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Today I want to share with you a powerful and touching story from a customer who used my forgiveness program- (read it below the video)

Can you really forgive someone for the bad things they have done to you?

Do you feel justified in the anger you feel from being wronged?

Are you enjoying being right rather than happy?

Has life dealt you some bad cards?

I have a video today that will help to open your mind and heart.

It is a big leap to go from being angry and resentful to forgiving someone who has hurt you.
In this video we will look at what it takes to forgive, why you must forgive, what to expect after doing forgiveness work and most important HOW to do it.

And guess who is the most important person you will ever forgive.
That’s right, point to yourself right now.

How beautiful is forgiveness?

You have a choice. To think that you can choose to live with your stuff
packed deeply inside of you, let it eat at you bit by bit, or you can
experience a spiritual, emotional and physical release through the process
of true forgiveness.
What a choice.

Will your life change?

Will your physical pains and ailments clear up?
Quite possibly. Arthritis and many digestive problems and back pain are all
about deeply stored anger and rage.

Will this session elevate you to feel more happiness?
Super duh. Yup. Crawl out of that dark hole. There’s light over here.

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Wow, a life changing forgiveness experience


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And now, a powerful story from a customer of mine, the story of how it feels to finally forgive.

(You can read and comment to the author on this blog: )

In Reference to my brother, my big brother who died 13 years ago. Mitchell Lee Ayers 03/15/1971 – 09/26/1997

I was recently telling my folks that I still dream about Mitch, he sometimes would appear in my dreams as if he was alive…sometimes aged even by my mind to an appropriate appearance, and would sometimes confuse me as to his life and death, in the dream state anyway.
So – I have recently begun a series of self hypnosis audios, to heal. to let go of the past, to program my mind for success and so on .
The thing about hypnosis is it is all internal, there are no outward signs of progress or lack of – my eyes don’t turn a different color, or I don’t wake up 10 pounds heavier – but something is definitely changing under the surface.

Last night Mitch showed up in my dream, and for the first time ever, I confronted him ( my mind’s memory of him) with “why are you here? You’re dead and I know it, stop confusing me” or something like that. The dream image of my brother first became defensive, trying to justify his existence – “no I’m still alive, i was just away at school”, or something like that.

Then I became angry ” No, you’re fucking dead. We buried you. I remember saying goodbye.” THEN the dream got weird and the dream Mitch vamped out with big black hollow eyes and a nightmarish grin – which would have been something he would have done in real life to scare the shit out of me when I was a boy.

So here’s what happened this morning. I have a track called “open heart forgiveness” and I realize I have a lot of issues with the past and with my brother ( still) first of all for being an abusive asshole to me my entire life, then for freaking dying on us.

So I do this 20 minute guided hypnosis on forgiveness, and wow. I really accessed a very tender part of myself. In the sequence you imagine ( under trance – which is very much like the dream state) a special room, for me it ended up being a totally white room, with two chairs. Like a light box. just me, in one chair, and on the other side of the room, an empty chair. And who should decide to join me in this healing session? Who decided in the line of many people I need to forgive, but big brother.

Once the dialogue started, I started crying. I mean, big time sobs. I’m not sure if I have EVER cried this hard or this deep. I imagine a lot of it was grief, still buried in my heart, but also, a lot of anger, and frustration, and hurt. I mean, we’re talking about my big brother here.

So one of the really beautiful things that came from this, healing, was when I allowed him to tell me something I didn’t know, and he thanked me for standing by him. He thanked me for being his little brother, and through all of his health problems, his journey, I was there for him as an inspiration. He always wanted to be like me. That means so much to me. I was so angry that I had an older brother with problems ( seizures) and resented that I could not have a normal sibling. So that was powerful.

There were other words exchanged, but I still am amazed at the depth and intensity of my sobs.

Actually its funny, when the audio first started I tried to crowd my mom and dad AND my brother in the same room. (Group therapy ) But realized quickly that I had complex issues with each of them to forgive ( and ask forgiveness) so I had to send mom and dad outside the ‘room’ and wait for their own sessions.

So who do you need to forgive in your life? Forgiveness is not something you do for others, but something you do for yourself, for your own soul.

Finally, in the sequence, you are guided to an imagery of exchanging gifts – a visual representation of the intangible gift of forgiveness, and so my brother gave me an image of the infinity symbol, in a circle.

I will probably need to do this again with him, as there was just so much history, so much pain, abuse, and of course, the unbelievably complex issue of his death – anger, guilt, grief, All in the past, all anchors around my neck that I’m finally letting go of.

Hypnosis is incredibly powerful thing. – In a matter of 5 minutes, I had accessed probably one of the most painful issues in my heart and mind, and like I said, just pouring tears – something I could not access consciously. Thanks Wendi :)

Oh, and so I drew an image of the gift, and I went to his grave this morning, somewhere i seldom go to, and I put it on his headstone, and i prayed, and I tried to connect my unconscious experience with my waking state. And I think it worked.

I forgive you big brother. We love you and miss you, you are released from any animosity or hard feelings from me. I know you loved me and cared for me in your own way.

Lastly, I asked him to stop coming into my dreams and confusing me, and that he appear more like obi one kenobe, ( with a soft glow ) so that he’s welcome to visit, but as his true form, a memory, as a spiritual guide, but not as a confusing past memory of someone who is deceased. That’s healing.

Thank you for sharing that with us!

Find Love

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You’ve got needs.
You are searching for love.
I have an idea.

The big new amazing thing that might just change your love life.
Got 7 days?
I’ve got you covered.

And here is a 3 minute Hypno-Quickie to start your Valentine Weekend.
Watch the video

Wendi Friesen

I made that hypno-quickie while I was in bed this morning, so it is extra warm and snuggly. Won’t you join me? :)

For all of you who are in the snow, just don’t know what to say. Over here in Southern California we are starting a heat wave. I think it will be 80 degrees this weekend. So sorry. I will send it your way to melt the snow.

The love of your life program is something I feel really good about, and I think you will too. It has a lot of healing and instead of just a bunch of sessions it is a daily journey with healing and inspiration and big change every day.

For my newsletter readers you get it for $30 off.
Please promise me that you will keep in touch as you go through each day of the program.

I really do care about you and what you experience.

On the last day, if you send me an honest  testimonial I will send you an additional session that is filled with even more love.

Let’s get started.

Love of Your Life

Rachel Ray show-

One of my Hypnosis programs was on the show last week. They do this thing called the Human lab and they test products. Here are my comments about the show and their results.

I am not sure if you can read them if you are not on facebook. Let me know and I will post them on the blog instead. 

Rachel Ray showNotes
Find the Love of Your Life.
Your Soulmate Search starts NOW!

 HappyThere is nothing else like it.
Seven days of exploration, soul searching, releasing and manifesting.

Can you really Manifest the Love of Your Life?

But even more important is what you might be doing to resist love, to push it away or sabotage a new relationship.

Let’s look at this.

Maybe you are trying to protect yourself from hurt.

It could be that you are still angry about a difficult breakup.

Perhaps you believe that you are unlovable.

Or deep down you just don’t feel worthy of being loved.

I am ready to change this with you.

Lenore came to my office hoping to find out why she was without a man in her life. During our sessions she saw her future soulmate in a vision- and said he was only 3 months away. She imagined what he looked like, smelled like, sounded like and how it felt to touch him.
(hopefully the "smelled like" part worked out ok)

One of the things she realized- that as much as she wanted love, she also had a deep resistance to having love. And when she resolved it, and then was able to feel free to have love and did her soulmate manifesting.

She called me 3 months later and was so excited on the phone I could hardly understand her. I suspect she was jumping up and down at the time.
"I found him, I really did! He is the man I saw in my vision and here he is!" 

She knew it was love at first site.
And just yesterday she sent me an instant message on Facebook. She just wanted to remind me about how happy they are.
And, that they have been married 11 years now.

Laura was longing for love.

She had given up and thought she would never find anyone. Her story will stun you. It is just weird that it worked out like it did.

She found her love and it happened just like she imagined it after listening to my CDs. You have to read her story. It is a little eerie. (link is below)

Why did Laura find her soulmate so fast?

I have no idea why this soulmate manifesting works.
It defies logic.
But love is not logical so we don’t have to figure that out.
And seriously, I don’t care why it works. I have seen it happen too many times to wonder why or how.

Here’s what I think.
Maybe love is all around us, everywhere.
Maybe there are opportunities for us to embrace a new love that are right in front of us.

But- we won’t recognize them or even be the least bit open to them if our beliefs are negative, we feel hopeless, we believe that there are no good men/women left, that love equals pain, and so on.

I am sure you hear me loud and clear.
And you are saying to yourself "Yup, but what the hell do I do about it"?

What you think about expands.

If you secretly think about love meaning pain and relationships bringing hurt or you are still resentful about a breakup, that is what will expand.

I want your brain! And your heart and soul.
Just for a week.

I want to shake it up. I want to change what you THINK about so I can help you expand your feelings about being worthy and lovable. But not only that, I also want to EXPAND your THINKING about being a fantastic lover and a beautiful sharing and giving soulmate.

I want you to oooze with joy that will make you magnetic and irresistible.
I already know I can do this for you.

All I need is you.

Your search for love better start here, bucko.

This is not some stupid list you’ll write about what you want, and it is not a bunch of tips on how to attract a mate. It is definitely not a 20 minute plan to make you feel pretty.

This is a full body and mind overhaul in the love shack of your heart.

This is a soul train that is leaving the station with you on board headed to Lover’s Lane. (good and corny, I know)

Let me show you what I mean.

Put your arms out to each side
Reach straight out
Now cross your arms in  front of you
Keep going until each arm is on the other side
Now wrap them around your body
Try to touch your back
Now squeeeeeeeze
And say
"I love you"

I love you,

Love Of  Your Life
Save $30, and transform your search for love.
Read about it here.

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