Bush in China, he didn’t ask me.

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When Bush came to my home town, Eldorado Hills, Ca. to raise money for Doolittle about 2 years ago it was a spectacle. They had to pour concrete at the grade school for weeks to make a helicopter pad. The kids were not allowed out for 2 weeks. Not kidding. Anywhooo… there were helicopters that flew in over 50 vehicles, snipers in trees, and people, people, people. This was done to raise a mere $250,000 for Doolittle at lunch. Get it? It costs millions for him to come to Eldorado hills, Ca. Weeks of prep, schools that were affected by taking their playground. And the motorcade passed right in front of the school and the students were not allowed out to even catch a glimpse. They had to stay inside.

Now Bush is enjoying his visit to Olympics in China.

I have worked very hard for my money, paid my taxes (a lot by the way), and for his enjoyment my taxes are being spent to do this? I don’t remember him asking if he could spend my money on this. After all, we are trying to conserve fuel if I remember right. I wonder how much it costs in fuel alone to fly the cars, trucks, people and weaponry to china. We could have fed a lot of hungry people I suppose. And what is up with his publicized statement of condolences to the world about how sorry he is to the ONE family who lost a loved one in that shooting? Hello? What about the families of all the soldiers that have died, or return injured, or wake up with nightmares, or who have lost their peace of mind forever. I guess I am just not in the mood for your 600 bodyguards and the massive cost for you to sit there with that sappy grin on your face while you watch the Olympics. Shame on you.
bush body guards in china

bush body guards in china