3 things that will make you give up

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You are amazing!


I was in Austin, Tx recently and spoke at a seminar about the energy of money, success, failure and creating wealth. We did some really cool experiments that showed how powerful our thoughts are and how easily they are transmitted to the people around us.

I know you have thought about this and you may realize that your thoughts have the power to make you succeed or fail.
But what do you do about it?

Three things that will probably lead you to fail-

1. You are holidng on to anger about m0ney.
Let’s face it, you have had some issues, your parents helped to drive that point home, the people in your life have reinforced the lack of it, you have associated it with fear and everytime you think about creating wealth you unconsciously trigger the feelings of anger. And then there’s the news. Ugh.

2. You are unworthy.
I don’t care how good your affirmations are, in all my years of working with clients it keeps boiling down to a deep, and often unrealized feeling of unworthiness. You don’t deserve to have wealth. And if you make it big you might just sabotage that success because there is a part of you that knows you are not worthy, good enough, smart enough or deserving enough to have it.

3. You have a negative energy blueprint about making it big.
Come on. You are just chasing paper. Get it out of your head that you are trying to make millions of pieces of paper. You have a powerful energetic message that you carry around and transmit to everyone and everything around you. This energy, just as we blew our minds demonstrating at the Austin seminar, holds information that might just be the biggest predictor of your failure or success.


Ok, I shall. I love you.

Knowing these things doesn’t change it.
Let’s do something about it.

I have recorded a 30 minute mindbender that will help you get started.
Listen to it now and find out if it rings true for you. (no charge)

Next, if you feel like digging out all the dirt and crud of a lifetime, join me for the  next 4 weeks and let’s all blow our minds. At least blow out the old and infuse your life with something that will make you breathe easy, feel the deepest worthiness and be filled with the energy of love and wealth.

You up for this?

Just start here-


I am so excited. We start tonight, so be sure to listen to this 30 minute session so you can decide right away if you are ready for a change this big.



Love and abundance,



PS- many of you know that the one most important thing that I did to change my life from the poverty and lack was to find and change my innermost fears and hidden agendas. After that, everything changed. Like crazy. And the same can and will happen to you. I promise.



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