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Maybe you want to heat things up and give your lover a little hypnotic Christmas gift that will make things tingle all over. xmas stocking

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Maybe your athlete needs endurance or more power. You got it covered!

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I Want To Pump, You Up!

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Body Builder Mental Mastery

It’s here! The new, snazzy, faster acting, longer lasting-

Body Builder Mental Mastery

Athletes know how important their mental game is. And no matter how good you are at your sport, if you don’t have your mind in the game more practice will not make you better.

A simple experiment at Manchester University in England shows that visualization alone can build muscle.
Half the group did exercises each day with their pinky finger, the other half only visualized doing the exercises.

The group that did the exercise, increased the size and strength of the muscle by 29%.
The group that did not move a finger, only imagined, increased size and strength by 16%.

Build Muscle Only With Your Mind?

Pretty impressive, yes?

Think about it.
I am always telling you to watch what you say to your cells, because they are listening. And I want you to realize how specific the messages from your mind to your body are- the words and images go to a specific place to perform a specific function.

So, when you say to yourself, “OMG I hate how fat my thighs are getting” or you tell your head “This headache is getting worse and worse” your body hears it and figures, “okey dokey, we better obey. Fatter thighs you want? No problem. Bigger headache, you got it baby.”

Just a friendly reminder. If you want something to grow, tell it to grow. Imagine it growing. Immerse it in messages of growth. Imagine doing the very thing that will make it grow. Great for muscles. And boobs. (research has been done on this as well)

It is not that hard to create a miraculous effect in your body, whether it is repairing damage from a stroke, stopping a headache, ending chronic pain, getting over a skin condition that was considered incurable. You get the idea.

How I Fixed My Finger

I once had a swollen finger with a ring that was stuck for over a week. I had tried everything. Soap, oil, ice, just everything for days. My finger was looking bad. So I was going to drive to get it cut off (the ring, not the finger) and figured I might as well hypnotize it to get the swelling down. I didn’t totally believe it would work, I kind of hoped it would work, but I did it anyway.

I went inside the finger, imagined the tissues reducing size, letting fluid flow back, reversing the inflammation, etc. I also imagined very vividly the ring sliding off easily about 2 hours from that time.

Lo. And Behold.
A couple of hours later that ring slid right off my finger. No oil, no ice, no butter, no fuss, no muss.

The reason I tell you this is to remind you how powerful a specific thought can be. Remember how receptive our body is… Your commands will be carried out, just have to ask!

Are Your Muscles Really Listening?

Body Builder’s Mental Mastery- this is the extreme version. You get to do virtual exercises, meet your powerful future self, focus on specific growth for each muscle group, create bigger gains in your weight lifting and grow, baby grow.


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I know you are going to love this all New Body Builder hypnosis program. Please remember to send me an email and pictures of your lovely bod.

I love you,


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Weight Release- Powerful hypnosis getting thin

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The pursuit of Happiness

I got a little excited when I saw the big blue Happiness Bus pull into Boulder. It said it is delivering happiness. I was all over that!

Turns out, it is Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos on a city to city tour with his book, Delivering Happiness. I have to tell you, I loved the book. It is his real story of getting started as a kid trying to start a work farm and several other biz projects.

His creation of Zappos was not about shoes. It was an attempt to make a company with the best customer service possible. Reading the book was inspiring. And that is what Tony is out to do now. Inspire people to find their happiness.

Oh, and in the process, Tony asked me to come in the bus and be interviewed live about how my work inspires others. Now that made me feel pretty jazzy. Hanging with Tony. Yee haw!

Recently I asked my Facebook group for an idea for a recording and most of them said the want to stop worrying, stop anxiety about the economy and let go of fear. They want to live in the feeling that everything is going to work out ok. Just feel content. Just feel happy.
I have a project I am working on that is about creating happiness for a lot of people. This project has the potential to end homelessness for those that want a way out. It all revolves around getting people to find their happiness. When it is ready, you will be the first to hear about it. We are in the testing stages right now.

Here’s to a little happiness in your day. Schedule it in, in ink. Do something every day that makes you happy. Something really cool and different every day.

Love you,


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Beyond The Secret

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Last night I attended Beyond The Secret, at UCLA. It was a taping for the “live event” that happens tonight, January 15th in 400+ theaters around the country. It will play as if it is a live event. Great idea, amazing concept. Holli Walker had the idea to create this event and bring the speakers together to continue the discussion of The Secret. Congratulations to Holli for bringing her concept into reality. The movement that has been created by the movie The Secret is impressive and obviously many people have been affected by it. I love that The Secret opened minds and fueled a movement for positive thinking. Is positive thinking enough to create real change? From my perspective, positive thinking is a great place to start and we can all use a reminder now and then to stay positive in a negative time. My expectations of Beyond the Secret were a result of nothing more than the name of the event. I expected something new, different, unique, powerful, or creative. Some science, some breakthroughs, some action. I attended the taping hoping they would take us in a new direction. And I am hesitant to say anything negative about it, since the focus and intention was simply to discuss the Secret, not to create a revolution, or inspire action. Les Brown was interesting, repeating the quotes that make us go, “oh yea”. Bob Proctor was great, he is a fascinating and energetic man with a great message. Marcia Wieder is, I suspect, a mind boggling, life changing speaker. From the few minutes I heard, she is someone who could blow your socks off. So, put together a panel of people talking about positive thinking, saying the same things that have already been said in the same way it has been said, and you have Beyond the Secret. All this done with no interactive element, no energy, no context, and no action. This event could look different once they edit it, add wildly screaming and applauding sounds from the audience and put in the movie magic that makes an event have a pulse. Beyond the Secret will be interesting to most people and will serve a purpose. But I just love to see people getting inspired, excited and taking action. If you could give some of the top speakers a chance to stand up, grab the audience and shake them up, we would have had something. Putting a panel of people in chairs (one of which never opened his mouth the entire time) to answer old tired questions is boring. Taking questions from the audience that are pre-written and read off a card is uninspiring. What? The panel cannot take real questions? These panelists are brilliant people who were prevented from showing their greatness and giving the country some true inspiration. And with that said, I know I will probably get some negative comments if I do not glow about Beyond the Secret, but we know that energy is everything. And infusing The Secret movement with some new life and energy would have been powerful. Go see it anyway, it won’t hurt. Wendi PS- Great move to put Leeza Gibbons on as host. I have been on her radio show  dozens of times and she is a brilliant host and has a great style. She does an amazing job. Larry King was unable to make it and she is a great replacement.


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Underwater Wendi

Underwater Wendi

Hello from Turks and Caicos! Swam with two Eagle Rays yesterday! ATTRACT WEALTH in Austin this weekend! Super special HYPNO-TWITTERS short blasts of hypnosis. I need your input HOW TO GET FOCUSED productivity can improve around here HOT THINGS FOR YOUR BRAIN great price, need your input Hello my bright shiny new years friends! As my New Year begins, I am blessed and honored to have all of you as my friends. When I travel I get to meet some of you, even in the most unusual places on earth. Make your presence known and when I am in your corner of the world, let me buy you lunch. For the rest of this week I am in Turks and Caicos on Grace Bay. It might be the most beautiful beach on earth. Today I am headed to Iguana island where there are only iguanas for inhabitants. I am also off to Middle Caicos to go cave trekking. Thursday I fly  home, then get right back on the plane on friday to go to AUSTIN, TEXAS. ATTRACT WEALTH seminar with Joe Vitale. In the last week we have seen a lot of new people getting signed up on the 2 for 1 offer. Joe had to move us to the 18th floor to accomodate all the new people, so there is MORE ROOM for a few more attendees. AND Joe said I can offer the 2 for 1 to all of you. Joe Sugarman will be there. I met him in Huntington beach recently and I am so excited to learn from him this weekend. He is a master of wealth attraction. LOVE MONEY? HATE MONEY? Angry, confused, frustrated? This weekend I will speak on Sunday, and I will put you through the paces on what it takes to get your attitude totaly shifted about money. Do you secretly hate money because you fight so hard to earn it? Do you have resentment about the way it affects others and the conflicts it causes? Do you have secret blockages that prevent you from attracting wealth? If so, all your efforts to create wealth and feel GOOD about money will be met with deep internal conflict. Come to Austin, let’s take care of it! Hotel and Airfare is so cheap right now. Check it out, last minute airfares are rock bottom this week! 2 for 1 tickets are still available. No guarantee how many. Mark warned me they were almost gone. Sign up today http://www.attractwealthseminar.com/live/register.php?AffID=WF09 HYPNO-TWITTERS short blasts of hypnosis. I need your input! PC World magazine and MAC World both said that Wendi (yes, they actual care about what I am doing) should NEVER do THIS with twitter. Well you know me… I like breaking the rules at times. I hypnotize my twitter followers with hypnotic posts in text AND with these short 2-3 minute hypnosis sessions. WILL YOU help me by listening to one of them and leaving comments on the page? This free hypno session is short, about 3 minutes and is about eating healthy and losing weight. Magical hypnosis process that practically guarantees that you will start craving veggies and losing your desire for the bad stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWIwDrmM7hI&feature=channel (There is a $20 gift certificate code at the end as a thank you for watching rating and commenting. You can use it on any $30 or more program) HOW TO GET FOCUSED productivity can improve around here The most requested topic I get lately is about being productive. How do you get focused and stay on your project to get it done? On my live shows we have found ways to improve your focus and stay excited and creative when doing a project. There are many distractions for all of us when choosing to get things done. Here are my tips- Step 1- GET INTO TRANCE- Create a state of focus in your brain, during trance. Tell your mind that you feel focused, powerful, intensely creative. Link that state to a symbol that puts you into that state, like a doorway, a crystal, a beam of light… whatever your mind comes up with during trance that symbolizes unrelenting focus for you. When envisioning your SYMBOL, imagine the project as ALREADY finished. Find 3 unexpected cool benefits to getting it done. In your mind, do a crazy chicken (or animal of your choice) dance that represents being finished. Now of course you can get up and actually do the crazy chicken dance to anchor the actual physiology into the state of focus. Why should you do this? In addition to creating a state of focus, we want your brain to attach a feeling of joy, exhuberance, excitement, screaming, yelling, whooping, moaning… as  many sights, sounds, and feelings to the completion. Most of you do NOT have a state that represents getting it DONE so you only feel overwhelmed or unmotivated when starting a project. Try it today, you will like it. Yesterday I sat on the edge of the water staring at the small smooth waves that were rolling over the coral and sand. I felt completely lost in the moment, unable to think of anything else. My focus was intense as all my senses were involved. Nothing else mattered at that moment, nothing could interfere with my desire to watch as the turquoise colors mixed in the intense spots of sunlight. Nothing could stop the sparkling illumination of the waves. The ocean’s creation is a most spectacular gift. I am going to shoot video of that very spot today. And I am going to make it into a video and audio hypnosis session for YOU. Give me a day, I will have it for you tonight! HOT THINGS FOR YOUR BRAIN great price, Need Your Input! This year I am making several new programs every month. I want YOUR input. What you do you want me to create? The ideas that YOU GIVE ME, and that I decide to CREATE might become CD or VIDEO programs. If I use YOUR request you get it for FREE! And the rest of you on the Newsletter list will get it at my great introductory price. Deal? Cool. Submit your ideas at the blog page in the comments. http://wendinews.wordpress.com/2009/01/05/focus/ I am off to explore the caves on middle Caicos! Remember to do these things- Sign up for ATTRACT WEALTH SEMINAR in Austin. Watch the 3 minute video to get you started on your weight release. GRAB your $20 Gift Certificate at the end of the video. Go to the blog to submit your idea for my January program creations. And remember, I love you! Be sure to email me and let me know if I will see you in Austin! Wendi

Happy New Year! Jan 1, 2009

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Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.
Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos

Great news is that you can get it. And starting today, I am going to show you some amazing ways to make that happen. I know you have heard much of this before, but my BIG question for you is this- Are you taking ACTION? Big action? What are you doing every day to prove that you really, really want what you say you want? (comment below, tell the world!) DING DING DING- First, you have to be specific about what you want. Next, you need to experience it as if it has already happened (as in Future Time Line). And to make it a real memory in your mind, you must add emotions, visions, smells, tastes, statements… everything you can pack into the future memory so your brain HOLDS it in a way that is a powerful, fun, and exciting  sensory rich experience. The more you pack  into this, the more your inner mind will draw the core beliefs from this future memory. NEXT, most important step- (breathe in nice and deeply now for me) Massive Action. Obviously you need to DO something. Manifest your ass off, but if you don’t take action, and lots of it, you are going to exactly where you want to go. And that is mostly nowhere- IF you have not taken action. Today, you get to Manifest Everything during my hypnosis session. If you have not mapped out your plan, this will be a nice relaxing experience. However, if you have done your writing and followed your heart, mind and soul’s desire to experience your future as real, you are ready to rock!
Where do you want to take your soul?

Where do you want to take your soul?

In the comments below, write it down! What will you have accomplished in the next 12 months?

Think big! Be grand! Inspire others!

1- Financial outcome (How much income, savings, freedom, investments) 2- Success outcome (achievements, business goals, awards, recognition) 2-Personal outcome (health, fitness, environment, friends) 3-Emotional outcome (issues healed, love life, relationships, family) 4-Spiritual outcome (how do you feed your soul? Travel, religion, friends, meditation) After you have written it down, enjoy the experience of these hypnotic videos from one of my favorite sessions- Manifest Everything! Wear headphones for an amazing effect! BIG VISION!!!! Write it down Share it below Listen to the 2 sessions. Remember, I love you! 1-Intro to Manifest Everything Listen here http://blip.tv/file/1149050/ Password is LOVEYOU (MAKE SURE IT IS ALL IN CAPS, not lower case) 2-The Double Voice Session Listen here http://blip.tv/file/1149129/ Password is LOVEYOU  (MAKE SURE IT IS ALL IN CAPS, not lower case)

BIG SALE ALERT! Ends Midnight January 4th, 9 am pacific, noon eastern.

And TODAY, January 1st, until Midnight Jan 3-4th at 9 am pacific, you can still get 60% off of the things you need to abolish your  bad habits, end your addictions, and make your life easier in every way. All of these, until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT January 1, are 60% off.
Resolution Solution!  

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Alcohol FreedomZen of Thin

Stop SmokingQuit Biting your Fingernails

End P0rn addiction

Stop Procrastinating

End Clutter

End Negative Self Talk

Let Go of the Past

Keep Your Commitment all year long

Stop Negative Thinking, Become Confident and Powerful!

60% off Any Addiction Program on this list!

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for 60% off these!

EXPIRES JANUARY 1 January 4th at Midnight. Wow, really? Yes, really. One day, starting now.

And remember, I love you!


I have some really bad news

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New Years Eve!
Wendi.com logo
wendi Yes, it is really bad news… No matter how hard to try to keep your new years resolutions, the odds are against you. I am sitting in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The island of Caicos, on Grace Bay with white powdery beaches and turquoise waters. It is a beautiful and peaceful and brings the New Year to me in a special way. But for some of you the New Year is filled with dread. And for those who have already used my programs to stop drinking, smoking, lose weight… you are all feeling the peace of knowing that you will breeze through, ready for even more Big Change! I am convinced that the efforts that MOST people make to keep your resolution are going to fail. But you already know that.You’ve done this before. This video from New Years day in New York on Fox National News explains it. Watch the entire FOX video as I explain. Watch the Resolution Video with more ciips of TV  with Wendi
I am so addicted, help me… That is what people say when they write to me. And this time of year I get a lot of email with people begging for help. And they often feel so helpless because they have failed so many times in the past. In and out of drug and alcohol rehab… never able to get a grip on quitting drinking- Smoking and quitting a hundred times… they say the  cravings never quit. Spending time and money on the internet, addiction to P0rn and unable stop. Binging on food, feeding a hungry soul… addicted to eating. If you could see how many people share the same fears, and how they all feel so helpless to make it stop, you might feel that there HAS to be a more powerful solution. Do you hide an addiction? Are you scared to try again because you just don’t want to fail? I know that since new years is coming, you are probably facing some tough decisions. Weight loss is the #1 resolution. Drinking and Smoking are next in line. And the internet… don’t get me started. Did you know that a survey of marriage counselors showed that P0rn addiction is the cause of 50% of divorces now? She almost gave up- Lori called my office and left a long hearfelt voice mail. I have to tell you, these things bring tears to my eyes. She finally figured out how to lose over 100 pounds! 126 pounds so far! She says she has 100 more to go. My Zen of Thin program did it for her. She consistently dropped weight every day. The trucker emailed me, said he smoked 4 packs a day. (wow, can that really be done?) Even though he was convinced it could NOT work, he listened to the CDs. It usually takes 3-5 days on my program to stop completely, but overnight he just stopped. Said he didn’t even have to make a decision. The decision was made for him, where it really counts- In his subconscious mind. And… without a struggle he stopped his 4 pack a day habit overnight.

Lori Wrote to me and said:


I used “Appetite Zapper”. I just put on my headphones while meditating, listened and went to sleep. I used it for maybe 2 weeks.

Well, the Dr. weighed me the next month and I had lost about 8 or 10 pounds! He asked how. I said I tried listening to this cd, and I seemed to want to eat smaller portions and wanted to work out a bit.

I never looked back. It’s TRUE! Wendi is the best hypnotist I have ever used!! I’m looking forward to getting down to at least 150 pounds or perhaps i’ll get nuts and go down to 110!

I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done Wendi!! GOD Bless You!

Why do so many people have such BIG CHANGES with hypnosis?

Why do they fail when trying willpower, determination, or white knuckling? You must watch this so you can understand how to make your resolutions stick.

And until MIDNIGHT on JANUARY 1, 2009, you get 60% OFF every addiction CD program I have —-> Check them out on the right.

Quit Drinking, Stop Struggling!

As you know, I have not discounted my Alcohol Freedom program and I probably won’t discount it again.

But today, I want to help as many people as I can. If you know someone who needs help, buy this FOR THEM now.

When you give it to them, it will be like giving them oxygen. They will breathe life into their hopeless soul. BE THE ONE to save someone, and give them the gift of Freedom.

I Love you!


Resolution Solution! 60% off Any Addiction Program on this list! Use Coupon NEWYEAR for 60% off these!ONLY good until the end of January 1st at Midnight! Alcohol Freedom Zen of Thin Stop Smoking Quit Biting your Fingernails End P0rn addiction Stop Procrastinating End Clutter End Negative Self Talk Let Go of the Past Keep Your Commitment all year long Stop Negative Thinking, Become Confident and Powerful! 60% off Any Addiction Program on this list! Use Coupon NEWYEAR for 60% off these!

EXPIRES JANUARY 1 at Midnight. Wow, really? Yes, really. One day, starting now.

HoHoHo,holiday happiness

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The big Christmas and Holiday 2 for 1. It is intense, come and get it! logo How I made 100s of people stop smoking in one day- wendi I know you are wondering where I’ve been and I thank you all for inquiring. I am still doing my daily Wendi.TV shows on Monday- Thursday and I love connecting with you all there. 12 Hour Marathon Show was insanely fun! Did you see my 12 hour Marathon Stop Smoking show? If you are still smoking and you have not taken the plunge, how about quitting before January and instead of stressing about New Years Day, you flow smoothly into the New Year with nothing but goodness on your mind! Watch the recordings of the Marathon Show in 1 hour segments. I recorded it all just for you! Talking for 12 hours was a little intense, but it was a great challenge just to see if I could do it. Some people stayed for the entire show and those who were there to stop smoking learned a lot. Most of it was successfully recorded. I was ready to wimp out in the last hour and call it off at hour 11, but then Andrew - very young hypnotist and NLPer came in and I was fascinated at how young and smart he was. I think I freaked him out a little by asking him to do a double induction with me on the spot but he handled it well. You can see that segment on the site and let me know what you think. Did he look nervous? I think he is a super star! I went all the way! At the end of 12 hours I was a little pooped, but I made it. Took 3 breaks to pee and that was it! Try it some time, you might like it. You can do your own show on Stickam or Ustream and expose your work to lots of new people. It’s free and easy and a great way to share your knowledge in whatever business you are in. What did I do for 12 hours in the marathon? The segments teach you how your brain works, the truth about addiction to cigarettes, how you can stop cravings and just about everything that you need to make your commitment stick. I did hypnosis sessions that made hundreds of people realize that they don’t need to struggle with cravings and fear when ready to kick it. Much of the content is about more than smoking. If you are therapist and you need to learn how to handle addictions or how to explain the power of hypnosis for addictions, you will love this. Ready? Set? Go! In the archives, find the ones that start with Stop Smoking and breathe like a champ. Stop Smoking Shows are here. Ready to quit? Get the CD set to listen to every day- Right here! Christmas Gifts that will Last Forever The annual sale is here and it is time to give a gift that will change someone’s life. First- check out the PERFECT GIFT list that will give you ideas for your friends, family, lovers and kids. 2 For 1 on everything on the list! Get one for YOUR loved one and keep ONE for yourself. How perfect is that? xmas Hohoho sale! Buy anything in the entire GIFT LIST, get a 2nd one thrown in. Keep one for yourself, give one to a friend. Any CD, DVD, book or program on the list. It’s good to give and good to keep. Yes, you can still get that last minute Christmas or Holiday goodness. If you know a hypno junkie and you are ready to stuff their stocking it is time for the procrastinators special. Order anything in the Wendi Gift Guide. Put in this coupon code–> 2for1 Yes, that’s right, one for your friend and one for you. Rules- You will get 2 sets of exactly the same program. No substitutions, no changes, no exceptions. No other coupons allowed. ONLY items on the page will be 2 for 1. See the list here PERFECT GIFT list Use coupon on checkout~ 2for1 My Favorites? (these are just like a big hug and kiss for your friends) Hypno Mojo DVD Sweet Surrender CD TimeLine Journey Yes, yes, yessss ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ SUPER Clearance PACKS- A few CDs that I gotta clear out. They are in paper sleeves, and make great stocking stuffers. Only 10 sets of these- $150 value, for the insane price $39 for the 5 pack. Get Yours Now NO COUPONS, no 2 for 1 Stress Release Remote Seduction Workout Compulsion Heal Your Body (original version) Ultimate Orgasm Only 50 sets of these- $126 value, all 4 for the crazy price of $29 Get Yours now NO COUPONS, no 2 for 1 Heal Your Body (original version) Remote Seduction Workout Compulsion Ultimate Orgasm ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ And the final WOW pack! 7 DVDs, a $612 value Only $97 Only 80 of these packs available. You can see them all here Wendi.com/video but only order from this link. Yes, I want to Order this package. Get 7 DVDs in this set: How to Hypnotize Anynone- 2 hours $49 Hypno Mojo Mega- 2 hours of sensual hypnosis $99 How to hypno anyone seminar- 12 hours $249 How to spot a liar- 1 hour $39 Self hypnosis 1 The mastery training- 2 hours $49 Self hypnosis 2 The power within- 2 hours $49 Stage hypnosis shows- Funny stuff! $29 I know your friends and family will get a lot of value and fun with hypnotic Holiday gifts. Something different and stimulating! Stay tuned, more hot holiday goodies coming your way this week! See you on twitter.com/wenditv and ON my LIVE show at Wendi.tv With love to you and your family!

Who else wants to hang out with a room of geniuses?

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Here we go… I had no idea that I was walking into the vortex of marketing geniuses that somehow converged for one night. THANK YOU to Dave Kekich for inviting us over to his beautiful home!
Joe Sugarman

Joe Sugarman

When I first walked into Dave Kekich’s beach house in Huntington beach, I saw Joe Sugarman. If you don’t know who he is, google him. In January I will be speaking with him in Austin Texas in January with Joe Vitale at the ATTRACT WEALTH seminar. www.JoeSugarman.net Yes, That is Mark Victor Hansen sneaking his head into the pic. That rascal…
Mark Victor Hansen

Mark Victor Hansen

After a big hug with Joe, I turn around and go WHOA, Mark! Yup he rocks. Mark Victor Hansen is a legend. Author of Chicken Soup books and much more. And his girlfriend is just way too fun.
Mike Koenigs

Mike Koenigs

I was talking to Mike Koenigs for a while before I realized he is the TRAFFIC GEYSER founder. How did that not click? He must have thought I was a total dork when he said something about traffic geyser and I went DOH, OF COURSE! His company is doing some big things with video distribution. My mind was boggled. Thanks for all the insider info, Mike. Hang on, we are just getting started… the night was young…
Ryan Kaltman

Is this the real RichJerk?

Another legend who is making people rich and wildly successful doing it. THE RICH JERK, you can see him on the web at www.richjerk.com and he is also a marketing genius. HIS NAME? I posted it, but then noticed on his site he keeps his identity secret. Check out his site, his marketing is brilliant.
Joe Polish
Joe Polish. Yes Joe Polish, the PIRANHA MARKETING guy. Hi biz card makes me smile. He has the Kekich Credos which are brilliant. You can see them at www.GeniusNetwork.com/kekich The woman on the right is Mark’s amazing woman- Crystal, and she and I had a lot in common. She is a hypnotherapist and is a dazzling and fascinating woman!
Mark Joyner

Mark Joyner

Mark Joyner wanted me to hypnotize him to do something, but I don’t remember what it was. Mark’s pretty cool. He created SIMPLEOLOGY dontcha know. He lives in New Zealand these days. If you want to see his work that will totally change your life, just as it says in the title, go to www.simpleology.com Freaking amazing.
Jason Henderson

Jason Henderson

If you love bunnies, you probably know Jason Henderson. He is the BIG MARKETING guy. Drove down from Bakersfield and I think he brought his bunnies with him, but even better he brought something big, black, long, and hard.  It is made of rigid foam and used for back pain. I’ve no idea where ya stick it, but it was fun to hold. Yes, he is a tall man.
Matt Adams
And then I see that his assistant is Matt Adams, the totally cool guy that makes you break arrows with your throat, walk on glass and get all powerful and fearless. Matt is the take action guy.  We all need more of that for sure. Matt and Jason make quite a pair, their height difference is spectacular. Great food, wine and ideas. How inspired am I today? It’s all about being productive and powering up my life. Thanks to all for the big infusion of love and laughter.


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Wendi.com logo

Wendi.com logo

Great American Smokeout 12 Hour Marathon Live!

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Am I crazy to do this 12 hours live? Stop by if you can logo
Great American Smokeout with Wendi 12 Hour Stop Smoking Hypnosis Marathon ~ Live internet TV show LIVE–> Thursday Nov 20th 9 am- 9 pm pacific time Your Last Cigarette today! Is smoking really addictive? The answer will shock you. Get hypnotized all day ~~~ quit smoking for good. PRIZES every hour, $1000 grand prize for YOUR story. (see below) Can hypnosis make you quit and never have cravings? How powerful is hypnosis for smoking? This event is free for everyone, WorldWide. LIVE–> Thursday Nov 20th Wendi Friesen will hypnotize you live, teach you about hypnosis, and show you why your brain can help you quit smoking easier than you imagined. LIVE–> www.Wendi.TV or www.Stickam.com/wendifriesen 9 am – 9 pm Pacific 12 noon- 12 am Eastern Yes, I am really going to do it. 12 hours live Video Streaming. I really hate to see people getting sucked into drug advertising and think that a pill is a magic cure to stop smoking, especially with the horrible side effects. And they really aren’t very effective, but you probably already know that. I want to help you and if you have been to my live show you know it is about more than just hypnosis. I will take your questions LIVE during the show. sk me Anything! DO YOU HAVE A SMOKING STORY? WIN Prizes every hour and $1000 grand prize ~ Craziest thing you ever did to stop smoking ~ Worst reformed smoker who is a total nag ~ Stupidest thing that happened because of a cigarette ~ Worst Medical Scare you were given ~ Your sex and smoking story ~ The thing that made you quit for good ~ Most extreme punishment for smoking LIVE–> www.Wendi.TV or www.Stickam.com/wendifriesen
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Is Smoking really addictive? Find out. Can your Brain really turn off Cravings? Tune in live. Is hypnosis going to stop the Addiction process? I will help you. Tell your friends, it is a smoke out like no other.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
smileyfacesIf you have a friend who is smoking, send them an email right now! Get them to watch some of the show, it might make them think differently about how smoking affects their brain. AND what if they realize that they can STOP without cravings? And smell sweeeeet! Yea! Email them now. They will thank you for it.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Win $1000 or one of many hourly prizes! Share your smoking story live- Call in on SKYPE OR EMail your story by replying to this email. WIN Prizes every hour and $1000 grand prize ~ Craziest thing you ever did to stop smoking ~ Worst reformed smoker who is a total nag ~ Stupidest thing that happened because of a cigarette ~ Worst Medical Scare you were given ~ Your sex and smoking story ~ The thing that made you quit for good ~ Most extreme punishment for smoking Got a great smoking story? Did you use Hypnosis to Quit? You could win a prize at the TOP OF EACH HOUR during the show.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Video Spot- Get ready to go deep!
Try out my 3 minute Hypno Spot on you tube. I will give you a fast blast of hypnosis that will set you straight. I think you will LOVE this, just because you have been feeling that feeling that is making you a little crazy sometimes. Am I right? Check it out, there are several.Here are two of them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g55cKhqcR7g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45VzxdQvfok&feature=channel
Tune in Thursday! Or find your local day and time here http://www.wendi.tv Wendi
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