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 Pain Experiment - Needle (Disc 2 26)
Pain Experiment - Needle (Disc 2 26)
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This live seminar has been edited from 20 hours down to 12 hours, to give you the most important content, in a fast paced way.

Proven Techniques anyone can learn!
Simple Step by step Instruction!

Learn the most progressive techniques from the most creative hypnotist in the world.

Powerful inductions that you will learn and see demonstrated.
Rapid inductions, testing trance depth, convincers, direct suggestion, post hypnotic suggestion, self hypnosis suggestions, false memories, covert hypnosis, shock inductions, language patterns, hypnotize a group, sleep hypnosis, fractionation, pain experiments, positive and negative hallucinations. See the experiment for the hypnotic burn, the memory experiments and the pain experiments.

You will master the permissive and authoritarian styles, analytical hypnosis inductions, and compounding suggestions.
Become an expert in techniques for: weight loss, smoking, habits, sports, health, focus, advanced techniques, time line, parts therapy, ideo motor responses, building a future vision that creates a belief, stage hypnosis techniques and group presentations.

Learn the importance of creating expectation in your subject, experience a group financial abundance session, see the post hypnotic suggestion demonstration.

Wendi Friesen is a world renowned speaker and trainer. she is sought out by corporation, medical and sports professionals, and private individuals for her mental edge techniques. her popularity includes television and radio both nationally and internationally.