Hot Flashes? Hypnosis research is amazing. Here’s how to stop them.

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  Hey Hot Stuff 

Can Hypnosis really stop Hot Flashes without medication, hormone replacement or just waiting it out for years?
If you are a woman in menopause and you are having Hot Flashes (or Hot Flushes as our Brit friends say) this will be a very happy day for you.

This research is great news!

Study on Hypnosis and Hot Flashes

And the COOL BLUE Hypnosis program


This research study shows us how easy it can be to stop a very frustrating and embarrassing problem for women in Menopause.
174 women were in the test. The Hypnosis group had 1 session per week, that was basically imagery of cool things. The control group had a talk session each week.


74% reduction in hot flases in the Hypnosis group.

  8% reduction in the control group.


The hypnosis group increased to an 80% reduction at 12 weeks. And if you think about their therapy, it consisted of 1 session a week in person. So, naturally on reading this I decided to get busy.


So many women have asked me for a Hypnotherapy program for Hot flashes and while I have always felt that it would help immensely, it is this recent research that made me run for the microphone.


I think that your results might be faster and even better with the program I created. Here’s why.

Imagery is one thing, and powerful along with direct suggestion. But take it a few steps further and look at the repetition and frequency of the hypnosis and how that relates to changing the wiring of the brain.


A hot flash starts because a hormonal surge happens and creates the imbalance that starts the hot flash. But what triggered the hot flash in the first place?


If you are a menopausal woman with the surges, you may feel that there is something emotional that is triggering the hot flash. However subtle, the emotional conflict, anger, frustration or other life events can be triggered by a very subtle thing and then you feel it!
You feel the burning heat that grows and grows. And for some women it results in sweating and a bright red face. Often it happens at just the wrong time, when the pressure is on to stay calm or to be sharp and prepared. Am I right?


COOL BLUE is here!


In this program I created a session that will help you identify and release any inner conflict that might be triggering the Flashes. You will work through a process of finding and releasing this. Yea!


The Cool Blue imagery is more than just a visualization. You will be using anchors, sensations, the auditory anchor…

Your brain will have an instant subconcious signal to stop the progression of the heat.


And then…


In the quick session you will teach your brain to STOP the hot flash and replace the feelings with calm, peace and stillness. The more you use the QUICK session, the more you change the wiring in your brain (those neural networks that we love so much) and that will change the subconscious RESPONSE and how your body reacts.


How long does it take to stop these sweaty outbreaks?

In the research studay with the one session per week it took a few weeks to get results.

I think it can happen faster, maybe in just  a few days. In addition to imagery and anchoring, you are going to release the cause  and then…



This session was really fun to make. In addition to the deep sleep suggestions, I included the reduction of night sweats. And as you are falling asleep I take you on a journey of imagination that is going to put you to sleep and make you have a healthier sleep.


But wait, there’s more.

During sleep I talk to your inner mind about this magical time of being a woman. You are entering a time of life that is the most POWERFUL time ever. You are wise and wonderful and there is a new sense of freedom that you deserve to have at this time of your life.


As you sleep, I will ask your mind, body and spirit to embrace your transformation, to love your new femininity and to energize this time of your life to be the best years ever.


I can’t wait to hear from all of you about how you feel after the first few days.



I wrote a short book to go with it, so you can read a little about my experience with this.

My doctor told me the Hot Flashes/Flushes would last for YEARS, maybe even up to 8 years.

HOLY COW!! Nice suggestion Doc!


I did stop mine pretty quick, but them something happened.

Read about in the COOL BLUE book.


Here’s to a Cool New You! Ladies, let’s spread the word. Tell your friends, spread the word, help is here!


Love and chill,






Hypnotize Your Lover, the Book


I just spent the last 2 days re-editing the Hypnotize Your Lover book. I wrote it quite a while ago. And I loved going through and reorganizing it. I realized how many scripts, techniques, stories and methods there are, not just for sensual use but for all the basics of hypnosis. It is like a manual that gets you going on your hypnosis trance work in ways you probably never imagined.


Just look at the contents… Come on, this is 300 pages of spectacularness.

This is the download version.


And when you buy it, you will also get the SECRET LINKS to my $2 download hypnosis sessions.



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