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Is your heart in your relationship? Are you lonely and bored?
Are you ready for a little more passion?

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Are you happy and in love? Are you lonely and struggling? Is your relationship driving you crazy?

Maybe you are in a great relationship but your not feeling the passion anymore.
When I first started doing hypnosis I had so many emails from people (mostly men) who wanted me to help them hypnotize their wife/girlfriend/lover to do new things.

And there were emails from a lot of women who just wanted to get the passion back in their marriage and want to enjoy making love again.

Do you have needs? Can I be of assistance? :)

So many of us have needs that are not being met.
Yesterday on the show I kicked off our Love and S3x week. (sorry, have to disguise that naughty little word for the spam filters)

This week and next I will be telling you what I think about making your relationship work, getting out of toxic relationships, bringing back the hot and juicy (if Wendy’s hamburgers can say it, so can I), and open your heart and mind.

In any relationship the first place you have to go is to the deep, dark places in your mind.

Here is a start! You can watch the show from yesterday. WARNING, Adults only.

This show I did yesterday got a little graphic. So if you choose to watch the replay or you are going to participate in today’s show, please remember to keep an open mind.

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Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

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Wendi Friesen, CHT

For the first time ever I had a B-12 shot. Maybe it is just the placebo affect kicking in here, but I feel really good. There are a lot of people who do this weekly and they swear by it.

The first day I felt ok, but the second day something must have kicked in cause I just felt such great energy and happiness. Tomorrow I will get another one.

I have heard that a lot of people are deficient, so maybe this is just what is needed. I just wanted to share this with you because it is something I never would have thought of doing. And so far it is pretty frikken good.

The injection of B-12 is very different than just taking the vitamin. Check into it. You might like it.

See you on the show, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Yesterday’s show has a nice hypno session for being more magnetic and irresistible and loving yourself more. Check it out. Link is on the left.

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