Italy this weekend. Join me for Hypnotic fun!

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Are you near Italy? Last minute invite to come to my 2 day  seminar !

Hypnotize Your Lover, 2 days, all fun

Heading out the door for seat 1A to Italy in a few minutes.


And– the Final Phase of the Wall to Wall. OMG- First 10 customers get a totally free 30 minute private session with Wendi. Me. Yes, you and me and tingly bliss on the phone.


This weekend I will be having a spine tingling good time with my friends in Italy. THe entire thing will be in English and interpreted live in Italian.

If you are in our near Italy, please contact to get a seat.

I will be giving the first and most intensive Hypnotize Your Lover seminar of my life.

Two full days! And that Italian energy is going to blow this thing wide open.

(Don’t you love that description?)


Here is how to find out more and get in on this special event.


They translasted my entire book into Italian. How cool is that?


If you are in Italy or nearby and want to go play next week on Monday or Tuesday, let me know.



OMG—–   FINAL PHASE of the Wall to Wall clearance!! GO GO GO!



Did you know we still have clearance programs in the warehouse?



ORDER NOW- the CDs are still plentiful in some of the topics.


We REMOVED all the OUT OF STOCK items,

so you will find that all the items in the CLEARANCE category are yours for the grabbing.



I lowered a few more prices on things that we have lots of.

Melissa found some spindles of CDs that will go into paper sleeves for as low as 99 Cents!

Yes, 99 cents!

These are programs that sell for up to $149


Go to the CLEARANCE SECTION righty here, okey dokey?


First 10 people to order get a totally wonderful

private 30 minute phone session with ME!


Melissa also found some Scratch and  Dent and returns that are now priced even lower than the Clearance.



I will need you to tell your friends.


Zippedy doo! Get something that really might change your mind, body and soul. Share it with a friend. Stock up for birthday presents.


I love you.



Ready? GO!


Examples of the craziness~~

Even lower prices on most items NOW!   

START NOW CLICK HERE               

                                                                                                                           NEW LOWER PRICES!    Additional 50%

Power Nap CDs    reg $49     Clearance $7.90      Buy 6+  $3.95

Hypnotize DVD    reg $49     Clearance $7.50      Buy 6+  $3.75

Confidence Pack  reg $99    Clearance $14.90     Buy 6+  $7.45

Do It Now            reg $79    Clearance $12.90     Buy 6+  $6.45

Hypnotize Lover  reg $19    Clearance  $7.50      Buy 6+  $3.75

…and 150 more programs


Single CDs as low as $.99

And Over 150 MORE programs all waiting for you!




Sell these on EBAY, at your SEMINARS,

and on your WEBSITE.


Buy them below wholesale, which is usually half off the retail price.
Sell them on your site, at your workshop or event. Clever, huh?


Items that say “SIX OR MORE”

 in their description will be discounted with the COUPON code



You must buy six of one program for the coupon to apply the discount.


NO adjustments on prior purchases.
NO returns, unless defective.
NO exchanges.
ALL sales are final.

And above all, be happy and smile.

Good things are coming.


GIDDY UP. Let’s go shopping!



Find more help and connect with us here!



Up to 97% off.
New lower prices on everything

Up to 97% off!


Take additional

50% off

items when you buy 6 or more of 1 item.





You can sell my programs at your seminars, on ebay, on your website, wherever you want.


Getting 6 or more results in a crazy prices.



Hynotize DVD  $49.90

Clearance         $7.50

Buy 6 or more   $3.75


Not all products have quantity discounts. It will be in the description of each item at the top.






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