Day 4 clues, more Gore. & Addiction help 80% off.

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Halloween fright fest with an iPad first prize!
Day 4! Last Day of Clues!

You can still enter, starting with Day 1 clues.

Deadline for entries is October 31, midnight.

Today, totally slashing your addiction to bits!

Addiction Kills! 


  Today you have a big opportunity to end your 

  Addiction. Serious help, with powerful results.

  Hypnotherapy is the final answer to addiction



80% off this huge package to claim your life back.


Day 4 CONTEST page.
Win an iPad2 and more prizes!
A real Brain Suck.
Find the letter clues in the brain.
Unscramble them to your heart’s delight.
Make a sentence out of the words from ALL FOUR DAYS!

Serious Addiction Help

Addictions are truly Scary. Worse than goblins, ghosts and entrails.
Your need your life back, your strength, your joy.
PLEASE take this ultimate Addiction Freedom package at 80% off today. Wow, wow, WOW!

See it here…
80% off today!
For real.



  ~~ Serious help to end your drug, alcohol, 

       p0rn, shopping or any addiction, fast.


  ~~ Failure with Addiction makes recovery

       harder every time. This is different.

  ~~ The best self guided course for

       releasing addiction, changing deep

       beliefs and feeling powerful and free.

  ~~ Stop living in FEAR and SHAME. Today is

       your day. You have punished yourself

       long enough.



$553  value ~~ Today, only $77





  Contest Clues Here!


 Today’s answers are in the brain.
 Crack open a skull and poke around,

 just don’t  get any brain goo on you!

   Collect the letters today, make them into the final part of the  



  Get all the letters to unscramble the final    

  sentence Today!


  The iPad2 can be yours! 


   Day 4 Clue is here


Pick  your Brain, find the letters.

Unscramble it and you are on your way!

Get the daily clues as fight through the guts and gore.
Everyone can still enter!
Deadline for the winning answer is October 31, at Midnight.

Get previous clues here  -   DAY 1   DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4


Grab this iPad – it will be yours!

Get the clues each day.
Unscramble the letters.

On Day 4, make the sentence and answer the question.


1st prize- iPad2 !


2nd prize- Private 1 hour session, and $100 gift cert. $550 value!

3rd prize- MP4 Player with the entire Pocket Therapist AND Wake Up Happy $285 value

4th prize- 5 DVDs, all your hypnotic needs. $245 value

5th prize- $100 Gift certificate

Screamin deal today!


  Battling Addiction


It is the most life sucking, horrifying, devastating thing you will ever struggle with.


Addiction ruins lives, families and destroys your chance to be who you are really meant to be.



Today is your day.

Your suffering ends here.

You deserve to have your life, love and joy back.


It will be the BEST $77 you will ever spend.


This is an amazing and powerful way to restructure the way your brain handles addictive patterns, beliefs and behaviors.Take it on, just clickety click to see more.



Find more help and connect with us here!



The final contest winners are chosen based on the completion of a sentence that is unscrambled to form a QUESTION.

The answer to that question will be sent in by you and will be judged on creativity, uniqueness and your clever answer.
You do not need to be the first one with the correct answer, nor do you need to be the first to unscramble the clues.

The entries for the contest will end  at Midnight on Halloween (Monday, October 31) and answers will be judged and prizes awarded on Tuesday, November 1.


You will be judged on creativity, uniqueness, deep meaning, thought provoking or just plain awesomeness.
Winners will be judged by Wendi Friesen and her very wise brother Tim James Friesen.


Have fun, go a little crazy!







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Free and Fun-

can you be hypnotized?

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end your struggle now

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this trance will change you!

Love Yourself more, now.

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Stop your cravings. Wow.

5 life changing minutes




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