Clues day 3. Wendi gets Witch Slapped.

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Day 3! Win an iPad for Halloween.
It’s here.

And the hot prize is the iPad2 !
And another Screamin’ Deal!

Fear the Failure!
Zombie attacks are coming.
  Brains will be eaten.

  You will need my help today for sure.



Go to CONTEST page now.
Win an iPad2 and more prizes!
Today’s clues brought to you by the Count.

Listen in…

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 Listen to this weird fight between the

 Witch and the Count.
 Find the letter scramble clues in the story.

 Decode them, then unscramble them.

 (A=1, B=2…)

   Save the clues to assemble the final    

  sentence on Day 4 !

Today’s scrambled letters are just ONE word.

__ __ __ __ __ __ __


The iPad can be yours! 

Day 3 Clue is here


Listen to the delightful vampire and witch story.

Unscramble it and you are on your way!

Get the daily clues as fight through the guts and gore.

Get previous clues here  -   DAY 1   DAY 2


Grab this iPad – it will be yours!

Get the clues each day.
Unscramble the letters.

On Day 4, make the sentence and answer the question.


1st prize- iPad2 !


2nd prize- Private 1 hour session, and $100 gift cert. $550 value!

3rd prize- MP4 Player with the entire Pocket Therapist AND Wake Up Happy $285 value

4th prize- 5 DVDs, all your hypnotic needs. $245 value

5th prize- $100 Gift certificate


Go here-   Day 3 Halloween clue


Listen to the audio, find the letters!

Follow the instructions.

Screamin deal today!


  Tired of getting the life sucked out of you by your boss, your dead end job or your lifeless business?


Sink your teeth into this deal and totally change the way your brain feels about your future.

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Find more help and connect with us here!



The final contest winners are chosen based on the completion of a sentence that is unscrambled to form a question.

The answer to that question will be sent in by you and will be judged on creativity, uniqueness and your clever answer.
You do not need to be the first one with the correct answer, nor do you need to be the first to unscramble the clues.

The entries for the contest will end  at Midnight on Halloween (monday, October 31) and answers will be judged and prizes awarded on Tuesday, November 1.







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