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I just don’t know what else to say about this, well, except this… logowendi 11

Help for your Phobia, no charge.  

But it has to be a weird one. 


Startling research about stress  

and disease.  

Read this like your life depends on it. It does

3 Things to do right now to stop your anger, stress and fear

It’s a gifty kind of thing

Some people use me every day.

Are you one of them?


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Phobia Help

An upcoming TV show/series  that will feature ME needs some volunteers to talk about and cure their phobias. You should be in the Colorado area or willing to come to me in the Boulder/Denver area. Please respond ASAP. You will get a kick ass phobia release session with me and have a lot of fun.
What is your weird phobia that you have not been able to overcome? Reply to this email.

Stress kills. Find out why.  

A MUST read.


Blame it on Chromosone 19   

How a life of stress and worry can  

give you Alzheimer’s (and more) 


It is a hard reality to face.

Stress makes you sick. It causes disease. It suppresses your immune system. It allows cancer to grow.


Stress kills.


And if your life is stressful and you live with worry and fear, you might feel helpless to change.


As we learn more about the brain, we are discovering that having a genetic predisposition for a disease like Alzheimer’s rarely means that you will get the disease.

So, if our genes are not making us sick, what are the factors that will lead to disease?


Our environment and our emotional well being are the biggest influence on our genes. This discovery about how people develop Alzheimer’s shows how stress creates the perfect condition to allow the disease to take hold.


Alois Alzheimer first brought the disease to light and since then doctors have been learning that it runs in families. In the early 90s they discovered the genetic link to Alzheimer’s. The APOE gene on Chromosone 19 is at fault.


Studies of twins shows that even when one identical twin gets the disease, the other can be unaffected. Twin studies can allow us to look at identical genes and the environmental contributor to the disease. If identical twins both have the gene for a disease, such as Alzheimer’s and only one gets it, the other factors become very important in researching the reality of genetic predisposition for disease.


Your environment determines whether your disease gene is turned on or off. Simple. And your environment does not just mean the world around you, it includes the world inside of you. It is your stress, your thoughts, your hopes or lack of them, who you surround yourself with and well, just about everything.


In animal studies with monkeys they found that the size of the cage and the stress endured by the animals in smaller cages actually made their brains diminish as they aged. The brain is impaired simply by the stress of the smaller cage.

Increased Cortisol, the hormone that is created from stress, reduces the number of brain synapses, changing the brain cells and their ability to communicate.


The monkeys in the small cages had a higher density of plaques and lower number of synapses, which is the same brain pathology in Alzheimer’s diseased brains.


New research is showing that stress, even moderate stress, can increase the symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases (those of the brain) such as Alzhiemer’s and Parkinson’s.


A study on rats who were subjected to stress showed a powerful link to cognitive function and memory. They gave one group a small amyloid dose (the peptide that forms the plaques in the brain), not enough to cause any symptoms by itself and then stressed them by placing an intruder rat in their cages. Once again, I am happy to not be a rat.


The study used four groups of rats and the results showed that only the rats that had both the amyloid peptide and the stress developed long term cognitive problems. The stress alone did not produce it, nor did the amyloid peptide alone.

In a similar study, rats were given a dopamine reducing treatment to create the brain condition that causes Parkinson’s, divided into groups, and once again only the group that had the stress and the reduced dopamine were negatively affected.


These studies have to open our eyes to debilitating effects of stress. Not just because stress makes life harder and inhibits our ability to have joy in our life, but because it is the magic bullet that activates the gene to create allow disease.


Good news and bad news.


If you have a genetic component for a disease the chances of it developing if you live a low stress life are slim.

If you are stressed, especially long term stress, you are highly likely to feed your genes what they need to turn on the disease.


Now what?


If you are trapped in a difficult situation and you feel helpless to change it, you know that you can change your attitude about it. And that is easier said than done, for sure!


Being bombarded by stress, negativity, hopelessness, fear and worry can taking it’s toll on you every day by robbing you of your joy.


For some people, there is no longer a light at the end of the tunnel. The future is bleak and living in a state of mind where there is no hope is probably the highest state of stress you can endure.


From my perspective and expertise I can tell you that any bad situation is not permanent. I have been in some desperate and hopeless times in my life and felt there was no way to change it. I have cried every day for months filled with fear that things willnever change. As a single mom when my kids were little I lived in a hopeless situation. I was almost certain it would never change.


And I know that many of you live in this reality as well. The one thing that I consistently hear from my beautiful friends (that’s you) who have discovered my work, is that you found out how to pull yourself out of a life of misery by doing something consistent every day. It is not enough to KNOW how to change something. And it sure is not enough to do it once and say "Well that didn’t work".


I could just jump up and scream it to the world as I write that.


You can’t just do something once or twice and then decide it didn’t work.


My life changed when a friend graciously let me use his office to see clients (I got kicked out of my last one when I couldn’t pay the rent and had only $10 to my name) (Yes, for real. And lots of debt, so way less than $10 actually)


My friend told me he would let me share his office on one condition. I had to spend 15 minutes in the morning upon awakening, and also at night as I fell asleep, envisioning an appointment book full of clients, people calling me for help, happy clients, money flowing in, the phone ringing, smiling faces and so on.


I did not do it.

He asked me every day. (that was another requirement for the free office. I had to come in every day, no matter what)


"Did you do your 15 minutes this morning? Last night?"


"No, but I will."   And I didn’t.

And nothing changed.


After a week of this he said I had to do it or I had to leave. Yikes!


So I started doing my morning and night meditation. Faithfully.


What beautiful things I saw and felt. Clients, happy people, relief, joy, smiles, money, love, and the enormous pride of knowing that I changed my really crappy reality.




In 3 days things started popping. My phone was ringing! Old clients were calling for help, friends of friends were making appointments, I got a radio interview, money was being handed to me, I was invited to speak at local events… it was magical.


He was right.   (Thank you Lynn Edwards)


Some of you have pulled yourself out of horrible stressful situations and created a life that feels pretty darn good. And I am sure that it was the result of doing something different, consistently.




One of  my customers found me while walking down the street and said "Wendi, I listen to your sessions every day on my lunch break. The healing garden is my favorite and I use it every day".


Every day.


Stress is a killer and we know why. De-stressing your brain and getting yourself to teflon status, so nothing sticks to you, is golden. Since teflon is really bad for you, maybe you have a better metaphor you can use.


How you react to the events around you is everything. Ev-ry-thing.


What will you choose to do consistently that will lower your stress level, release your anger, make you more patient and compassionate and prevent you from getting sick?


We know that meditation changes the brain and reduces stress and the effects of stress on our body and brain. It is free and quite easy. Do we all do it regularly? Probably not, but you can change that so easily.


Being in an alpha and theta state (being in trance) while consciously directing our thoughts to what we want will always brings us back to a feeling of love, light and joy and even more it renews our spirit and shines a light at the end of that tunnel.


All we need is a little light to guide us.

The light is here. It is all around you. Let’s turn it on!


3 Ways to release stress instantly  

that don’t cost a dime.



Breathe consciously. Really easy, really powerful.

Breathe slowly in through your nose, deep into your belly.

Hold it for a few seconds.

Blow it out slowly through your mouth.

As you blow it out, feel your mind, body and soul releasing the issues and emotions that were causing the stress.


I bet you want to do that one right now… yes you do!



Change what your brain is focusing on.

Close your eyes.

Create an image on the left that represents the things that are stressing you. Put all your fears, worries and doubt into that image.

Create an image on your right of the feelings you want, the solution to the problem, the healthy mind and body.

Do the Swish process. It takes about 5-7 minutes. Get it for free right here.



Take a ride into your future. This saved my soul when I was at a very low time in my life.

Close your eyes. Breathe. Relax.

Imagine a TIME LINE of your future extending out into the place that you envision your future to be.

Float out into that future to a place where you are strong and healthy and happy.

Let yourself  drop down into that future moment and allow that  moment to unfold as you see how things have changes, how problems were solved.

Ask yourself this "What is the best thing about this?"

Feel one emotion that really represents this future moment and amplify it.

When you create the future scenario in your mind, your brain begins to wire it in by creating new neural pathways. This is magical for getting unstuck or undepressed.


Ready to kick that stress in the ass? Join the thousands who have experience miracles in their lives by letting go of fear, worry and stress and found their magical life.


First, the TIME LINE JOURNEY program.

This is one of the most powerful things you can do for your mind, body and soul. If you are stuck, scared and unable to change your situation, this is like making a wish but on steroids.

You might discover in the Time Line positioning session the unbelievably simple mistake your brain was making that prevents you from escaping your past every day.

Yes, I want to see this Time Line Journey. 


Next, the Healing Garden is magical.

A beautiful time, just for you, where your body mind and soul experience the highest state of health, totally letting go of stress, releasing your fears and putting your genes on notice!

I really want the Garden of Healing. 


Really stressed? Ultimate Stress Release

This is a favorite for my customers. When you teach your body how to relax, even if you think it is hard to do, you will find yourself getting deeper and more relaxed every time. Many people tell me they have lowered their blood pressure, released their headaches, cured their chronic pain and simply feel relaxed and patient all day.

This has several sessions that will inspire a beautiful state of deep relaxation and release. Oh, I want to de-stress now, show me how.  


Headaches making your nuts?

This is a miracle. Find the core cause of your headaches, even migraines, and poof they are gone. Seriously. Not kidding.  

Do not suffer with headaches for another minute.  

See what I mean now. 


Angry? Impatient?

Just stop. Easy to say. Hard to do. Your anger needs deep therapy. When you do the work, everything around you changes. Don’t spend another day one the edge, yelling, hurting, churning with anger.  

OK, I want Chill Out- and now! 


 Or Find the perfect program to feel better fast, right here. 

 Sweet Surrender 
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The people who have discovered the power of these short videos tell me  they are a life saver. They give them just the infusion of power, love, health, confidence and much more.
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wendi bwSpring is coming. That is something to smile about.

My Boulder winter is really magical. The snow is beautiful and the sun really does shine a lot.

After writing that article about stress I started realized how much research there is to back up the stress component of illness.

Not only does the ongoing stress tell the genes to turn on their disease program, you also can get addicted to stress. Too much of it and your body craves it.

Scary, huh?

Do you have a de-stressing routine?

Is there something you do regularly to let it go and bring in a new feeling?

This is critical to having great health. Absolutely critical.
It is not enough to know this, you must have a strategy.

You read that entire article that I wrote, ok?

I think that the reason us hypnotherapists see so many crazy miracles in our office is largely due to the stress reduction and resolving the core cause of stress.

Make sense?

When the stress is resolved you might still have the crappy stuff in your life, but you will react to it differently.

Because the same stressful things that occur around you are not triggering a deeper state that was created from a past event.


Now you can choose to let this thing that used to drive you batshit crazy just roll off you, or look at it logically, or be effective in finding a solution.

And that feels way better than getting triggered to feel hopeless, helpless, angry and insane.

Love you immensely.
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Have a glorious day and week! 

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Today I want to share with you a powerful and touching story from a customer who used my forgiveness program- (read it below the video)

Can you really forgive someone for the bad things they have done to you?

Do you feel justified in the anger you feel from being wronged?

Are you enjoying being right rather than happy?

Has life dealt you some bad cards?

I have a video today that will help to open your mind and heart.

It is a big leap to go from being angry and resentful to forgiving someone who has hurt you.
In this video we will look at what it takes to forgive, why you must forgive, what to expect after doing forgiveness work and most important HOW to do it.

And guess who is the most important person you will ever forgive.
That’s right, point to yourself right now.

How beautiful is forgiveness?

You have a choice. To think that you can choose to live with your stuff
packed deeply inside of you, let it eat at you bit by bit, or you can
experience a spiritual, emotional and physical release through the process
of true forgiveness.
What a choice.

Will your life change?

Will your physical pains and ailments clear up?
Quite possibly. Arthritis and many digestive problems and back pain are all
about deeply stored anger and rage.

Will this session elevate you to feel more happiness?
Super duh. Yup. Crawl out of that dark hole. There’s light over here.

peace within bannerBuy CDs Peace Within here Download Peace Within here

peace within bannerBuy Buy Chill Out Now CDs Download Chill Out Now

happiness 101Buy Happiness 101 Nowforgive me bookDownload the Book, scripts for therapists

Wow, a life changing forgiveness experience


peace within banner

And now, a powerful story from a customer of mine, the story of how it feels to finally forgive.

(You can read and comment to the author on this blog: )

In Reference to my brother, my big brother who died 13 years ago. Mitchell Lee Ayers 03/15/1971 – 09/26/1997

I was recently telling my folks that I still dream about Mitch, he sometimes would appear in my dreams as if he was alive…sometimes aged even by my mind to an appropriate appearance, and would sometimes confuse me as to his life and death, in the dream state anyway.
So – I have recently begun a series of self hypnosis audios, to heal. to let go of the past, to program my mind for success and so on .
The thing about hypnosis is it is all internal, there are no outward signs of progress or lack of – my eyes don’t turn a different color, or I don’t wake up 10 pounds heavier – but something is definitely changing under the surface.

Last night Mitch showed up in my dream, and for the first time ever, I confronted him ( my mind’s memory of him) with “why are you here? You’re dead and I know it, stop confusing me” or something like that. The dream image of my brother first became defensive, trying to justify his existence – “no I’m still alive, i was just away at school”, or something like that.

Then I became angry ” No, you’re fucking dead. We buried you. I remember saying goodbye.” THEN the dream got weird and the dream Mitch vamped out with big black hollow eyes and a nightmarish grin – which would have been something he would have done in real life to scare the shit out of me when I was a boy.

So here’s what happened this morning. I have a track called “open heart forgiveness” and I realize I have a lot of issues with the past and with my brother ( still) first of all for being an abusive asshole to me my entire life, then for freaking dying on us.

So I do this 20 minute guided hypnosis on forgiveness, and wow. I really accessed a very tender part of myself. In the sequence you imagine ( under trance – which is very much like the dream state) a special room, for me it ended up being a totally white room, with two chairs. Like a light box. just me, in one chair, and on the other side of the room, an empty chair. And who should decide to join me in this healing session? Who decided in the line of many people I need to forgive, but big brother.

Once the dialogue started, I started crying. I mean, big time sobs. I’m not sure if I have EVER cried this hard or this deep. I imagine a lot of it was grief, still buried in my heart, but also, a lot of anger, and frustration, and hurt. I mean, we’re talking about my big brother here.

So one of the really beautiful things that came from this, healing, was when I allowed him to tell me something I didn’t know, and he thanked me for standing by him. He thanked me for being his little brother, and through all of his health problems, his journey, I was there for him as an inspiration. He always wanted to be like me. That means so much to me. I was so angry that I had an older brother with problems ( seizures) and resented that I could not have a normal sibling. So that was powerful.

There were other words exchanged, but I still am amazed at the depth and intensity of my sobs.

Actually its funny, when the audio first started I tried to crowd my mom and dad AND my brother in the same room. (Group therapy ) But realized quickly that I had complex issues with each of them to forgive ( and ask forgiveness) so I had to send mom and dad outside the ‘room’ and wait for their own sessions.

So who do you need to forgive in your life? Forgiveness is not something you do for others, but something you do for yourself, for your own soul.

Finally, in the sequence, you are guided to an imagery of exchanging gifts – a visual representation of the intangible gift of forgiveness, and so my brother gave me an image of the infinity symbol, in a circle.

I will probably need to do this again with him, as there was just so much history, so much pain, abuse, and of course, the unbelievably complex issue of his death – anger, guilt, grief, All in the past, all anchors around my neck that I’m finally letting go of.

Hypnosis is incredibly powerful thing. – In a matter of 5 minutes, I had accessed probably one of the most painful issues in my heart and mind, and like I said, just pouring tears – something I could not access consciously. Thanks Wendi :)

Oh, and so I drew an image of the gift, and I went to his grave this morning, somewhere i seldom go to, and I put it on his headstone, and i prayed, and I tried to connect my unconscious experience with my waking state. And I think it worked.

I forgive you big brother. We love you and miss you, you are released from any animosity or hard feelings from me. I know you loved me and cared for me in your own way.

Lastly, I asked him to stop coming into my dreams and confusing me, and that he appear more like obi one kenobe, ( with a soft glow ) so that he’s welcome to visit, but as his true form, a memory, as a spiritual guide, but not as a confusing past memory of someone who is deceased. That’s healing.

Thank you for sharing that with us!

Run from your stress. That’s my advice…

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It is not your fault.

The stress might have turned you into an addict.

What is stressing you out?
Can you even imagine it not being there?

OK, stress hurts, maims, causes illness, pain and might even kill you.

Listen now, let me explain.

Having trouble listening to the audio?
Click here to listen or download it.


We all know it.

Addicted To Stress?

Yes, you can be addicted to stress, or almost anything else. Even if it is not a substance you can get addicted. Obviously things like gambling, work, adrenaline sports, anger and much more can all create chemical states in the body that flood the cells.

And when that happens, the receptor sites on the cells change to adapt to the environment.
When the receptor cells change (these are known NOW as the brain of the cell) it requires MORE of whatever it was getting that made the receptor sites change.
Make sense?

Now, stress, for instance, comes in many varieties. There is good stress and bad stress. Your receptors don’t care much, they just comply, and adapt.

Good stress- work projects, auditions, new business ventures, deadlines, learning something new, moving to a new place, going on a new date, and so on.
Bad stress- Pain, anger, divorce, losing jobs, losing friends, guilt, shame and so on and so on. And on and on. Ugh.

But what happens if you get kinda happy, relax, chill it out for a while? The stress chemicals are not being produced. That sure seems like a great thing.
However, your receptors say “hey, we need a fix” and you do something to increase your stress levels again.

A few years ago, I realized I was addicted to stress. Mostly the good kind.

How did I change it? Find out now (thank goodness I did)

Listen as I explain here-

Having trouble listening to the audio?
Click here to listen or download it.

Now, you have a choice. You can keep doing the same thing or use the instructions in that audio session to mix it up a bit.

If you decide you want to Wake Up Happy and feel unexplainably happy AND you want to start feeding your receptor sites happy happy joy joy, I can help.

Got Stress? High Blood Pressure? Anxiety?

The Ultimate Stress release CD program is right here at your fingertips.

Sweet Surrender- which will transform your brain in just seconds, is waiting for you.

And for TODAY get either one or both for

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Wow, stress busting on sale. Who knew.

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Now, let’s get serious.
How do you feel when you first wake up every day?

  • Fantastic Journey +++++ 5 stars
    From Larry Archer of Muskegon, Michigan

    I highly recommend this CD to everyone. Music,voice and price all great. Almost an hour long and superbly done. Your stress will melt away with this one.

  • It WORKS! +++++ 5 stars
    From Michael N of Anaheim Hills, California

    I was skeptical, but after only the third day of listening to your CD the benefits were obvious. Five stars is not enough!
    Well done Wendi.

  • Truly Amazing +++++ 5 stars
    From Jim Marinos of South San Francisco.

    I was a little skeptical at first, but this CD is truly a life saver. I can now sleep with no problem. Thanks Wendi.

40% off
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Need to Wake up with a SMILE on your face?

If you seriously want to change everything about how you feel all day, starting from the minute you wake up, you are going to love this.

Wake Up Happy.
Organic. (not sure why, I was just feeling it)


Wake Up Happy – free video here

Got a funny song for you here about stress.

Big thunder this afternoon.
I kind of like it. It shakes me up
and makes me feel humble. And it
is by far better than the earthquakes
in Southern California.
Wendi Friesen Ho’oponopono is still a favorite of mine.
Give it to someone you love. It will melt the stress.
Get the CD for a friend you love, here.
Remember, I love you,
SignedWendi Friesen