Scratch and Dent Starts NOW. Hurry. Now. Go. Yes. Uh-huh. Want this. Need this.

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The most insane Scratch and Dent EVER at logowendi1

Super Amazing Magnifico Extreme.

With prizes!




Scratch and Dent Extravaganza

Starts NOW.  


Up to 96% off.   



We have the biggest and most awesome sale starting right this very minute at insane prices.


What’s this? My $250 DVD for only $9?

Crazy but true. Clear them out. Get ‘em gone.  


Overstock, old packaging, returns, stuff that looks weird but sounds great, things that Melissa found under her desk, CDs that Bryan stashed away in his closet, oldies but goodies and even the all new…


Crash into these deals-
Downloads as low as $2.
But there are only 20 of each of title offered.  

93 different programs in our biggest S&D ever!


Rules you must abide by-


First 20 orders over $50 

You get a prize! A personalized recorded session with your name infused into the recording.This is going to be amazing.   

Quantities are very, very, very limited.

If it is out of stock, get over it. See how many are on hand.
As you know these can go quickly. Grab ‘em! 


Order Numbers ending in 7  

You get an additional super secret surprise gift! (Bryan and Melissa will choose it) Value of $29.  


No Adjustments on previous orders. 

I’d love to accommodate you, but uh… no. Just no.    


$100 cash prizes!!! 

EVERY order number that adds up to 27– Well you are in the bucks, baby.
Like This- 270846  2+7+0+8+4+6= 27
Find any combination of numbers that adds up to 27!   

But YOU have to add it up and put it in the comments of your order. Yeehaw!!!!!!!



Doors Open Now.



Those of you who have done this before know it’s kinda like WalMart at 3 am on the day after Christmas.

Try to avoid the trampling.  


Have a blast!   





Feel the love,










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