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It’s like having a fluffer for your brain. (forgive me for that) logoWendi


Remember that Swish Teaser session I made for you?


(If you missed it, you can listen here)


After so many of you had lovely breakthroughs, and shared with me how the Swish mini session totally re-jiggered your brain and soul, I decided it is time.

You asked for a full length version. A Wish for a Swish that would take you ALL the way.
Well, again your begging is rewarded.

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It’s a Super Swish.
The Ultra Extreme.
The Longer Lasting, deeper penetrating, intensely Wendi-fied Swish-o-Matic.

Seriously, this process in it’s basic form, (originally created by Bandler I think) is powerful. It changes the hardwiring in your brain. In other words, the neural networks that form and create perpetual mental patterns, habits, addictions, fears, phobias, OCD, ADD and such… just get so permanently embedded that it feels it is impossible to fight it.


The Fight is Over.

The Swish Pro (it’s real name) is a full length version, but it is seriously enhanced with my creative infusion. The ending will blow your mind. In a good way.

Let me tell you why it works.
Swish Pro- Read about it here.

Your Brain is Plastic

The neural networks grow and form based on your experiences and your environment. These create automatic responses to your environment.

  • It is hard to change these networks
  • Willpower is useless in trying to overcome it
  • The more you are subjected to a stress, habit or behavior, the more firmly rooted they become

Read this fascinating Article about how your brain can change. Scientific American using the brain’s ability to change to create kindness and empathy. Read it here


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Yes I want this!

The Swish Pro is a life changer. Use it on anything.
I want you to try it and find out what it can do. I want you to tell your friends about it. I want you to write to me and tell me what happened for you.

This is a brain changer.
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Swish Pro

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I love you,



Watch Wendi’s
The Love Infusion

product examplePeople are digging this new program. It infuses you with love and kindness. It is me telling you all the things you need to hear!


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$ 29
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I found a beautiful spot to mountain bike near Boulder. It is called Switzerland trail. My son Riley and I were biking it the day before the big Boulder fire started. Unfortunately, it has burned, along with 7000 acres and 170 houses.

There is a lot of sadness in our community. Most people had only minutes to flee. One of the evacuees put her valuable, important things in her car and took off. Someone broke into her car and stole it all.

This community has come together like nothing I have ever seen. The support here shows the strength of a community. I do love it here.

I went to the firefighters camp to deliver drinks and food that they can take with them on their shifts. So many people started bringing supplies after a few of us tweeted it, that they had to stop allowing cars to pull up to drop off goodies!

Dozens of restaurants in town offer free dining for all evacuees. The outpouring is amazing.

Boulder rocks. Sad to see the forests and houses lost, but we still have awesome people and a lot of love.

This granola hippy town is pretty cool.


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What is the Infusion? | Wendi’s Newsletter

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A powerful and loving way to infuse your mind with love, hope and pride.

Are you struggling with
destructive self talk?

Are you sometimes your own
worst enemy?

Do you feel anger, failure and disappointment in yourself?

It is time for a really big change.

Research shows that subliminal messages have no effect. Research also shows that words and sentences in text that flash on your computer screen have absolutely no effect.
If you are ready to change the negative and destructive messages in your mind, the INFUSION might be just what you have been looking for.

These are not affirmations.

Affirmations can create conflicts because you are saying something to yourself that is not true. Your inner mind rejects the statement and might even create sabotage if the statement does not resonate as true.

Now you have a brain INFUSION.

Instead of repeating affirmations, you will hear me telling you things about yourself.

You will hear questions that your inner mind can answer.

You will feel loving comments and praise on what you have done well. You will be reminded of why you should be proud of yourself.

Your mind will respond in an entirely different way to INFUSION statements.

Simply let my voice play in the background on your computer or iPod or in the car.
As the phrases float in and around your mind, you are infused with the feelings, thoughts and beliefs that make you feel loved and healthy.

Choose the type of music you are in the mood for, or choose voice only.

At night or when you need to recharge, choose the deep trance session that has soothing music with the words woven in along with trance inducing Binaural Beats.

Binaural beats direct the brain waves to change. Your brain is guided from Beta, through Alpha, Theta and Delta while you simply relax.

Beta is your waking state

Alpha is the day dreamy state

Theta is the deeper sleep state when your brain and body is in the most restful and restorative state. During this time you are repairing and regenerating cells.

Delta is a deep sleep state

If you want to stop worrying, end anxiety, stop your insomnia and feel very peaceful and balanced, use the binaural beat session when you can close your eyes and let go.

Imagine this- while you do your work or take a walk or even drive down the street you hear the voice floating along with you.

The voice gives you loving messages, asks you questions, allows you let go of the past, focuses on your worthiness and wraps you up in love.

These are not affirmations. Affirmations often don’t work.

The Infusion is a more like you have a good friend who sees the best in you and wants to tell you how wonderful you are.

The Infusion is the right words in just the right way that penetrate your mind and soul.

You might find yourself quietly saying “yes” or you might feel that you are nodding your head in agreement.

When you hear the questions, your mind will search for the feelings and experiences that answer it in an empowering way. And you don’t have to put out any effort. You simply allow your inner mind to find the answers to the questions.


Download the topic that you need the most.
You can choose the one you want to hear right now.

Each topic has 5 sessions.  They are only $29 each.

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1- The voice only, with a lively expression.

2- The voice only, in a soft whisper.

3- The whisper voice with FANTASIA soothing, melting musical background and binaural beats.

4- The voice with SPIRIT sparkly, happy musical background.

5 -The voice with CHILL an upbeat, jazzy, drum beats and pumping rhythm.

Ready to find out how this will feel?

Introductory special for the first 100 orders- ONLY $17 each

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Choose your topic-
infusion cd

Loving Words- learn more
5 sessions. Infusion of Love, self esteem, self love and healing your hurt.

Freedom From Alcohol- learn more
5 sessions that will restore your power, release alcohol from your life and make you strong.

Freedom From Drugs- learn more
5 sessions that will give you power to let go of your addiction and heal your mind and heart.

Weight Relief- learn more
5 sessions that will give you energy, get you to drink more water, workout and eat healthy and feel loved and beautiful.

infusion cd

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I really enjoyed making these for you.
Please let me know how you
experience them!
Wendi Friesen

I love you,


Wendi Friesen
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