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If you are tormented by your past, you will want to read this.
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Why can’t you just forget about it?
(and be sure to check out the amazing deal at the bottom  of this)
Can you really put the past
behind you? 

On the show this week we talked about how to put the negative memories, events and other various emotionally devastating traumas in the past.

The show was on addiction, but the method of putting the past behind us is something everyone needs. Let’s face it, we are all struggling with things we did in the past. Or maybe we are fighting the memories of things that were done to us.

Maybe your obsessive thought is just an image of something you saw that you simply cannot get out of your head.

People always ask me if I can make them just forget it, erase it, or eliminate it.

It might be possible, but probably won’t be permanent and will still have the emotional content of that memory. And that emotional content is what causes all the trouble.

The emotional content of the memory floods the body with a release of chemicals, even years later. The chemicals continue to be released, but even worse, this affects how your cells reproduce.

What do do? How to change it?

Trying to use hypnosis to block the memory does not stop the chemical release of the emotional memory, so a better way to handle it, would be to change the content of the memory.

When you activate the feelings associated with the memory, and then look at it in a different way, you can change the emotional content.
For instance, if you had an embarrassing event years ago, you can look into that memory and ask your very wise inner self to find the positive lesson or the thing that you have decided as a result of this experience.

When you bring the positive lesson into the memory and put in the new emotions that go along with that new powerful belief, the memory no longer sends the chemicals of fear or sadness or guilt or anger into your body.

Make sense so far?

Anything that triggers the old memory is now met with a new response. The old memory didn’t go away, but the reaction has changed. If this process is done well there should be an entirely new feeling ( something like a "yippee I feel so dang good now" sort of reaction)  that results from the old memory being triggered.

And this is why even hard core addicts and alcoholics have totally eliminated their cravings.

You still with me?

Now- think about this.
You have 100s or 1000s or bazillions of these old memories running amok in your brain. They are not all causing havoc, but there are a few key ones that are totally helping you feel depressed, afraid, filled with anxiety, turning to drugs and alcohol and diving deep into hopelessness and despair.

Here’s the solution.
This is why people have miraculous healing.

The very real result of these crappy memories is how this affects our health. (not to mention your worthiness)
When you are depressed your immunity is compromised.
When you are angry your emotions cause damaging stress.
When you are stressed your body cannot fight off viruses, bacteria, cancer and disease.

Let’s change it.
It is really not as hard as it sounds.
When you watch the shows from this week, you will understand more. (links to shows below)
But if you want the fast track to obliterate the bad joo joo, I’ve got your back.

The holy trinity of healing the past.

Resolving the Past
Releasing the triggers

How much will it cost to fix it all up?
Not much. These three hypnotherapy sessions are some of the most powerful work I have done for my clients over the years.
These are the result of 1000s of sessions with clients who have serious difficulty with depression and health issues.
I believe that NOTHING is more POWERFUL than the experience you will have when you resolve the past.

Let’s do this!
All 3 sessions- were $87.
But for you, I combined them into one sadness, anger and depression smashing package, and if you download it you can have it for only $29.

Yes, the entire package is only $29.
Find out how to get this, now

If you want to stop your addictive cravings, bad habits, and fears of never getting clean and sober, you have to watch this.

wendi bright  
If you decide to do my program for RELEASING THE PAST, consider using a journey to write down the feelings, thoughts and new beliefs that emerge as a result. Writing in a journal has amazing power and doing it right after each session can totally help your brain transform the pain of your past.

Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

Need serious help?

Take 50% off today, if you need to stop the depression, anger and hopelessness.

My Life- A program to end depression

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Happiness 101- A program to let go and start feeling happy again.

Quit Smoking- Stop the cravings, get serious!

Use the coupon SERIOUS to to take 50% off these and get your life started.

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Wendi Friesen, CHT

On Wednesday I was in the audience at the Conan O’Brien show.
I really like Conan and will be sad to see him go. He’s a funny guy.  His life long dream of being the host of the tonight show got yanked out from under him.
At least he still has his fame and money. Phew. What a relief, huh?
(I was so worried for him)

Haiti Help
On a serious note, the earthquake in Haiti is just so devastating and unimaginable from our comfortable, warm, safe homes.

Let’s help out.

100% of the sale of either of these programs, will be donated to the RED CROSS.

Stress Release

Use Coupon Code REDCROSS to get either or both of these and by the end of the day on Saturday the entire proceeds will be paid directly to the RED CROSS.

Thank you for helping out and receiving a gift from me as a thank you!

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Did my show shake you up?

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The Wendi.TV show is so bloated and full, it should be put on a diet!
Bonus GiftWendi
Wow, what a great 3 days of getting things squared away for resolutions. One of my readers got mad at me  that I said your resolutions are doomed. But it is true. And you need to know why I said that. I seriously believe that the last three days of my show might be the most powerful and mind altering education you can get if you want to stop a bad habit, addiction, behavior or change your personality.  And you can watch them all now. No charge, of course.

Part 1 – Why your resolutions WILL fail
Part 2 – Rewiring your brain and people really do change (even you)
Part 3 – Moving Mountains- how to make your change, your action and commitment almost automatic
Did you hear the show today? It will shake you up.
I love you guys!

One of you asked me ~~~~~
Wendi, how can I believe that change is possible when I am feeling hopeless?
And what about the old emotions and past failures that stop me from trying again?

Whether it is weight, exercise, habits, addictions or any behavior change, this session will blow you away. And I don’t say that lightly.

Read the description. This might be the single biggest thing you do if you want to change a habit or addiction. (and take an additional 30% off the sale price with the coupon below)

Emotional Dump  Emotional Dump. See it here.

An another brilliant man asked me~~~~~
Wendi, how about making it seem like I have always LOVED to workout, that it has been a lifestyle and make me feel that I do it everyday. Like brushing my teeth, getting dressed. Make me feel like I just work out every day because it is what I have always done.

Yes, I loved this idea. And I made a kick ass session that will equate working out with the things you have always done, the things that are automatic and simple. Then I asked your brain to accept that you have always done this and always will keep on doing it.

workout for life  Workout Lifestyle- Re-Imprinting memories.
See it here

Additional 30% off the SALE price on both of the sessions above!
Use coupon code

Remember to come to the show and get all the help you need, including actually hypnosis sessions during the show.

Live Every Week!
Put it on your Calendar, set an alarm.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
Noon Pacific time
3 pm Eastern
Find your local time here


Monday- Tune in here-

OR at Ustream

Are you again struggling to try to figure out why your resolutions will fail?

Why do you feel hopeless about making a big or small change?

Is your excitement for the new year not all it should be?

Catch the archives now, and join me next week.

Alcohol FreedomZen of Thin
wendi bright  

Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

PS- I have a list of programs that are all about ending your bad habits and addictions and I gave out a 50% off link during the live show.

I think there are a few of you who might also be ready to stop the bad habits, bt you could not make the show.
You need to stop procrastinating, drinking, p0rn, fingernail biting, smoking and more, more, more.

To get the list and the COUPON code, please do this:


Subject line- must say:

My Fantastic Resolution

You will receive a return email with the links and the discount. I will make it good for ONE day, so grab it now.

And be sure to TWITTER the show link, just send friends to
http://www.Wendi.TV and they will get to enjoy the show for free as well.

Wendi Friesen, CHT
Thank goodness the holidays are over. As special as it can be, I always feel a sigh of relief when I can put away all that tacky xmas stuff. :)  

I think that for most people, the thought of new years resolutions are met with a feeling similar to hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. Seriously- another diet? Another attempt at working out every day?

Step away from
the hammer.

Two of my members gave me brilliant ideas for sessions. Just brilliant.
If you want to make a suggestion for a topic just email it to me by replying to this email. If I like it, I will make it! You guys are really inspiring and the thing I love the MOST about what I do is being in close contact with you.

Be sure to read the PS at the bottom. I have a cool secret offer for you.
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WendiTV live

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3 days to shake it up, make that change, end those nasty habits.
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Alcohol Freedom    Zen of Thin    Body Mastery
Tune it at NOON pacific, 3 pm Eastern Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Send your questions NOW- reply to this email,
Or send to:

Let’s Get it Started!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
Noon Pacific time
3 pm Eastern
Find your local time here


Tune in here-

OR at Ustream

Are you again struggling to try to figure out why your resolutions will fail?

Why do you feel hopeless about making a big or small change?

Is your excitement for the new year not all it should be?

This show is completely free and you can chat with me during the show!

Love to you!


wendi bright  
20 People on today’s show will get the Ho’oponopono for free, as my gift.

Pay attention to the trivia questions and you might just be a winner!

You can see it here-
Get the CD for a friend you love, here.

Or download it.
If you need some love and a deep renewal,
download it here.

Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

PS- Remember to send me your New Years Resolution questions right now, just email them to me by replying to this email.
Or send to

I might just answer your questions on the show.

And be sure to TWITTER the show link, just send friends to
http://www.Wendi.TV and they will get to enjoy the show for free as well.

wendi ocean
Wendi Friesen, CHT
Thank goodness the holidays are over. As special as it can be, I always feel a sigh of relief when I can put away all that tacky xmas stuff. :)   And now, let’s get serious about doing what we love!

Join me LIVE on and let me show you how easy it can be to stop that old crappy mental attitude that is so 2009.

I have something in store for you today that will make you smile and get you focused.

Tell your friends, it is free!

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My gift to you

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Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, KickAss Kwanza,
and Festivus for the Rest of us.

Bonus GiftWendi
What would you do if you had the ability to do anything you choose?       
Down and Out, Filled with Fear and Nowhere to Go?
Merry Everything!

A heartfelt free gift for you at the bottom of this letter.

Some of you are celebrating with your families.
Some are sitting alone and trying to make the best of it.
Some of you are on the verge of losing your home, or have lost your job.

No matter where you are in the world, the holidays make things even more intense.
I get a lot of email from people who need help, who are lost, hopeless and at the end of their rope.

If you are in a warm and wonderful place today, count your blessings, hug your family and friends and let go of grievances.

A woman named Cheyenne wrote to me and said that she is 2 days from losing her home and has no place to go.
I know it is hard and I know how it feels.

All the letters I get from those who are struggling, well, they always go straight to my heart.
I’ve been there. I used to hate Christmas. It was just painful for me and I tried to find ways to make it seem ok for my kids.

Watch the video, and I will explain.
Video Here

NEXT, go here to download the Fear Release session that I recorded as my gift to you.

If you want to share it, please do! You might have a friend that would find some light in the darkness.

Thank you for a wonderful year and your faith and trust that you put in me.

wendi bright

Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

wendi ocean
Wendi Friesen, CHT
I am truly honored to by in your life.

Please share this special Fear Release session with a friend. You never know if it might be just what they need right now.

Watch the video here.

Download the session here.


I’m Sorry- It’s a jungle out there.

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The truth about why your orders have been so screwed up lately. And a news
Business decisions are hard sometimes. (you can quote me on that!)
Some of you know what I am talking about when I say I’m sorry.

The last few months, our fulfillment company in Simi Valley, Ca has been making unbelievable mistakes in orders. Suddenly, they just started screwing up the orders, leaving things out, sending orders twice, switching labels on people’s boxes… ugh.

This has been really hard on our company.
Some of you were victims of this, and you know I just hate incompetence. No excuses. And you might have decided not to order again because of a stupid mistake in your order. I know how excited you all are to get your purple wendi box in handed to you by the UPS guy. And I want to make sure you will never be dissappointed again.

Bryan and Melissa have both been on my team for over 5 years. They have managed some intense growth, helped make the decision to use a fulfillment company in Sacramento, that did not do the job up to our standards, then they moved everything to yet another one in Simi Valley.

bmtruckLast Monday, Bryan and Melissa flew down to Simi Valley, rented a 26 foot Uhaul, yanked our stock out of the warehouse, drove it up to Folsom, Ca where they will be managing the warehouse to fill your orders.

bmtruck2smNo small task for those two! And they always (and I mean for over 5 years always) have an amazing attitude and even faced with this task, they were gung ho, let’s go, git ‘er done, lemme at it, we will fix it, kind of people.

bmtruck3smHere’s the thing- Bryan and Melissa met each other at my office. It was strangely like Pam and Jim on the tv show "The Office". They were secretly in love for a while and when I found out they were a couple I was insanely happy for them. They are an amazing team in business and in their relationship.


The task they are undertaking this very day is to set up over 300 programs on shelves, packaging, UPS, Mail, etc. They can do it, no problem. I heard they were up until Midnight so that they can have the least downtime possible for your orders.

On top of that, the 1000s of CDs and DVDs that the fulfillment company packed were not in any order, thrown in randomly, and not even stacked nicely.
I am not there with them, they are doing this on their own.

bmtruck4smI want to reward them in a big way, and you can help!
With every order, before Sunday at midnight, we are going to give Bryan and Melissa a nice surprise.

1- Order anything- 40% off for 2 days only!
2- If order is over $50- Choose a FREE GIFT
(value of $49)
3- Add Hypnotize Your Lover for only $10  
(value of $49)
4-Use coupon code MBLOVE

Bryan and Melissa will get a big fat check for ALL the sales of the Hypnotize Your Lover bonus that you add to your order!
So, if 500 of you order that bonus with your already amazing 40% off, they get a huge surprise! $5000.
And frankly, they deserve it.

Working at through thick and thin, through amazing growth and challenges, they have always been outstanding.

They want to show you how they will run the customer service and fulfillment like nothing you have ever seen!

Hypnotize Your Lover, instant download
Book and CD- $49 value.
ONLY $10~

Bryan and Melissa will fill your orders perfectly, with love, gratitude and their always spectacular attitude.

They will win your trust! If you have ever talked to them on the phone, you know how much we all love them.

GET a $50 free gift on top of the 40% off.
Insane? Yes.

1- Order as many things as you want at 40% off.
Take me there

2-USE coupon MBLOVE for discount on entire order

3- Order total over $50? Get your gift.
In your order comments ask for your free gift of 1 of these: ($29-49 value)


4- Add Hypnotize Your Lover Download to your orderfor $10. (price will correct to $10 after coupon)
Yes I want this


In good times, doing business can be fun, exhilarating, rewarding and inspired.
In good times, growing and managing a business can also be frustrating, challenging, discouraging and difficult.

Every business owner wants to do things really well and hold up a great standard for their staff and customers. When I had the fulfillment (filling and sending orders) in house and my staff filled all the orders in our 3000 square foot office, things went pretty well. I was constantly told to use a fulfillment company so I could free up the resources of my staff, grow more smoothly and not have to manage the fulfillment in-house.

I did. The first company in Sacramento did not go well, we spent months waiting for them to get their act together, then made the expensive decision to find a new company. After much research we chose a new company in Simi Valley. Having all your merchandise, boxes, and well everything moved is an unbelievable undertaking. I was excited… I thought we had it, by george!

But after giving it way too long, we have only found that this company does not care, won’t make any effort to improve, and just lost it’s business ethic somewhere along the way. And I lost my zen somewhere along the way!

No matter how much brilliant marketing I have done, how much customer loyalty I have created, or how many hearts and lives I have touched or healed… when your package arrives and you excitedly open the purple box only to find someone else’s invoice and contents, or only half of your order, or a CD case that has missing parts when you open it… all the good we have done is crushed at that moment.

Ya know, I am not in the business of crushing! In the last few months I have been so discourages. I knew what an undertaking it would be to fix this. And choosing another company to handle this could result in the same problems. Devastating position to be in after all these years.

Bryan and Melissa to the rescue!
They rented a warehouse less than a mile from their house.
They flew into Orange county, spent two days with me, we took a sunset ocean cruise, talked about what we really want to create and how they see the fulfillment going.

They rented the biggest uhaul there is, 26 foot, drove it to Simi Valley and packed it all up. They are tireless. I don’t know how they do it. They drove up the 5 all the way back to Folsom (near Sacramento) and unloaded until midnight, determined to set it all up ready to fill orders with the least amount of downtime.

Phew. Thank you to then, huh?

Time for me to show my appreciation to YOU, my devoted friends, customers, and colleagues.
Time, way overdue, to show your love for 2 dedicated people- Bryan who started with me as a pup over 6 years ago and Melissa who was brought by angels to me over 5 years ago.

And they really are a spectacular team in business and in their relationship.
Let’s show them the love!

Thanks for reading this far.

I love you,


What I love- Insanely great people like Ken! 
smileyfacesKen got the alcohol freedom program about 4 years ago. I just got an email from him!

"Thanks Wendi, without you I am scared to think where I would be today.
If you were sick and went to the doctor and they prescribed a pill- Now you go back and say Doc this pill ain’t working my condition got worse. Now the doc says sorry thats the only pill that works- you think oh crap I am screwed.God Bless anyone who gets sober and thru AA, I couldn’t for years.

But wait a happy ending, after getting into Wendi’s Alcohol Freedom I haven’t had a drop in over 4 years,and am living life to it’s fullest. Not scared about meetings or rules or steps. She changed the way I think about my self, made all the differance in the world.
I think the only person who loves Wendi more than me is my wife. Thanks for all you do to fight addictions.

Always gratefull ken claffey, North Carolina"

Tears of joy for you Ken and  Wife!  ~ Wendi
Sleep Deprived? (OMG, you can get it as a gift today)

If you are sleep deprived, you might want to take a Power Nap during the day. I was just watching on the Today Show and they said you should take a power nap.
So there.

This will get you caught up on your sleep when you need to recharge, but even better you will be doing something productive. Like creating, problem solving, coming up with a brilliant idea.

Have you seen my AudioBoo hypnosis sessions?
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I think you will LOVE this, just because you have been feeling that feeling that is making you a little crazy sometimes. Am I right?
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