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Are you frustrated with trying to attract wealth?
Do you fight your procrastination every day?
Are you feeling unfocused or hopeless about your future?
Do you know deep down there is something stopping you every day?

I have helped people around the world blast through their fear of failure,
fear of success and their inner conflicts about money and success.


I can help you, too!
My biggest life challenge was to find a way to stop being poor, unworthy, helpless and
Many years ago my life as a single mom left me with no options. I truly believed there was
no way out.
I had no support, no partners, no money, no investors and was horribly in debt.
What I figured out (and totally transformed) allowed me to be unstoppable. Nothing was
going to get in my way of becoming wealthy and happy.


But to do this I had to figure out why I kept hitting the same wall, why I kept shutting down.


What happened next was miraculous.


The experiences I had were life altering, obviously.
I used some unique hypnotherapy methods to move to the deepest part of my soul, realize
it, accept it, change it, re-wire it, and transform it.


And the result?


With my new beliefs and focus I created a multi-million dollar business that has helped
people around the world to let go of the past and create a life they love.
When I found out what was FUELING my FIRE to FAIL, I was shocked. In tears.
Devastated. And relieved.
Because now that I knew, I could create something new.


Change is hard.

If you don’t have the tools and the methods to create REAL change it can be very hard. You
try and try and nothing changes.
But- if you are a follower of my work and my passion you know that change is hard because
you have underlying beliefs that continues to support the same behaviors. And you feel
stuck. And you try harder. And you continue to hit the same wall.


There is Hope!


Please Join me for TWO DAYS, live!
Here in Beautiful Boulder Colorado.
March 24th & 25th


We will do the work, light the fire, ignite your passion and you will leave with the reality of
who you are… and who you are becoming!


Sounding good so far?


Saturday- The Foundation
We work through your deepest, most hidden issues, resolve them and transform them. This
is the work that made me famous and that has helped 1000s. It will probably be the biggest
thing you do in your life. We will use my Hypnotherapy and NLP methods to dig in, find and
resolve the conflicts that you have carried with you for a lifetime. You will experience a
massive shift when we dig into the Time Line work that totally transforms your past. If you
want to let go of the crap, this is your lucky day!


Sunday- The Creation
Such a fun and miraculous day. We create and step into the beliefs, the future and the
experience you want in your life. The focus is about wealth, worthiness and success… but I
have to tell you that there are many miracles that happen in my seminars. Health miracles,
habits and addictions disappear, body and pain issues vanish and much more.
What will change for you?


When you change, I will make absolutely sure that
your brain makes the change for good!


Remember the brain is just waiting to be re-wired.


Light the Fire that will Re-wire and Inspire you like nothing else.



Today is your day to make this happen

$297 for both days.

Early registration only $197.

~~~ Before March 12 ~~~

Limited to 100 people. Sign up now!


March 2 and 25
10 am – 6 pm both days.


Includes a delicious organic lunch on both days.
We will dazzle you with our chef and the exquisite food of Boulder.


Need a hotel?
Stay at the Millennium Harvest House, with beautiful gardens and patios.
You will love the back yard next to the stunning Boulder Creek with miles of
paved trails to run, bike or explore.


Seminar, including Hotel for 2 nights, lunches ~~ Only $429
Seminar, including Hotel for 1 night, lunches ~~ Only $329

(after March 12, add $100 to the above package)


Stay longer in Boulder!
World class skiing, rock climbing, hiking and more…


Join me! Stay on Monday as we take a hike through the beautiful mountains of
Colorado. Find out why I love the energy and beauty of Boulder.
Monday Morning- We will meet for breakfast at one of our Best of Boulder restaurants,
then head out for an easy hike among the amazing Boulder mountains.


We will embrace the freshest air, the sunshine and energy that
will make you fall in love with your new life.


No additional cost for Monday. We will return to the hotel by 2 pm on Monday.


Flying in?
Come to Denver Airport.
We will give you instructions for the Express Bus that comes directly to Boulder or help you
arrange other transportation. Boulder is about 40 minutes from Denver Airport.


Please make sure you sign up early. We have space for 100 people and you will need to
reserve your seat right away. I am excited to be with you and assist you in doing this work
and creating your powerful future. I love what I do and I know you will love your experience.


Register online for the seminar here.
$197. Price goes up on March 15th to $297.


Add your hotel – Seminar plus ONE night hotel, go here.
Seminar plus TWO nights hotel, go here.


Amber is ready to help with all your needs!


Amber Betts

877 68 HAPPY


P.S.- If you have been to my seminars before, you know that they can change everything. If
you have not been with me, please make sure are ready to let go of the way you thought
things were, and really experience something new about yourself, your life and your wealth.


Many people like to be able to relax on the floor during our hypnotherapy and meditation
sessions. If you like, you can bring a pillow and enjoy reclining fully and relaxing more


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