Contest Winners! And a $2 Palooza.

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Contest Winners!
and…A quicky Twoza Palooza.


  Amazing Creativity from great minds! 

Halloween is over, and thank goodness I can put away the BUSH costume for another year.
This costume is the MOST fun I have all year. Standing very still, people really think I am just a potted plant, but when I say “Boo” it is a screamfest. See my photos below!

Ipad Winner… and more.


Here is a video with the winners and some poetry reading of entries!



Wow, what a hard contest to judge.
You are a brilliant bunch. And first I just need to thank you for your creativity, entertainment and joy in making the most ghoulish gifts for me to read.


The unscrambled sentence is
What should you do if Zombies eat your brain?


And the outstanding entries that made the top 18 were from:

Michael Yokobosky, Carrie, Cindy, Sheila, Johnson, Roger, Dave Johnston, Phoenix, Terrance, Michele, Alex, Don, Rani, Janese, Lizard, Stephanie, Marco, Donna, JP Stephens.

There were 1000s of entries, hundreds of spooktacular ones, but there were 7 that really rocked my boat.


So, I am adding a really cool prize to the mix.
A Kindle Fire!


1st prize- iPad2
2nd prize- Kindle Fire
3nd prize- Private 1 hour session, $100 gift cert. $550 value!
4th prize- MP4 Player with the entire Pocket Therapist AND Wake Up Happy $285 value
5th prize- 5 DVDs, all your hypnotic needs. $245 value
6th prize- $100 Gift certificate
7th Prize- $100 Gift certificate

1st PRIZE- Michele Parker-O’Riley !! Poor bloody girl, the zombies took her.
2nd PRIZE- Marco, Sarah, Gerry from Australia! (Team poem!)
3rd PRIZE- Michael Yokobosky – Fabulous 36 point plan! LOVE THIS!
4th PRIZE- Sheila Johnson- with a cool slide show, complete with Zombie-fied Wendi pics!
5th PRIZE- Alex Yurina- with a freezer story
6th PRIZE- Terrance Henry from from South Africa with a poem
7th PRIZE- Phoenix, with a clever poem!

Here is the 1st place Winner, Michele!


As a hearty thank you for all your amusing entries, here is another

$2 download frenzy, sure to cure the zombie attacks.


Just 24 hours, grab these downloads. They are all $29 regular price, but with the coupon, they will all become TWO BUCKS EACH!






SEE THE ENTRIES from your hypnotic family of creative geniuses!
Here are some of the poems, stories and drawings.

Well worth a look!


Download the PDF here


Find more help and connect with me here!


$2 Download Frenzy. It’s a Twoza Palooza!


Get em while they are hot. Use the COUPON code MONSTER and the $29 price will VANISH and become $2.




Below is my Bush Costume. I have worn it every year for about 10 years. It is always the most scary costume, since people have no idea that this bush is alive. And says “boo” a lot. I was very excited to meet up with Edward Scissorhands, naturally!









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