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Getting Ready for the Rapture- logowendi1
Wiping out Anxiety, SURVEY.
PTSD program is doing it! 
10 things I want you to have.

(At 60-80% off)  24 Hour Sale! 

Anxiety is being banished.
Now that some of you have completed the online
Anxiety Cure program, the amazing reports are coming in. 


It is time for a Survey. If you participated in my Anxiety program, please take a moment to answer 12 simple questions.
Your experience will help others to find inspiration to use something that REALLY works! 


SURVEY HERE, please take the very quick, 12 question survey now IF YOU USED the program.


Those with anxiety might know about a very expensive anxiety program that is advertised on radio and TV. It costs Hundreds of dollars for that program and from what I have been told from an inside source, their return rate is over 50%. It is just not working for that many people.


I am convinced that my Cure For Anxiety will be the most powerful and affordable way to get your life back in the world.


Take the survey if you used the program. Let’s find out how you are feeling. 

I have some beautiful testimonials so far. Thank you to those that sent them in. So proud of your life changing anxiety cure!  



PTSD Relief is getting attention!

Thank you for your help in spreading the word to military families and organizations that are desperate for a way to alleviate PTSD. 

I NEED YOUR HELP.  Send a link to any organization, military or veterans group, TV show, radio show, friends and families. Let’s make sure everyone gets a chance to experience this.

Send this link–> 

Remember, it is my gift to our service men and women and their families.
Everyone else can also get the program at the price YOU choose! How crazy is that? 
You pick  your price. Seriously.

Check it out now. 


Wendi’s Favorite Things-

10 things I want you to have at 

60% – 80% off.  

For Real! These are real GEMS and for  24 hours you can find out why I LOVE these! 


The Boardroom-  CD was 29, now $9

Assemble a panel of brilliant advisors and get your problems solved, new ideas, fascinating input… and it all happens in this magical and hypnotic boardroom. You will love having your board of experts helping you come up with seriously great answers. 

Walk in the Woods- CD 29, now $9   Download $6

I love this because it is  such a beautiful walk of self discovery. Not only do you get to step into the forest of metaphors, you get to have guidance to what is most important right now. If you have ever felt you are lost and confused, this will totally unconfuse you.

A Child’s Mind- CD was 29, now $11

This is for adults. You are stressed, frazzled, overwhelmed by responsibility? How did I know. 

Take yourself back to a time when things were simple. Swing on a swing. Slide on a slide. Lie in the grass and watch the clouds. Reconnect with your child mind in a way that will blow your mind.

Fountain of Youth- CD was 29, now $9

When I made this one I remember how I felt for days after. Even though I made it a few years ago, I can still remember every detail of the healing pools of water, the release of pain and misery and the enlightenment as I entered each pool of water. This has also been a favorite of my staff and friends. Each healing pool has a different purpose and as you enter the waters you are letting go and infusing your life with youth. 

Life of the Party- CD was $29, now $9

I like this one for a weird reason. I made this so you could be funny. Really funny. Crack jokes, be quick witted, even to get on stage and be funnier if you are a comedian. And as I made it I started laughing. I figured you needed an audience. So this one is full of laughter. Mine. Hope you like it and you are knee slapping funny.

Day Dreamer- CD was 29, now $11

People who day dream are creative and come up with brilliant ideas. This one lets you daydream endlessly. Take a break, fly away, be imaginative. You get 3 daydreaming sessions that will tickle your fancy. If you use it during work just tell your boss you are brainstorming. Take a break from everything and day dream a while. 

All You Need is Love- CD was 29, now $11

Love, love. Love is all you need. (sing it with me) Love, love, love.  Just check it out. Who couldn’t use a little more love? 3 Fantastic sessions to make you love yourself in 3 special ways.

Magic Touch- CD was 29, now $9, Download $7.77 

This is a s3xy one. You will turn your hands into instruments of intuitive pleasure. Your lover will say "holy sh!t" as you touch, caress, explore and navigate the body in a way that makes sparks fly from your fingertips. They will be coming back for more!  OH, how I love this one. Defies explanation, really.

Choose Your Own Adventure- CD was 29, now $11

It’s like those books when you were a kid, where the ending is different every time. Sort of like that. It’s fun, it’s odd, it opens your mind, it leaves you changed. Check. It. Out. Now.

Hypno Mojo DVD- was 99, now $19

By far the hottest thing I have ever made. First you have to watch the steamy massage of a rather unclothed woman. Then you hear my voice in 4 different variations of velvety ramblings that will revive even the most frigid libido. 

Big O DVD- was 69, now $14 

If you don’t have this, you should. It is all about giving your special girl that special feeling but just from touching the back of her hand. Seriously insane. Yes it works. I get all horned up just reminiscing about my "scenes" with Jill.

Creative Genius- CD was 29, now $9

 Remember how Nancy Reagan used to get crap for talking to dead presidents? It’s kinda like that. Borrow the head of the most creative person you know.You will tap into the genius of Einstein, or DaVinci or your 3rd grade teacher. Poof. Light a thunderbolt you are imbued with a brilliant idea. 

Wide Awake- CD was 39, now $12 

This one is used while you are wide awake, not in trance, eyes open. 3 super cool sessions to bomard your brain while you are awake- maybe working out, walking, doing dishes, flying a stealth helicopter mission, digging ditches… you get the idea.

Double Voice Trances- CD was $39, now $9

Oh sweet words of love floating through my brain. This are the sessions that people describe as massages inside of their head. If you have not tried these with headphones you are missing out on one of life’s most amazing experiences. It is like someone (well me) reached inside your head and rubbed the stress right out of your brain.

Pocket Therapist- download was 99, now $19

Probably the most brilliant thing I have ever created. 16 topics, each with multiple sessions. Each one short and sweet to get your brain changed FAST. After you do my conditioning session, you can dive right into the pool of bliss. Whatever you need, and need now, is right at your fingertips. Put it on your phone, computer, device that plays sounds… and get from where you don’t want to be to where you do.


24 Hour Sale!    


Did you ever get your Love Infusion?
The words on it are still loving. Sweet. Kind. Gentle. Reassuring. Uplifting. Nurturing. Transforming. Caressing. Inspiring. Did I say Loving? Loving. Hugging.

Get your massive infusion, all 4 topics
5 sessions. Infusion of Love, self esteem, self love and healing your hurt.

Was $99, now get them ALL and download instantly. 
Only $29 for the next 24 hours. 

infusion cd

If you have not yet had your love infusion, here is your chance. This is only for 24 hours. 

I love you,






Hot Deal 24 hours only! 


60% – 80% off my favorite hypnotic sessions for 

24 hours! 


Get ‘em quick! 


What is this?

wendi body parts

It is indeed a part of Wendi’s body. 



This picture is a body part of mine. Yes indeed. It is weird to look at because, well, it looks like something that a girl would not normally share.


On Facebook I had a contest to see if people could guess what it is. Funny guesses from everyone. 


This is an image of my vocal chords. 


These two parts vibrate in fascinating ways to bring you the voice that you hear on my work. Now, I am sure you never thought you would get to see my vocal chords! 


Yea, neither did I.
I had a little concern about something going on in there and it turns out the doc said I am (in his words) PRISTINE. 


So, now you have seen the inner Wendi. This probe situation was not so cool, though. Hope you never have a reason to get scoped. The doc sends this long camera into each lung and looks around.


It is the most UN FUN procedure I ever had. Ewe, ewe, ewe. 


I am fascinated with the inside of a body. I like those surgery shows a lot. But this one picture really gives me the creeps.


So, I shared. Just because it will make you look! 


Hope you enjoyed an intimate moment with Wendi’s Innards. 


Love you madly, 





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