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24 hours – $2 sale!!    Feeling Fat?
Here is the most fun you can have with your

eyes closed!


Twoza Palooza!!

$2 Tuesday- 24 hours from the time stamp on this Post it is OVER.


Lose the Cravings
Stop your food issues
Love your workout

Be unstoppable
Change it all on the inside and drop the fat.


24 Hour Twoza Palooza starts NOW!

One of the biggest frustrations for my clients is weight. Hitting the gym, eating your veggies, stopping your cravings, ending your obsession or food addiction… I have seen it all.


Getting in shape is an inside job. And that can be good news if you know how to fix it.
Let’s get started!

Coupon code is:

$2? Come on! Really?

I have assembled some of my most brilliant, mind bending, life altering diet sessions and made them into downloads.


Never before have my fat fighters been offered at this price. But since you all had so much fun at my last Twoza Palooza I figured we would do it again.


You become what you do consistently.

Breaking bad habits takes 21 days? I say bullcrap! Change can happen in an instant. If you pull the right strings and set your brain up for change by CONVINCING your brain you have already changed, it happens in an instant. It does depend on how you wire your brain.


Here’s a video that will tell you the truth about those 21 days

When you continually do the same thing, wishing or hoping you will change the food habit or cravings, things won’t change.


That is why hypnosis makes such fast change.


What about the kids?

Picky eaters, sugar cravers, TV watchers, hungry monsters… I have some amazing kids sessions that use stories to get them to WANT to eat veggies, feel full, get active and try new foods.

Pickle Island is a fantastic story that creates a love of trying new foods in your child’s brain. After their stint on Pickle Island you might be surprised to find your finicky eater trying new things and loving it!


What if I could guarantee that while you sleep, starting tonight, your would totally change your issues with food?


What if? :)

Here’s the thing about sleep. First, if you are not getting good sleep at night your body will have massive trouble shedding pounds.
That is a fact. 


My Sweet Dreams sessions will put you to sleep, make you sleep deeper and better, but while you sleep I am going to to totally change your food issues.


It won’t hurt a bit.


Each Sweet Dreams sessions is about health, exercise and loving good foods.

Stop cravings, eat veggies, love to workout, put you in a state of amazing control, up your metabolism… it is just a better way to sleep.


Well, guess what?
Just for this 24 hour sale I put all the Sweet Dreams sessions onto the Twoza Palooza.


Yup, that’s right! Grab ‘em while their hot!

Coupon code is:


The Big List of Twoza Palooza downloads.

Remember, 24 hours, 2 Bucks each.


Apple of Your Eye
Love to Exercise
Appetite Zapper
Core Commitment
I’m Good
I’m Good – Hypno Quickie
Eat This!
Pocket Therapist- Food for Thought

Pocket Therapist- Eat Healthy

Pocket Therapist- Eat Less, feel full

Pocket Therapist- Stomach Shrink
HCG Intro, HCG Feel Full Fast
Hunger Helper 

Stop hunger
Infusion for Weight Relief
The Junk Food Junkyard
Get Raw- love eating raw foods
Workout Lifestyle, Re-Imprinting
Sweet Dreams- in control
Sweet Dreams- love to exercise
Sweet Dreams- Metabolism
Sweet Dreams- Self Sabotage/Parts
Sweet Dreams- Self Talk
Sweet Dreams- Spirit Wisdom
Sweet Dreams- Muscle
Sweet Dreams- Sugar
Workout compulsion
Virtual Stomach Staple
Wide Awake- Sugar Blaster
Perpetual Piehole
Fire Your Fat
Emotional Dump
Just say yes- eating healthy
Just say yes- Love exercise
Happy Tummy
Brain Massage- Get Thin while you sleep

For your children!

Kids- Hungry Monster
Kids- Tiny Tummy
Kids- I’m Full
Kids- You Beast
Kids- Eat Your Veggies
Kids- The Wizard
Kids- Super Kid
Kids- Apple Eater
Kids- Pickle Island
Kids- Get up and go
Kids- Magic Brain Button
Kids- The Hunger Monster


Have a wonderful time with these.


BE PATIENT if you need help.
My staff got very overwhelmed with customer service needs on our last sale. They will do their best to make sure your downloads make it to you. But after your purchase if there is a delay, just know that they are probably inundated with calls and emails!


Here’s to you!


Love and blessings to your healthy body and brain





One of the challenges that most people have is getting enough exercise. No matter how much you know the benefits and what it does for you, most people are resistant despite their best intentions.


Most Fit!

I live in the most fit city in the country. How about that. Boulder, Colorado is insanely active. We are surrounded by the energy of staying active and fit.


Do you ever wonder if you would be in better shape if you were surrounded by people who believe in being fit?


Of course you would.

We become what we think about and we become who we surround ourselves with.


If  your office friends bring in donuts and cakes every day and spend their lunch hour eating crap, chances are good that you will do the same.


But if your workmates take a run during lunch, ride their bikes to work and home, grab salads and veggies for snacks, you will probably not sit around and eat donuts.


What are you surrounding yourself with?
How is your environment creating the programming that makes you fat or thin?


You get the idea.

How about a big change?


I want to make you puke!


Well, sort of.

If you have made friends with my Appetite Zapper you might actually feel a little queasy when you get close to eating crappy food.

The brilliant programming in the Appetite Zapper will make you crave the healthy foods and feel not so hot about stuffing down the donuts.


And that, my lovely friend, is a very, very good thing.


If you don’t love your body, you will either die early, get diabetes, have heart trouble or just spend every day unhappy.


If you want to feel the amazing energy that comes from eating healthy food and love your body, this is your day!



There are natural ways to reverse disease, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and prevent cancer. It is ALL about what you eat.


You know it. Now, let’s make it real for your brain.


Giddy up!


Grab as many of these $2 Twoza Palooza hypnosis full length, full strength sessions and put them on your phone, computer and stuff them into your brain.


Do it, feel it, love it!


Write me a great testimonial and see if you don’t feel all shiny and new!




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