.

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Your donations help support the program to make it available for our veterans and active military who so desperately need help with PTSD and with re-entering civilian life.


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What is this?

Playing with QR codes.


What is this image?


A QR code is something that you can scan with your smart phone that has a camera.
How and why?


You can get an app that is a scanner that costs nothing.


Next, you will open the APP and hold your phone’s camera in front of the QR CODE. The camera will sense it and will beep.


Your phone will then do something. You can scan this one above and see where it takes you.


QR Codes are everywhere!  


You are seeing them all around and most of you have no idea what they are for.  


You can make your own at no cost and have the code send people to a phone number, a message, a web site or just about anything.


This one will open up a message from me.

qr code

Anyone can make them and you can use them for a lot of creative things. Just google "create QR code" to make one in seconds. 


Love you madly, 





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