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Today Today Today Today Today Today~~ August 21

3 pm Pacific   4 pm Mountain   6 pm Eastern

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Hello my friends!


If your business is in need of an infusion of creative ideas, cool marketing and a powerful boost of skills and confidence, this Telesminar is for you.


Craig Eubanks, who brings you the experts in marketing for Coaches, Hypnotherapists, NLPers, Counselors asked me to do a Power Hour with you all.

He just told me that there are hundreds already registered. There is NO COST to attend. But you need to register NOW.


See you there!
Read about it here. Let’s pump you up!

Some people figured it out

There are some people who have figured out how to market their therapy business and have done really well.
And there are other who are AMAZING therapists but they have no clue about marketing.

And they are starving.

For hypnotherapists, we have a really unique problem.
Our clients get over major life problems in just 3-4 sessions in our office and then they go on their merry way.
If you are a Hypnotherapist you know how this goes. A client comes to you and says “I have been going to counseling for 2 years and I am still depressed”. You work with this client for 3-4 sessions and they are WAY BETTER, and are totally done with the deepest issues that caused their depression, or anxiety or fears. And sometimes you probably wish you were a regular counselor so you could keep your clients for months or years.

What to do?

Learn how to market your practice, let MORE people know about your amazing work and help them kick the crud in their lives.
I can help.


On September 4th I am having a 4 day online training that is specifically for Hypnotherapists, NLPer, Coaches and Trainers who need a marketing boost.

Stay tuned! I will give you a chance to sign up in a few days. Just wanted to let you know that I am ready to help you do your GREAT work and be an AMAZING therapist and coach.

You might not know this…

I recently lowered the prices on EVERYTHING at the store.

Everything is 30-50% off the regular price.
Why did I do this?

For one thing, it means more people can find what they need and get help, and at a price that makes it MUCH EASIER.

So, just pretend like it’s a sale every day.

Go to

and  search for the thing that is bugging you.


Find more help and connect with us here!


Got problems?

We all do.

And there is nothing faster and more effective than hypnotherapy and good nutrition and positive thoughts.  I am working on a really cool 30 day program that is going to FORCE your brain (in a nice way) to change even your deepest negative thoughts to positive ones.

And when you do that, the lights will come on, the fog will lift and your bad luck will vanish.

Give me a couple of days to get it ready. I think we can all use a break from the hardwired fear, doubts and anger that is triggered by our self talk and our environment.


Every day you will have one lesson, one therapy  session, one challenge and TOGETHER we will spend the day in a new state of mind.

Stay tuned. I am back. And I am ON it. We are going to be awesome together!






Things you will love

Better than ever Prices! 


Body Mastery

Quit Drinking Now

Weight Release

Zen of Thin

Wake Up Happy- New!

Deep Sleep- New!

Anxiety Cure- New!

PTSD Relief- Free, New!

Hypnotize Your Lover, book

The Big O! Dvd

Find Your Soulmate



Free and Fun-

can you be hypnotized?

HypnoGenius Course-
Train your amazing brain

Addiction Hypnosis MP3-
end your struggle now

4 Minute Fix for Stress-

this trance will change you!

Love Yourself more, now.

In just 5 minutes

Stop your cravings. Wow.

5 life changing minutes

Toll Free: 877-68-HAPPY // Local: 916-933-0700

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