Run from your stress. That’s my advice…

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It is not your fault.

The stress might have turned you into an addict.

What is stressing you out?
Can you even imagine it not being there?

OK, stress hurts, maims, causes illness, pain and might even kill you.

Listen now, let me explain.

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We all know it.

Addicted To Stress?

Yes, you can be addicted to stress, or almost anything else. Even if it is not a substance you can get addicted. Obviously things like gambling, work, adrenaline sports, anger and much more can all create chemical states in the body that flood the cells.

And when that happens, the receptor sites on the cells change to adapt to the environment.
When the receptor cells change (these are known NOW as the brain of the cell) it requires MORE of whatever it was getting that made the receptor sites change.
Make sense?

Now, stress, for instance, comes in many varieties. There is good stress and bad stress. Your receptors don’t care much, they just comply, and adapt.

Good stress- work projects, auditions, new business ventures, deadlines, learning something new, moving to a new place, going on a new date, and so on.
Bad stress- Pain, anger, divorce, losing jobs, losing friends, guilt, shame and so on and so on. And on and on. Ugh.

But what happens if you get kinda happy, relax, chill it out for a while? The stress chemicals are not being produced. That sure seems like a great thing.
However, your receptors say “hey, we need a fix” and you do something to increase your stress levels again.

A few years ago, I realized I was addicted to stress. Mostly the good kind.

How did I change it? Find out now (thank goodness I did)

Listen as I explain here-

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Now, you have a choice. You can keep doing the same thing or use the instructions in that audio session to mix it up a bit.

If you decide you want to Wake Up Happy and feel unexplainably happy AND you want to start feeding your receptor sites happy happy joy joy, I can help.

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Got a funny song for you here about stress.

Big thunder this afternoon.
I kind of like it. It shakes me up
and makes me feel humble. And it
is by far better than the earthquakes
in Southern California.
Wendi Friesen Ho’oponopono is still a favorite of mine.
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