Am I Crazy? READ NOW. Seriously. PLEASE.

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HARD DECISION! Yes, this is the last opportunity to buy CDs and DVDs from me.

  Wall To Wall Clearance. But Why?

Well, frankly, I am really concerned.

Actually worried.

And yes, a little stressed.


I have a big warehouse full of CDs and DVDs. I woke up after a long night of tossing and turning (yea, I know what you are saying) and pondering my problem of how to NOT become obsolete I just shook my head.

DVDs and CDs are going away. Not now, maybe not next month, but soon they will be obsolete.
And there is my entire career of making products, that started with me in my garage with a cassette duplicator (which made 6 copies at a time) and my lablels. I made them all by hand, even licked the damn stamps.

And now I have about a million dollars of inventory that might become obsolete in the very near future.

Weird thing though, I have held off making smartphone apps, audio books, kindle books and such because I had so much inventory in the warehouse.

What’s a girl to do?


I jumped out of bed and into the shower, and waited for answer.
Don’t you love how that hot water brings inspiration?

Then it hit me. I totally got it!

Sell it all, super cheap, irresistible prices. (way below wholesale, even)

Start a new dream phase of

Don’t prolong the process, just let everyone get what they want.


OK, so here we go.
It is a Wall to Wall Clearance.

You liked the old Scratch and Dent sales? They got nuthin on this.


You are getting some crazy prices, because I have a plan.

Get it all gone in 3 weeks. Yea, it is a big leap, to leave behind the CDs, DVDs and boxes and boxes and boxes of stock. But I have a plan.


First step- I need your help. I will need you to tell your friends. (but only after you get the deals you need first)


Do you need Christmas presents for those people you love?

Yes you do.
And do you want them at some seriously insane prices?

Oh Yes you do.


I am not going away. I am not going out of business. I am simply clearing my mind, body and soul to create something amazing that I know you will love. And to start this next phase to do what I love, and to give what I want to you, it is clearing time.

Phew. Feeling lighter already.


I love you.



Ready? GO!


Examples of the crazyness~~                  

                                                             Additional 50%

Power Nap CDs    reg $49     Clearance $7.90      Buy 6+  $3.95

Hypnotize DVD    reg $49     Clearance $7.50      Buy 6+  $3.75

Confidence Pack  reg $99    Clearance $14.90     Buy 6+  $7.45

Do It Now            reg $79    Clearance $12.90     Buy 6+  $6.45

Hypnotize Lover  reg $19    Clearance  $7.50      Buy 6+  $3.75

…and 150 more programs


Single CDs as low as $1.50.

And Over 150 MORE programs all waiting for you!



It is a wall to wall clearance.

Kind of sad, kind of exciting.
Everything goes.

And your Christmas and Holiday shopping is done.

All Brand New Merchandise.

Sell these on EBAY, at your SEMINARS,

and on your WEBSITE.


Buy them below wholesale, which is usually half off the retail price.
Sell them on your site, at your workshop or event. Clever, huh?


Items that say SIX OR MORE discount in their description will be discounted with the COUPON code



You must buy six of one program for the coupon to apply the discount.


NO adjustments on prior purchases.
NO returns, unless defective.
NO exchanges.
ALL sales are final.

And above all, be happy and smile.

Good things are coming.


GIDDY UP. Let’s go shopping!



Find more help and connect with us here!


Starts now!

Take 50%

MORE off.


Get everything in stock at super low prices.


Take additional

50% off

items when you buy 6 or more of 1 item.





You can sell my programs at your seminars, on ebay, on your website, wherever you want.


Getting 6 or more results in a crazy prices.



Hynotize DVD  $49.90

Clearance         $7.50

Buy 6 or more   $3.75


Not all products have quantity discounts. It will be in the description of each item at the top.






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