LIVE today, Addiction training for Therapists, no cost.

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Teleseminar TODAY
Addiction Freedom Training for Therapists and Counselors and Coaches


LIVE- Monday Oct 1, 5 pm Pacific, 6 pm Mountain, 8 pm Eastern





In just a few hours I want you to join me for a LIVE teleseminar.
If you are a counselor, coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner or just interested in working in the field of addiction and relapse prevention, this will be a great introduction to the work I am doing.


I want to share this work with everyone, since addiction is such a devastating problem.

Addiction counselors can find new methodologies and techniques that will help their clients.

Hypnotherapists and NLP trainers can help clients have lifelong success and overcome past failure with addiction.


Coaches can start Relapse Prevention coaching to give these powerful tools to their clients and get them to feel powerful and in control.



We start in just a few hours


LIVE WITH WENDI: Alcohol Freedom, Addiction Freedom for Therapists, Coaches and Trainers
DATE & TIME: Monday, October 1st at 5:00 pm Pacific ~ 6:00pm Mountain ~ 8 pm Eastern
Attend via Phone or Webcast
Mark the Time, starts soon…. CLICK THIS LINK NOW…


You can post your questions NOW on the event page.



Wendi Friesen



Are you struggling with Drugs or Alcohol?

Here is some really good news.


You are about to make some lasting changes and be Strong, Powerful and In Control.



It has been over 8 years since I introduced my Alcohol Freedom and the results are amazing. I have taught people how to overcome a lifetime of failure and fear and totally change the way their brain responds to the triggers of addiction.

Quitting an addiction is hard, but even harder is staying sober or clean. And I believe that the current methods that are used by most treatment centers are missing the MOST important key in addiction treatment.


After years of offering my Alcohol Freedom program to 1000s of people around the world, I have learned that there is something that really works and that can SAVE YOUR LIFE and give you and your family a NEW LIFE.


If you are struggling with Alcohol, please learn more, including a free download session at


If you are struggling with DRUG ADDICTION, or other addictions you might want to check out my online program that takes 7 days to totally change your mind about addiction. It is a life saver!


So many people have given up and feel that nothing will help. But the truth is, you just have not been taught how to use the most important tool of all. We know that our brains can change the way they are wired and even change the responses, no matter how deeply embedded, to the events in our lives.

Triggers are happening all the time, forcing us to feel things and react in ways we don’t like. Addiction triggers are the scariest kind of triggers because they cause a cascade of emotions, sensations, physical changes and fears that all lead you right back to drinking or drugs.


Your brain is changing constantly, so why not change it, meaning re-wire it, to have a different response and to have all of those triggers cause a powerful and positive mindset. I have seen it happen for people who have failed their entire life, giving them new hope and a their life back.


Let’s do this! You are amazing. Find out how powerful you can be.


With love and respect,




Find more help and connect with us here!


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