The Swish Pro- a Brain Changer

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It’s like having a fluffer for your brain. (forgive me for that) logoWendi


Remember that Swish Teaser session I made for you?


(If you missed it, you can listen here)


After so many of you had lovely breakthroughs, and shared with me how the Swish mini session totally re-jiggered your brain and soul, I decided it is time.

You asked for a full length version. A Wish for a Swish that would take you ALL the way.
Well, again your begging is rewarded.

50% off today!


It’s a Super Swish.
The Ultra Extreme.
The Longer Lasting, deeper penetrating, intensely Wendi-fied Swish-o-Matic.

Seriously, this process in it’s basic form, (originally created by Bandler I think) is powerful. It changes the hardwiring in your brain. In other words, the neural networks that form and create perpetual mental patterns, habits, addictions, fears, phobias, OCD, ADD and such… just get so permanently embedded that it feels it is impossible to fight it.


The Fight is Over.

The Swish Pro (it’s real name) is a full length version, but it is seriously enhanced with my creative infusion. The ending will blow your mind. In a good way.

Let me tell you why it works.
Swish Pro- Read about it here.

Your Brain is Plastic

The neural networks grow and form based on your experiences and your environment. These create automatic responses to your environment.

  • It is hard to change these networks
  • Willpower is useless in trying to overcome it
  • The more you are subjected to a stress, habit or behavior, the more firmly rooted they become

Read this fascinating Article about how your brain can change. Scientific American using the brain’s ability to change to create kindness and empathy. Read it here


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Yes I want this!

The Swish Pro is a life changer. Use it on anything.
I want you to try it and find out what it can do. I want you to tell your friends about it. I want you to write to me and tell me what happened for you.

This is a brain changer.
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Swish Pro

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I love you,



Watch Wendi’s
The Love Infusion

product examplePeople are digging this new program. It infuses you with love and kindness. It is me telling you all the things you need to hear!


Our Price:
$ 29
(Use the coupon today, if you are buying the Swish you will get this at half off as well!)



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Sexyliscous Download
Hot stuff! The Pocket Therapist for getting your smokin hotness on in 3 minutes.

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I found a beautiful spot to mountain bike near Boulder. It is called Switzerland trail. My son Riley and I were biking it the day before the big Boulder fire started. Unfortunately, it has burned, along with 7000 acres and 170 houses.

There is a lot of sadness in our community. Most people had only minutes to flee. One of the evacuees put her valuable, important things in her car and took off. Someone broke into her car and stole it all.

This community has come together like nothing I have ever seen. The support here shows the strength of a community. I do love it here.

I went to the firefighters camp to deliver drinks and food that they can take with them on their shifts. So many people started bringing supplies after a few of us tweeted it, that they had to stop allowing cars to pull up to drop off goodies!

Dozens of restaurants in town offer free dining for all evacuees. The outpouring is amazing.

Boulder rocks. Sad to see the forests and houses lost, but we still have awesome people and a lot of love.

This granola hippy town is pretty cool.


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Dream Police are here, they’re looking for you

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Can you learn while you sleep?

How do you hypnotize your lover while they sleep? (and is it possible?)

Are you a frantic, ninja style sleeper? I have a cool free offer to
participate in my experiment.

Do subliminal CDs have any effect on your brain?

Hello my hypnotic friends,

I got an email from Happy Murray in Ireland, it blew me away.
And some guy said he hypnotized his wife while she was asleep and made her
have some really, shall we say, pleasant feelings in her body.
And the guy who grinded his teeth so bad that he chewed up his mouth guard
every night… he is the one who prompted me to help the frantic sleepers of
the world


Having trouble listening to the audio?
Click here to listen or download it.

Leave a comment below about these podcasts and let me know if you are liking

Catch you tomorrow. Want your questions answered? Just put them in the
comments field below and you might be featured on my next podcast.
Wendi Friesen

I love you,



Somnulucent - The Cure For Insomnia

Somnulucent – the end to insomnia and the start of
something really amazing every night.

Watch the free video that will teach you hypnotic
techniques to END your insomnia.

Hypnotize Your Lover

Hypnotize Your Lover -

book and CD.


Buy the Book and CD set


Download it now Ebook and MP3

Start working on your mad hypno skills with your lover.
Just as juicy as it gets. The CD is an interactive thing- I hypnotize your
lover, you give the suggestions.
And the book… oh the book.

Bruxism &anp; Wake Up Sleepyhead Combo

Bruxism – Stop grinding your teeth at night. Your jaw, neck, teeth and dentist will thank you.

Sweet Dreams 8 sessions CD

Sweet Dreams – 8 sessions to fall asleep to that will make you LOSE WEIGHT, love to exercise and get over your food addiction.

Cool, yes? Here is why people love this:

+++++ 5 Stars! IT WORKS!
Reviewer: PJS from Dallas, TX

Something is happening on a very subtle level. I AM eating less and today, I ate a salad at one of my usual places. Normally, I ALWAYS buy cookies to take home, but today, I did not! I saw them when I ordered my salad and even talked about buying some with my friend, but I got up and left and didn’t! Just now, which is about one and a half hours after lunch, I had the thought, “What do I have that”s sweet?” Then, another voice kicked in: do you really want/need something else? You had a very nice, healthy lunch…. WOW!!! In all my years of dieting (about 30!) I don”t recall ever having that dialogue with myself. Last night (day 3 of listening) I ate a lot less than usual. I”m not stopping for more breakfast stuff on the way into the office, either.

Come on, Wake Up already!

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Are you really using your brain?

Having trouble listening to the audio?
Click here to listen or download it.

A lot of people are sleepwalking through life, letting the same thing happen to them every day, complaining and hoping and wishing something will change.
It is time to WAKE UP.

If you don’t like what you have, change it!

As you know I have overcome some horrible poverty as a single mom, healed a 20 years of debilitating back pain, created worthiness that resulted in financial abundance, overcame fear of public speaking, and stopped being a victim.

Life still deals you and I some crappy blows. (we are in this together)

Let’s be realistic. But not be victims.

Miracles are hard to come by.

And as miraculous as it should be, miracles take a bit of work!
A miracle should be a miracle, dang it. Not a jobacle. Or a workacle.

Healing my horrendous back pain that all the doctors said could never be healed is a miracle. It took some work.

Getting over my poverty state and my unworthiness and self sabotage, as miraculous as it was (and I never really believed I could do it) took a bit of work.

I am prepared to make it a little easier for you.

Miracle = ON

Today- your lesson is plain and simple. I am going to show you the difference between your conscious mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind.

Next I will give you the real dirt on hypnosis vs. meditation. (there is not really any dirt, just felt like saying that)

And I will tell you how I cured my back pain for good.

You in?
You = In?
Me = Happy + You = Ecstatic.

Why is it always so hard to change?

Well, for one thing, because you believe it is hard to change.
If you just nudge your belief a bit, you open a possibility for change. People get stuck in a negative rut, and the rut becomes a hard-wired response in your brain that creates a reaction that always has the same result- it is hard to change.

And so it is.

You have so massively hardwired your brain to only have one response to stress or habits or addiction or anger or fear… that there is no other possibility.

And now the work begins.

You must undo the neural network that held those reactions and responses.
You must create a new neural network that holds the possible outcomes of what you really do want.

And you go, yea, yea, yea, blah, blah, blah Wendi… I know.

So today, when you LISTEN to me closely you will get to know your brain a bit better.
And as a result I am betting that you will take some action to make some changes.

Let’s do this!

Listen to this podcast, just let it play and notice how you nod your head a lot.

And feel your body getting all warm and blissy as you hear my words.

And then just notice that you have a choice to start it up, right here and right now. “It” being whatever little thing you are tired of having and whatever little thing you are ready to create.

Need help with that Miracle? Half off on Miracles today.

Consider this-

Back Pain Gone-

A miraculous healing program that might just end your pain, forever.

Back Pain, Gone

Clear Head -

This has cured migraines, tension headaches and stress headeaches. Yes, CURED. (I am not supposed to use that word) (oh, well)

Clear Head - Headache Relief with Hypnosis

Chill Out -

End Your Anger. Be patient, kind and sort of like teflon. Things that used to bother you just slide off.

Chill Out End your Anger and Find your bliss.

My Life -

Snap out of your depression. Release the core issues that make you depressed. Seriously, get this. It is a miracle.

My Life-A 14 day Solution to Depression

1/2 off today!

Tell a friend.
Wendi Friesen

All the above programs are half price for today.
Use coupon code MIRACLE and it will take half off.
Get one for a friend, won’t you?

I Love you,



Having trouble listening to the audio?
Click here to listen or download it.

Waking Up Worried?

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Waking Up Worried? Depressed? Worried? Nervous? Can 15 minutes in the morning end your depression? What if you could Wake Up Happy every day? Find out how, right now. Learn More!