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Will you take a minute to do this experiment?

Here is a quick technique to take the effort out of making change in your life.



I had an email from a customer who talked about how she changed something that was a

I liked it.
Here it is.
And when you get to the bottom, be sure to read the PS.

PS’s are the best.


No Big Deal?

Some things are really a big deal.
Some things are no big deal.
Are they only a big deal if we decide they are? Let’s play.

An email from a happy woman started me thinking about how we decide if something is a big deal. If something is a big deal we have to spend a lot of emotional energy on it, right?
If is it not a big deal we just let it go without a thought.

The difference could create success in some very hard parts of your life.

Think about something that is bugging you right now.
This could be something you want to change now and in the future or it could be something that happened in the past that you are still beating yourself up for.
It could be a bad habit you want to break, like drinking or smoking, or it could be someone’s behavior that you don’t like, or maybe it is something you did that you are still feeling guilty about.

When you think about it, let yourself feel the emotions and start to feel the conflict.
Just notice how it feels when you say, “It’s a big deal”.
Give it great importance.

Imagine how hard it is now and how hard it will be later today and in the next few days to let go of this.

Notice it with all the importance you have given it as a really big deal.

Naturally the next question is, “What if it was not a big deal?”
Of course you might not be able to instantly minimize the problem or the conflict or the way it affects your life. But maybe you can change how your reaction to it makes it a big deal.

So far, so good?

Think about your problem.
Take a breath and just imagine that is has resolved itself. You don’t need to know how, just imagine that it has somehow worked out in a positive way. (you quit drinking, smoking, you made up after an argument, you forgave yourself)

Now, think about 3 things that are truly “No Big Deal” for you.
Your pen is out of ink, you are thirsty, you have a bad hair day, you spill a cup of water on the ground… just think about things for YOU that are no big deal.

As you let your mind experience these things that are no big deal, let your body feel the ease, notice your mental state giving the scenario no importance, and observe how unfased you are emotionally.
Say outloud “It’s no big deal”

“It’s no big deal”

Now you can think about the thing that was a problem, that you thought was going to be hard.
Think about it and allow yourself to say “It’s no big deal”.
Shake your head slighty as you say it.

Feel the comfort of knowing it will happen easily, that you will take care of it and that everything will work out smoothly.

And if you were to let yourself say this several times today, like when you are thinking about letting go of a bad habit, or choosing to stay angry, or blaming yourself for something… you could feel the warm, gentle easyness that says “It’s no big deal” and you feel the relief almost instantly… how good does that feel?

If you are thinking about quitting smoking, drinking or any tough habit you could create a vision of yourself in the “No Big Deal” state of mind.
How would you see yourself if this problem is truly no big deal?

How would you stand, move, breathe?
What would the expression on your face look like?
Now, just look at the image of yourself feeling all free and easy and say “It’s No Big Deal”.

There. That’s better.

“It’s No Big Deal”

This statement got me thinking about how our fears make us choose easy or hard. And in most cases it is happening unconsciously. We attach imaginary importance to things that have not yet happened and to things that have happened that we cannot change.

The email I read was from a person who was trying to quit drinking but she noticed how there was a powerful trigger that made her want to drink every day. She fought it, agonized over it and feared it.

When she decided that this trigger would indeed be no big deal and would no longer affect her, she had freedom. The cravings were gone and she told me that she knew quitting drinking would be no big deal.

She also told me that the last time she went two weeks without drinking (wthout the help of my program) she thought about drinking several times daily and when weekends came the torture was nonstop.

She has been using my Alcohol Freedom program this time and has found that quitting drinking is just no big deal.

Isn’t it fascinating how we create our emotional state and how we often feel we have no control over it?

There is a great Addiction Freedom session that you can download now, no cost. You might even want to send a friend to my page so they can feel what it is like to end their addiction without the fear. After all, fear is the most disabling emotion we have.

Download the FR*E*E*E Addiction Freedom session here

Get rid of the fear and you WILL have a choice.
It is as simple as that.

I will help. (and be sure you read the stories from people who found out how easy it can be)

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If you take action you might just get what you want.
If you do nothing you will get the same results and torture yourself.

Is it time?
You betcha!


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Love and peace are yours.


PS- It keeps happening all over the world. Fred just shared this with me- (You are Next!)

Wendi, Hi

I have several of your therapy sessions I’m working on. Like Chill Out, it is so good not to be angry at the world. I’ve noticed my anger triggers are practically non existent. “Stress reliever” ,and your confidence pack is amazing, I never knew you could get confidence from a box.

Now my self esteem just soars, there is no one I’d rather be than “Me”. I also have release negative anchors, and when I come across a negative anchor, I simply launch it into outer space and blow it up. So far they just disappeared, and again this is simply amazing.

I hope you know how special you really are. I have other things too, that I haven’t explored yet.
Thanks for being there to help people who don’t know how to help themselves, it seems you have an intrinsic understanding of the human psychic. I’m sure this comes at a great deal of hard work and understanding.

Thank you for being there.
A Big Fan

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