The movie The Difference

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I am going to take a deep breath first. Now- I have to make a tough decision about whether I am to be careful about what I say, or if I tell the absolute truth. Yesterday I drove 2 hours to San Diego for an opportunity that was offered to me to be part of a movie called The Difference. In their email and phone call to me they described the opportunity- perhaps vaguely- to be in the movie and that they are looking for people to be involved in the movie. Did I misinterpret the offer, or follow the carrot when they discussed their movie being produced as similar to the Secret and What the Bleep? Sounded like a good opportunity, worth a drive to San Diego. They also assured me that I had been carefully chosen for this. I arrived at the room, there were about 7 other women. Jaqueline assured everyone that they had been carefully chosen, that they were there because the staff had researched their work on their website and liked what they saw. After the website comment 3 or 4 of the women said they don’t have a website, and 3 of them don’t even use a computer. CLUE #1 No one was chosen. More likely is a boiler room calling a list of therapists- massage therapists, counselors, hypnotherapists, etc. The offering, the emails, the phone call— no mention of it being any type of a sales presentation or offering to invest or buy anything. The set up was that it was to be “in the movie”. Jacqueline began her speech by talking about her vision, her dream, her mission to open the hearts of all the people in the world. She asked us how many people there are in the USA (she is from Australia) and apparently had no clue about the number of people- I was the only one who had a remote clue, at 300,000,000. CLUE #2 A project of this proportion with a person doing a world tour to find her participants in the movie has no clue how many people are in the USA, even though she is planning to reach 6 billion people with her movie. She drew some circles on some paper and showed that this would certainly affect the lives and open the hearts of 6 billion people. Hmmm. “What is this movie about?” I asked several times. Her answer was consistently, “I don’t know yet” “What is the concept?” I queried. “We won’t know that until it is made”, she replied. Hmmm. Ok, well so far we have air. Nothing but air. And some circles on a paper on an easel. At this point my spidey sense was tingling and I decided to make the most of this and pay attention. Nothing had been mentioned about money, this was obviously not an investment opportunity (there are disclosure laws about that) and so far it didn’t feel like a ponzi scheme. Heads were bobbing up and down. Yes, yes, yes. People were really on board, feeling the need to be part of something that does not exist, but will certainly open the hearts of 6 billion people in some magical way. CLUE #3 Excuse the hell out of me, but if this is a business you better have a plan. What is your product? What is the content? Why does this have potential? What possible reason is there for the impact this movie will have on humanity? Zippo. Heads are still bobbing which is getting annoying to me. One woman in the room is a shill I am pretty sure. She just adds all the right words and enthusiasm. I know, better than most, that people want to be part of something. I get it. And I know how easy it is to get excited about something that hits your hot button. By choosing people (women) who are therapists and new age types, she has found a group that has a similar hot button. She has the key to their lock. In addition to movie you will have the opportunity to make a 6 minute video that will go on a website that will be seen by billions of people. This was a big part of her presentation. You will be exposed to millions or billions and your 6 minute video will make you wildly successful. CLUE #4 Big claims for a business a product that does not exist, a website that has a lot of blank pages and no track record in internet marketing, film production or websites that have performed well in the past. You can’t just say it and make it true. Saying that you will expose people to millions of viewers is simply lying to them. Putting a video on youtube is exposing it to millions of viewers. Last time I checked that is free and you can do that today. Not in 3 years from now. My curiosity is building. She is going to ask for money soon… she is stirring the pot. Heads are still bobbing up and down in agreement with everything she is saying. Why does this bother me so much? I am a business person. I’ve created and run a business from the ground up, 3 times. Each one very successful, my current one successful in doing millions in sales annually. I know my stuff. I am not so much a skeptic as I am realistic. She says she has 750 people in Australia who are already signed up as collaborators. To cut to the chase- She wants $2000 for you to participate as a collaborator. For this you get a nice list of things, like the right to use the logo, an online training class to help you make your 6 minute video, some teleseminars. Of course each of these things shows a price attached to it with an exact (and ridiculous value) like the online training class to learn to make your video, worth $3028. HOLY FUCKING SHIT- that is such an interesting number it must be true! And your six minute video being posted on their site, is worth…. wait for it… $1540 (and to think… I can put a video anywhere on the internet for free) And you get your profile on The Difference website, and that is a value of…. $434 Another spectacular number. How did she come up with this? Not $433, not $435, but Four Hundred thirty four dollars. It must have taken weeks to crunch the costs to arrive at this number. After all… this woman stated she was an accountant. But here is an interesting comment from the accountant- “I am going to give 10% of the money… ummm, from the amount that is ummm… before taxes… what do you call that… (she puts her head down and thinks for a moment) … the gross, I think that is what it is… that will be given to…” (whatever the fuck she said at this point was lost on me. Charity, new shoes, number crunching fees, markers for drawing her 6 circles…?) Hello! Ladies in the chairs, please stop bobbing your heads up and down. If you give her $2000 you will get to share 10% of the profit of this non existent movie with 6000 people. But then in a another sentence she said something about keeping 50% of the money for herself (called it future projects) and the remainder would go to produce the movie, and your 10% that you share with others comes from that. MATH- do the MATH. She is an accountant? OK, quick math- 700 people so far = 1,400,000 My calculator is about to blow a gasket. Right after I do. 6000 people she is recruiting? = 12,000,000 REMEMBER- she is offering you 10% of the profit of the movie, NOT of the money she is taking in from you! Well, this should be some kind of movie! You get ONE stake in the investment scheme for your $2000. BUT WAIT, you can earn another stake if you… wait for it… wait…. yes…. if you RECRUIT your friends! Oh wait, the math. This means that there are more than 6000 stakes. hmmm. Accountant girl, something does not add up. Forgive me for being so blunt, but if each 6000 of your warm, fuzzy recruits, finds 1 more person, that is 18,000 stakes, and those lucky girls get to split 10% of the profits, of which you keep half, and produce a movie with the rest and then offer 10% of the profit left. Hell to the Yeah! (and you can get more stakes by working for her for free as well. Yippee!) Remember- not the profit of this VENTURE, the profit of the movie- oh wait there is no movie. There is air. I’m sorry. But that is ok, because she has a refund policy. refund- OOPS, that page is blank. Made over 700 people pay you $2000, but that page is “coming soon” Also coming soon (blank pages) include, well, most of them: EXCEPT THE ROBUST SCHEDULE that apparently there is time and money for, and at each presentation she will get 2-3 people to fork over their credit cards to invest in AIR. 6 meetings in each city- how is she getting so many people to come to these meetings? Even if she only has 8-12 people at each one, and sells only 2-3 people out of that, it is still a daunting task to email and call enough people to recruit the butts that land in the seats. There are other teams, by the way, doing these presentations in other cities. OOOOhhhhoooooohhhhhh. I got it! I just remembered- if you donate 10 hours of your time, you get another share in the profit. Holy shit- the people who just paid her $2000 are now doing the phone calls to the lists to get people into the presentations. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Please do not buy into something that does not exist. The SEC will shut this project down in a heartbeat. By the time you decide to pull out, your credit card time limit for a chargeback will have long since passed. Jacqueline- I am very sorry if this is truly your dream, your vision, your passion and your mission. I am sorry if this is your way of opening hearts and you honestly believe you are going to make a movie. *************** It costs less than $50,000 to make a simple docu-drama in the style of The Secret. *************** GO MAKE YOUR MOVIE, get millions of visitors to your website, show how much this has benefited your recruits with their 6 minute video. THEN let people invest in something real. Oh, and remember to get your Securities and Exchange Commission filings done. I am sure you thought of that already, since this is an investment that requires full disclosure and a lot of paperwork. But your refund policy is clearly stated. Oops, that page is blank. (Cooling off period is 3 days, not 48 hours as you stated on your paper you handed out. Whoops, must the the accountant brain working again) I know that you are aware of the potential for this project to make you millions of dollars, and if you are ummm, an accountant, you have also done the math to see that your recruits are simply out $2000. Seriously? This is going to change humanity? As a business, it doesn’t fly. As a scam, it is brilliant and you obviously have an aggressive schedule. But I actually do want to help humanity. And for me to NOT stand up and speak my mind about this, would be as big a crime as yours. Wendi Friesen

Where in the World

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These feet need a new dance

These feet need a new dance

I am in a transition phase. Got an itch, must scratch. On my facebook profile I mentioned that I have a lot of frequent flier miles to use and asked for suggestions on where to go. I have had some really good proposals. The most recent, and the one that prompted me to expose my plan, is an invite to Borneo. It has to do with saving the Orangutans. There are people working to save the Orangutans and help to increase the tourism to support the wildlife and their culture. I’ve had offers to go to Germany, Ireland, Greece (this one is more than an offer, it is non-stop begging!), India, Borneo, Dubai, Alaska and a few others fascinating places in the world. My fans have the most fascinating lives all over the world and I have reached the point where I am unable to resist your offers. Bonjour. (yes, I took french in high school) I’ve been hatching an idea that came up when I was in France a couple of years ago. I was driving on a winding road in a tiny town and stopped to ask directions at a little bakery. After some pointing and sign language I was on my way, but couldn’t shake the curiosity about the every day life of one woman who is making croissants every day in a little village in France. What would it be like to live someone’s life, not just visit, but life their life for a week or so? All over the world people do fascinating jobs, and find happiness in such unique ways. I think that moment started it all. We are all trying to be happy in our lives doing whatever it is we do. And what brings us real happiness? What makes you truly happy? Lets Monkey around You might feel that your life is ordinary and maybe even boring. But to someone else from another country or culture your life might be an adventure. And what if I could let all my beautiful friends and fans help me take a happiness tour around the world and share it with everyone. It might just change your mind about what you are doing and give you the courage you need to make a change in your life. Or it might just be mildly entertaining to watch me shovel elephant poop. (seriously, this place is on my list) The plan is in motion. The initial idea is to let you decide where I will go and what I will do in the pursuit of happiness.With so many different ways to live passionately, or just to do what you love to do no matter how simple it seems, there are lots of cool things that you can share with the world. What do you do that is unique? Why does it make you happy? How did you decide to live the life you are living? I want to find out, in person. No matter where you are in the world and no matter what you do, it might become one of my destinations. There is a little tech work to do. I need a website that lets people describe their life and the opportunity to come and live it. The site will need to let visitors vote on where they want me to go next, have the show videos of what makes your life so unique or simply happy. It needs a tracking map to show where I have been and where I am headed. If anyone wants to offer their tech services to create a site and maintain it, let me know right away. Thanks to Rick Butts for giving me a big push to make this project more than an idea. And thanks to all of you who just recently have made this an irresistible project. Leave your comments with ideas for this project. I am all in. :) Love you… and maybe soon will be on your doorstep. Where in the World is Wendi Better start packing!

Live your passion

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A Lesson in Living Your Passion

Love what you do? If not, why aren’t you looking at doing what you love? Watch this video. Then consider living your passion.

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I am totally digging this guys life. He saw something in that bubbling water as a kid and started wondering what could be done with it. Listen to his info about Corn Syrup! Smart guy. To order soda: John Nese is the proprietor of Galcos Soda Pop Stop in LA. His father ran it as a grocery store, and when the time came for John to take charge, he decided to convert it into the ultimate soda-lovers destination. About 500 pops line the shelves, sourced lovingly by John from around the world. John has made it his mission to keep small soda-makers afloat and help them find their consumers. Galcos also acts as a distributor for restaurants and bars along the West Coast, spreading the gospel of soda made with cane sugar (no high-fructose corn syrup if John can avoid it).

Find Your Dream! Live Your Passion!

My CD program has been a great way to peek into the future. You will be guided to the thing that is the very best for you and experience yourself doing it.

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Change Your Luck

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Become Luckier and Happier, you really can change your luck!

It is your Lucky Day!

Is it possible to change your luck?

Is luck all in our perception of how we see the world?
Do we attract bad luck if we believe we have bad luck?

If you have had a bad streak and are feeling unlucky, this might just change your expectations. Nothing good is going to happen if you truly believe you have bad luck. The world around you- the people, events, opportunities- it’s all shaped in a way that fits your expectations. Have you ever met someone who has really good luck? Why do they consistently have good things happen to them? It might just be that in the deepest part of their mind they feel that they are a very fortunate person. Face it. Other people can sense your confidence, your worthiness, your expectations. And they will treat you differently based on all the information you give them consciously and unconsciously. And the information you give them is based on your own core beliefs. If you believe you are unlucky, others will pick that up and they will not offer you the opportunities and ventures and invitations that could lead to something great. It is hard to know why good luck extends to random events and impossible to know why random lucky events keep happening to only certain people. But,  just in case there is a way to create good luck, you might as well give yourself the edge! This is what happened for one of my clients who decided to change her luck. ~~~~~~~~~~ Wendi, I have been listening to LUCKY YOU once a week and I believe it works. You have opened my eyes to see that luck is there all the time. You just need to know how to recognize it. Instead of wishing to be lucky, I can spot opportunities that turn into lucky experiences. I accept luck as it comes my way. I have been lucky with lottery tickets and finding someone to buy my car after six months of no activity. I have had consistent wins playing video poker where I would occasionally win. I refinanced my condo and I was surprised when I received money back almost equal to twice my monthly payment. Even though these are not spectacular, I have learned to accept these as lucky experiences. People are saying “you are so lucky” and I am smiling. I did some research and I found this article about luck. Luck Factor.pdf The findings follow what you say on the LUCKY YOU Cd. There is a quote that is highlighted in the article that sums it up. “Lucky people generate their own good fortune via four basic principles. They are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good” My luckiest experience was to find your web site. Wendi, you are so gifted to come up with such fantastic programs. Every session has enhanced my life. You have eased my fears, cleared my head, and you awakened the hidden abilities that I did not know I had. Thank you for your fine work. Ed S. ~~~~~~~~~~ Get this amazing CD for only $7, download it now zLkYu-CD1-2T I am willing to help you make it happen. The CD sells for $29. However, if you use the coupon LUCKYME and choose to download the session you can have it for only $7. That’s right— only $7. Crazy? Yup. But tough times call for extreme measures. USE coupon code LUCKYME

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  • I found this programe amazingly relaxing. Ive changed my mind about luck I am a lucky person, I believe in myself now where as before I didn’t. Im finding being on time, finding bargins, finding music Id forgotten about lucky and so on. You really have got to try it for yourself. I love it!!!
~~~~~~~ I love you, IMG_0909

Your Monkey Brain

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HypnoQuickie Time!

Brains Learn More From Success than Failure

Email Marketing You Can Trust

An article in Scientific American says that our brains can achieve greater success at a task when we have a string of successes. This makes sense from a hypnosis perspective because you are engaging all the elements needed to continue the successful streak. In a test they did on monkeys, it showed that even if the monkey had previously solved the task successfully, if it had one failure, the next attempt was harder to complete successfully. See the Scientific American article here It’s short, read it. Then continue.

WATCH IN YOUTUBE if the video is not showing up. Here is a 3 minute trance session that will reinforce a successful behavior or skill, then anchor it in with an image. Think of something you would like to change or do better, perhaps something you have been struggling with. Give the task a specific beginning and end, like if you were hitting a baseball, or singing a song on stage, pick an important part of that task for this trance session. Have fun! I think you will like this and you will use it over and over for many things in your life. Remember, if you are feeling stuck in an area of your life, maybe your brain is just replaying that loop of failure. You can get unstuck pretty quick if you force your brain into a new state by doing a fast and powerful loop with an image that locks it in. If you enjoy these Hypno Quickies every day, tell a friend, and let them subscribe. It’s free, doncha know! I love you, Wendi


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how to quit drinking

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I ‘ m never drinking again. I ‘ m never drinking again I ‘ m never drinking again I ‘ m never drinking again I ‘ m never drinking again I ‘ m never drinking again I ‘ m never drinking again I ‘ m never drinking again I ‘ m never drinking again I ‘ m never drinking again I ‘ m never drinking again I ‘ m never drinking again I ‘ m never drinking again I ‘ m never drinking again I ‘ m never drinking again I ‘ m never drinking again I ‘ m never drinking again I ‘ m never drinking again I ‘ m never drinking again NEVER EVER DRINKING again!! NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER

Your friends are making you obese

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Have you heard?

The people you hang out with might be making you fat.

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Shocking, but true. This study (and why do they have to spend money to find this out) shows that teenagers who hang out together will get fatter together. If you are a human being and you also breathe air, this should not be a revelation. We become what we think about, do, and act upon. If you surround yourself with people who like to eat and sit around and live a sedentary life, you will NOT become a long distance runner. If you surround yourself with people who love to mountain bike, or hike, or kayak for their recreation, chances are very good that you will be in good physical shape. And cleverly enough, the person in charge of this obesity study is named Fry. Coincidence? Here is the explanation from the article on how friends let friends get fat. Tam Fry, of the UK’s National Obesity Forum, said mounting evidence suggested the link was causative. “Other work has shown that you take on the weight attributes of your friends more than other people surrounding you, like neighbours, even if your friends live many miles away.” He said it boiled down to shared bad habits, like eating the wrong foods and not getting enough exercise. It can be hard to lose weight, and easy to gain it. And we are obviously influence by the people we surround ourselves with, and if that is not enough we have to battle our food issues that were deeply ingrained in our childhood. I remember a news show about a young boy, about 8 years old, who was 50 lbs overweight. The mother insisted that she had tried everything and was not overfeeding him. When they took the boy away from mom and sent him to live with Dad he lost all the excess weight and said “It’s fun to go out and play soccer and run. I like broccoli and salads” and things to that effect. Our environment obviously affects our choices that result in how heavy we are. And your friends are your environment. Let’s have a reality check. What’s in your kitchen? (or tucked under the sofa cushion) Do you have lots of sweet yummy snacks, microwavable fatty foods, sugary drinks, multiple flavors of ice cream? OR Do you have to prepare food when you are hungry, chop vegetables, make food out of actual ingredients? What do you do first thing in the morning? Go directly to the fridge to gobble down some food? OR Wait a little while, take a walk, stretch, do some writing? When planning an outing with friends what is the agenda? Do you plan the day or evening based on food or dessert (have you tried that new cupcake store that just opened?) and virtually nothing else? (Let’s go to the Chocolate/Slug/Shortcake/Fried festival today!) Or Do you plan to go to an art show, beach walk, game night, bike ride… that also happens to include a meal along the way? Which friends are you choosing to spend the most time with? Obviously, we didn’t need a study to figure out that fat teenagers hang out with other fat teens, or that kids with bad eating habits become obese adults. What do you want to change today? What small thing will you do to make your life a little more active and a little less ice-creamy? Stick a comment down there, inspire us! Loving the change you are about to make today! Wendi And when you are ready for a massive change in 7 days, and want to lose 5-12 pounds in a week (yes, read the testimonials, shocking and true) just find out what power there is in making one small change a day. One change a day, that’s all I ask. Will you take the challenge? We’ll see! <—- CLick It. CoMe On, yOu CaN dO iT! Hey, I can help your overweight kids too. This program is claimed to cause miraculous changes in kids eating habits and make them stop playing video games. Seriously. Hypnotic Stories for kids to lose weight

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Happy free gifty surprise!

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Hello my twitter friends!

If you have found this, you are among the 3000 very alert twitter followers of mine! Congratulations. Now, the most important thing you can do with this session is to listen to it when you are fully relaxed and able to focus without interruption. This session quite literally changed my life. Yea, I know everyone says that… but this really did. It was inspired by Win Wenger and I found a description in his book the Einstein Factor. He knows I am using his brilliance to make sessions and as a result we have come to know each other better!

Parallel World is an unusual journey to meet yourself in a new environment doing something that you are destined to do.

If you were raised without all the damage, hurt, pain, disappointments (I know that is part of what makes us who we are… just stick with me for a second) and harsh realities that cause us to not live up to our potential… who would you be? If anyone said it best, it was probably your 5th grade teacher. “Not living up to his/her potential”. Yup, I know. We were all in the same boat I think. ALERT- This link will only be up for ONE day (more or less depending how many other things distract me) and it is for my alert 3000 followers who are winners! If your not one of them, why not follow me now. There is too much free stuff for your brain that you can shake a dendrite at, posted frequently on my twitter feed. Click follow, and (for advanced, sexy users) make a column just for me, wontcha?

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Caution- this session might make you feel like THIS.

Caution- this session might make you feel like THIS.

Click here to Get it now! Password is posted on my twitter feed Please make sure you enjoy this session with eyes closed and fully engaged. It will be one you will remember! Only here for a day. Find the play button on the narrow grey bar on the blip site. You can find it. I know it is obscure, just figure it out. :) Loving you! Wendi

Life After Rehab

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A breathe of fresh air is on it’s way.

But first… what do you think about this:
If relapse is part of recovery, could it be setting you up to fail?

If relapse is part of recovery, could it be setting you up to fail?

Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. Once an addict, always an addict. That is one of the beliefs of AA that you subscribe to when you choose to recover from alcohol or drugs with AA. To hold a core belief that you will always identify yourself with everything that phrase means, will only reinforce the weakness and massive helplessness.

There are no easy answers in solving the addiction treatment issue.

Obviously people relapse time and time again without knowing why. They are asked to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. In most cases they are told they need to surrender. And specifically, surrender to God. The religious aspect of treatment is a difficult one. For some people it is everything. Their faith, or finding God, has meant the world to them. They are able hang on if they know they can find their strength in God. Spirituality is important in everyone’s personal growth and for some people in AA it is everything. But for some in rehab or AA, when they are faced with weakness or insecurity and feel like using they are told they just need to surrender. Surrender to God. I get it. And I see the value in having that silent partner in your recovery. And I wonder… if God is the answer and is such a benevolent God, why does he only let 5% of those who surrender to him get clean and sober? And if you surrender to God and you relapse do you judge yourself unworthy of God’s grace?
Do you have to surrender to recover?

Do you have to surrender to recover?

What if we take God out of the addiction equation and decide that getting clean and sober is going to be all about you and how your brain will form new pathways and removing the deep triggers. If you can reinforce the brain activity that will stop fear, doubt and cravings what would happen? What if? There are experts in the addiction field that are doing just that and having amazing results. Let’s take smoking as a great example. At one time it was claimed to be the most addictive substance ever. More addictive than heroin. And yet, a large percentage of smokers who use a great hypnosis method are almost instantly relieved of cravings. Nicotine, that is supposedly more powerful than heroin, can be overcome by changing the way the brain reacts to thoughts, triggers and environment. At the core of every great hypnotherapist’s program for smoking is creating a solid belief that you are no longer a smoker. By imagining yourself vividly in your future, free from cigarettes, and implanting all the elements of the experience into the brain, something changes. It changes enough that you do not have cravings for cigarettes. Mind boggling.

For almost four years, my Alcohol Freedom program has defied logic.

People who have failed repeatedly at quitting suddenly have no cravings. In fact, since I use their old triggers to create new responses in their brain they can be in any situation and feel fine. One of my clients quit drinking and his friend was not aware he had quit. She bought him a glass of his favorite whiskey at a bar, waved it under his nose, and because the sight, smell and sound of alcohol is now a trigger for him to feel powerful, healthy and in control it only made him feel stronger. No craving he said. Not even a flutter. Imagine that the very substance that is overpowering your brain and ruining your life actually becomes the trigger to make your commitment stronger! So, one client tells me that when she goes to the grocery store she dances in the aisle with the wine. She says she is smiling all the way feeling complete freedom! The sight of the wine aisle only makes her stronger. Another tells me he still has a six pack in his fridge. He doesn’t even realize it is there, even though he was drinking 24 beers a night. Addiction is a powerful brain condition that is overwhelming our country. Failing at multiple attempts to get clean only reinforces that you don’t have what it takes, you are not worthy, you are never going to get clean. And from that frame of mind you get to live your entire life.

As the mother of an addict, I know what the families go through.

I know the pain of one addict is also the pain of the family, the friends, the legal system and our strained jails. While my son was in jail (I can never really believe how easy it is for me to say that now days) he said that the guys in there were just waiting for the day they got out so they could get messed up. (drugs and alcohol) They had it all planned out. Jail doesn’t change your brain for the better. Over 80% of those in jail are there for a drug related crime. And they are determined to go back and use drugs on the day they get out! Dang… we are doomed.

Wow, that’s a lot of money!

Passages rehab in malibu is $90,000. They use hypnotherapy, acupuncture, massage and therapy. Passages claims a phenomenal success rate – over 80%. They are currently opening a second center. And for families who have spent money on multiple rehab experiences at $20-40,000 each time, might wish they had spent the big bucks first.

Tomorrow- The answer.

I am not sure I have THE answer, I just have some great results with my work. Look, I didn’t come up with this. I learned, studied, tested, applied my methods and have had some amazing results with people who have failed repeatedly. And all with sessions they do at home, in private, self administered. The addicts are stunned. I am stunned. We are on the verge of something amazing. Let’s awaken to the power we have to use our rapidly changing brains to make something great happen. You in?

Tomorrow- The 7 Day Addiction Freedom program will be offered.

Join me, and find out if happiness is  week away!

Join me, and find out if happiness is week away!

Will you find out how powerful you can be? If it changes you a little or a lot, how will life be different for you? If you are committed to spending 7 days in an honest environment, and doing some honest self assessment, you will find out if 7 days can change everything. For some it will be the answer. For others it will be the start of a new path in life. It is all online fully supported by me daily. I am not going to cut you loose after 7 days. The program continues after that. Just start wondering today what it might feel like if you wake up a week from now, and everything is different. Lots of love coming at you!


Drugs-Alcohol-Relapse and AA

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Addiction and Recovery Part 2

Freedom from addiction- It is an inside job.

Relapse and Rehab? Outside job.

Don't give up hope. Hang on. Get ready for a big change.

Don't give up hope. Hang on. Get ready for a big change.

(Everything I am about to tell you is true) I’ve been in the office with the director of a large drug and alcohol rehab center when he admitted to me that their success rate is less than 10%. A family sends their loved one to this place, for $27,000, thinking that this will be it! In 30 days everything will be cured and their happy family will be restored. The rehab locks them up for 30 days, makes sure they have no money, drives them to AA meetings, accompanies them as they shop, and stands guard to make sure no one escapes. This is their way of stopping you from doing drugs or alcohol. Managing you from the outside- locked down, take away money, watch your every move, inspect your room and belongings, drive you to AA to hear sad stories of the failure of others… and hopefully you will be good to go after a month. What happens on the inside seems to be inconsequential. The residential rehab centers seem to think that AA meetings twice a day are the cure. You sit and listen to others failures, you endure speakers who talk about their struggles with drugs, you see people into their 50s and 60s who are still going back to rehab and never having a real life, and this environment is supposed to get you over it. Is it possible to put someone into an environment where they are surrounded by addicts and failure, and watch them become anything other than that? If you are told by a speaker who is 20 years sober that he is still trying to make it till midnight without a drink every day, what core belief does that create for you? When you are dismissed after 30 days, and told that only 1 in 12 of you will still be clean and sober in 60 days, how committed will you be to abstaining? (Might as well just go get messed up now, why wait?) When you are surrounded by people who have been in and out of jail and the daily discussion is about judges, lawyers, cellmates and drug deals, what internal identity will you create? And after all this, with no change in your values, core beliefs, or identity you are expected to be clean and sober. Just to make sure that you have lost all hope for your future, next you are encouraged to go into a sober living house where you will live with people who have no life and have a hair trigger to go get wasted. If you want to be sober, should you surround yourself with a dozen people who will go out and get wasted with a mere wink or a nod? In Sober living, as you watch others fail and get kicked out for doing drugs, or constantly have to talk about and think about drugs and alcohol, is there any chance that your brain will magically change and have the resources to be powerful, committed, and in control? Those who study the brain and have seen miraculous changes know that the previous scenarios would actually make it impossible to change. What you think about most of the time, is what you become. It is inevitable. That is how the brain works.
Are you listening? Cool.
(I feel like I am jumping up and down screaming this out the window as I type it) Your brain activity can only react to and focus on whatever it is given. If your environment doesn’t have any other experiences, there is no way that your brain or body is going to find a new response or react in any other way than to have cravings and endure torture every day. Here’s what I think. No, here’s what I know. If you want to be a great golfer, you don’t go dig ditches in India! To be a great golfer you put yourself on a golf course with great instructors, good equipment and you learn to hit the ball and make it land where you want. Simple, right? What if you want to be a great runner? Do you surround yourself with people who like to sit on the couch and eat doritos, and pick their nose? I know it sounds silly, but think about it. To be a great runner, you find another great runners and you run. You focus on your goal, you build values of a runner, you identify with winners. It would be absurd to think that you could spend 1 or 2 months in the company of couch potatoes and expect to be a great runner. So…. if you are going to be free from drugs or alcohol, or other addictions, and you surround yourself 24/7 with people who are struggling, who are going in and out of jail, who are your very wise addiction counselors who keep relapsing, and you’re sleeping-eating-breathing with others who are unable to manage the most basic life skills… what possible way is there for you to learn to build a different response in the brain, or to learn a different set of beliefs or values? Obviously I believe this very strongly. It is not complicated. I am proud of each and every one of you who got clean or sober with AA, 12 step, or rehab. But, the success rate is no better than those going cold turkey on their own! The ones who would have succeeded would have made it anyway. Spending every day at meetings listening to sad stories and filling your mind with relapse stories and fears and sadness might not get you where you need to be. And that explains why so many people who have failed repeatedly at rehab, 12 step and AA. So what explains those have success with my program for addiction? The Alcohol Freedom program, for instance, is my best selling program. It focuses on building an identity that encompasses you being Strong, Healthy and In Control.
Breathe Deep! It is all about to change.

Breathe Deep! It is all about to change.

You create beliefs about who you are as a powerful person, build values of a person who has an active and meaningful life. You imagine and experience yourself in the future living a powerful life and loving the success you created. You bombard your brain with all the images, feelings, emotions, sounds, beliefs, experiences and identity of NOT being an addict or alcoholic, but of being a person with a real life. And that is why it is entirely possible that the 12 step method, AA and most rehab centers have such failure rates. You can NOT immerse yourself in an environment of sadness, hopelessness and despair (and crappy food) and expect to be anything other than that. They say that you can look at your five closest friends and their average income is probably close to your income, and always will be. The same principle applies to everything. Surround yourself with people who are relapsing, struggling, hopeless, depressed and you will stay in that mindset. That is why I think that our current and most popular method of treating addiction actually contributes to relapse. They say that relapse is part of recovery. Seriously? Does it really have to be? I have some amazing stories from people who have overcome addiction even after many failures and relapses, who tell me that after my home program they completely turned themselves FULL ON, committed to a FULL LIFE, lived in a new way. Right now one of the few options available is residential rehab, or AA, or NA. There are a few progressive rehab centers that have much higher success rates who are using methods based on science, evidence and core beliefs. And it is working. I was sitting in the office with the psychologist for one of the progressive science based rehab centers and he pulled out my Alcohol Freedom CD set and said, “Is this your program? I give it to my clients all the time.” I smiled. Enough for today. Think about this, share it, ponder it. Tomorrow I will open my new Addiction Freedom 7 day program to a small group of people who will experience a 7 day intensive home program. You will happily bombard your brain with what you do want, create commitment that will influence every cell in your body and have values and boundaries that will make you feel that you are strong, healthy and in control. Oh, by the way, the documentary is underway. It is going to expose the truth about drug and alcohol rehab. If you want to be interviewed, put a brief story in the comments below. Always remember, there is hope. Don’t give up. I am seriously committed to your health and happiness! Comments? Give me your thoughts below, please. With love, Wendi

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