Divorce Craziness. Here is the cure. (Live tonight)

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  The Cure for Divorce! For Real! 

LIVE  Tonight- 8 PM Eastern, 6 PM Mountain, 5 PM Pacific.


The Better Than Ever Divorce Summit.
Tune in with ME. Get registered now. (it’s free)



Divorce is one big suck fest.
Anger, guilt, blame, hurt, longing, jealousy, crazy insane out of control emotions… it is the combination of every crazy emotion you own, blended to insanity.



Teleseminar TODAY, listen online or on the phone.
Register now, right here to cure the Pain of Divorce.

Divorce affects your brain, and may leave permanent damage.


 The longer you stay in the anger, blame and resentment loop, the more damage you do to your brain.
You’ve heard of PTSD?


The trauma of divorce affects your brain and creates the intense emotional loop that makes it really difficult to let go of the crazy emotional roller coaster. And the damage is long term.



Today, LIVE on this teleseminar (listen online or on the phone) I will help you understand what is happening to your brain, what to do about it TODAY and how you can reverse the damage and start to live a peaceful life.


Can meditation end your divorce pain?
Will your hypnosis practice calm the intensity?

Listen in, today. It is free.
Yes, I want to attend. Register here.

Confidence. It is EVERYTHING.


I have a few favorite stories from my wonderful friends. One is from the woman who was stuck in her house for 8 years. Did not go out the door! And after years of therapy, medications, psychiatrists… she did something different. She used my CD program, and FOUR days later, she walked out her front door, all by herself. I can still remember her telling me that she felt so good that she went to the grocery store, by herself. Next day- she went fishing with her husband.

Wow, wow, wow.


I was walking down the street in San Diego and a man stopped me and said (love when this happens) "You are Wendi! I have to tell you what you did to me!"


He had such horrible anxiety that he could not get a job or go to any social events. He said he tried, and he would just sit in his car and change his mind every time.


He was working at his new job and loving it! He said that the confidence CDs did the trick. And he also told me he has a girlfriend, thanks to the total transformation that took only a few days with my CDs.


Wow, wow, wow.


And I went to buy a chair from an ad, and when I walked in the door, this guy says "You are Wendi! You won’t believe how your Confidence CDs have changed my life!"
He went on to tell me how hard his life was with all the insecurities and fears, but the Confidence program changed it all.


Wow, wow, wow.


And then there is the Woman who says she GOT A NEW JOB, simply by watching my video on You Tube. It boosted her self image, created the worthiness, made her believe it will happen… and it did.


Check it out.


And while you are at it, enjoy the Change Your Luck video. It is short, sweet and packed with goodness.



Or this



How will it change your life?

Find out. Tell me. I love to hear from you.


Loving you like you never imagined!


Life is hard.
Sometimes that is really true.

I know we are all supposed to say that it is challenging, or that problems are really just opportunities, or what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
All good.


But sometimes life gives you hard times.


And divorce is one of those special times that is truly hard to dig your way out of.


I want you to experience all the speakers, their wisdom and the big change you can have… starting right now.


I will be with you tonight.
Get registered and TELL A FRIEND!!!

Better Than Ever- Divorce Telesummit!

Yes, I want to attend. Register here.


We are going to make life a little less hard.



Find more help and connect with us here!



Contest Time~


Hey, hey, hey.

I got something that is in full on rock your world mode.


Remember when I was in Thailand and Bali, and I had the contest for Where in the World is Wendi?


Well due to a series of weird and unfortunate events, we never had our grand finalé contest for the big prize.



Stay tuned… my next newsletter is going to explain it all.
The contest will be amazing.


Giggity!  Just for you.



Hot Deal Today!






Think about this.
Your confidence affects every part of your life, every aspect of  your personality, and the results you are going to get in every interaction.


Today you can get the entire Confidence Power Pak at a ridiculous price.

Confidence Power Pak, learn more.

Was-  $99.00
Today- $29.00


Coupon code is


Coupon will take $70 off the Confidence Power Pak.

WOW, wow, WOW!



I Hate


I remember it well, even so long ago. I was filled with hate for the entire experience of divorce, especially with 2 young children, no money, no support, nowhere to turn.


Divorce can do that, and the only resource I found that was free was a support group that was useless. I really didn’t want to hear about other people’s pain and anger. I had enough of my own. I needed some serious help. And being really broke, there was nowhere to turn.



The Big Gift


This amazing woman, Dr. Adio Dee Moses, has put this telesummit together and is giving you full access at no cost. You get to evolve. The list of speakers is impressive. And your life might just get better the first moment you listen.


And one of my good friends Adele Theron is up to speak on the 27th. She has some incredible healing methods that will truly change everything. She is specializing in divorce healing. I love her.
(Hi Adele. High 5!)


She is really smart. ;) You will fall in love with her work and with her.


Join me live tonight on the call. Get registered now, won’t you?


Love and light!






Things you will love


Body Mastery

Quit Drinking Now

Weight Release

Zen of Thin

Wake Up Happy- New!

Deep Sleep- New!

Anxiety Cure- New!

PTSD Relief- Free, New!

Hypnotize Your Lover, book

The Big O! Dvd

Find Your Soulmate





Free and Fun-

can you be hypnotized?

HypnoGenius Course-
Train your amazing brain

Addiction Hypnosis MP3-
end your struggle now

4 Minute Fix for Stress-

this trance will change you!

Love Yourself more, now.

In just 5 minutes

Stop your cravings. Wow.

5 life changing minutes



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