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  Change You Love ~ From the Voice You Trust 

Is It The best of things or the worst of things?
Here’s my plan.

Is This The Best Thing?
I want to put 100s of my programs into Kindle books and offer my entire programs with all the Video and Audio sessions included. What this means for you is that the programs that we put into Kindles will have some really great features, with the hypnosis sessions ready to listen to inside the book. I have created 8 kindle books so far.


Easy to find-

They will be in your kindle reader or kindle app that is synced on every computer and device. Wow!


Really affordable!

Because of the reach and volume possible on Amazon, even the most expensive programs will be offered at low prices, most being 99 cents to $9.99

Find instant help!

Have a headache? For a couple of bucks, it is yours. Need to stop sugar cravings? Done for a buck. Tossing and turning with insomnia? You will get instant relief in a session right when you need it. And at these prices it will be possible to make it easy to get a lot of programs.


You Don’t Have a Kindle?
No problem. You can download the Kindle reader APP on your computer, phone, pad, tablet or any device and it works just like a Kindle. And it will sync on all your devices.

So no matter where you are, what you are doing, you could find your Creative Genius session, or Test Anxiety, or the Bedtime Stories for your kids, or Pain Relief while you are in the Urgent Care with your friend who is injured.

Just play the session from the Kindle book, AND download more sessions that you need right away.

Why would this be a bad thing?

Lowering the prices so that you and many others can get  programs that were over $100 for only $9.99 or less as a KIndle book is a good thing. But it means that we have to do some big work to reach a lot of people to make this work.


I will need your help.

To get the new Kindle products to get ranked better and show up to more people on Amazon I need you to do three things.


First, write reviews.

Even if you don’t buy my Kindle Books, if you are an amazon customer you can write a review on any Kindle book. I will really need you to write reviews.


Second, click the LIKE button.

You will find this on my Kindle product pages. This moves the Kindle books up to higher rank so they are visible.


Third, Tell some friends.


I am in the process of turning almost everything into Kindle books, but first I have to find out if it will work!

Will it create a better experience for you and get enough volume to compensate for sellng everything at a fraction of the original price?


It all depends on you. :)


SECRET LINKS – $1-$2 downloads? Oh my.


Each of my Kindle books will have a secret link that offers more hypnosis sessions for about $1-$2 each! You can only see these secret links when you buy the ebooks.

Yup, I Am Very excited about offering these to you so you can instantly get more help you need. Yea!



Here are the books I have created so far,

that you can get today.


Remember, the secret link inside each book let’s you instantly get more sessions that currently sell for $10-29 at for only $1-2 !



Buy the Entire Script Programs, with MP3s, Strategies and Training for 99 cents to $9.99

Value up to $89!

Write a review

Click that LIKE button

Tell your friends on Twitter and FB

Buy the Kindle books!


Learn about Addiction Training NOW!


I recorded a TeleSeminar that you can listen to for free, it is all about using Hypnotherapy and NLP for your clients with Drug or Alcohol addiction.

This is a really exciting area of work and will help you learn more about the way the brain can overcome addiction in a positive and powerful way.


Listen to it here-


AND then there is the love…


I want to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate you and your friendship. Even if I have not met you in person or talked with you I feel that we have a powerful relationship and we are part of each others lives.
I am grateful for you in my life and for the ways we have touched each other in so many ways!


I love you,






Find more help and connect with us here!


Hot Deal Today!




Kindle Experiment

Was-  $ Up to $89!
Now- $.99 – 9.99




Addiction Training Teleseminar-

Listen NOW and learn about Hypnotherapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction. NO CHARGE, just great information.


Marketing  Course!

Did you miss the 4 part event I had for Therapists, Coaches and Counselors? It was packed full of powerful ways to market your business and create loyal clients.


You can have the REPLAY of the entire event for only $47.

Get motivated, take action, make your business grow !


People RAVED about the content of these

Four live  sessions.


And it is all based on things that I did in my business to grow to be a multi-million $ business in Hypnotherapy.


GRAB IT NOW! This changes everything. :)






Things you will love


Body Mastery

Quit Drinking Now

Weight Release

Zen of Thin

Wake Up Happy- New!

Deep Sleep- New!

Anxiety Cure- New!

PTSD Relief- Free, New!

Hypnotize Your Lover, book

The Big O! Dvd

Find Your Soulmate



Free and Fun-

can you be hypnotized?

HypnoGenius Course-
Train your amazing brain

Addiction Hypnosis MP3-
end your struggle now

4 Minute Fix for Stress-

this trance will change you!

Love Yourself more, now.

In just 5 minutes

Stop your cravings. Wow.

5 life changing minutes




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