MIssing. Where in the World is Wendi?

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Help Find Wendi. Contest starting, stay tuned.
Wendi.com logoBaby Elephant
That baby Elephant is only 3 weeks old!

Find Wendi
Win daily prizes
Win the Grand Prize of $1000
in cash, or a baby elephant. 

I’ve run away. Left the country. And for the next 2 weeks I will give you clues to my whereabouts.
world sign

I have to warn you, I am moving fast.

Be First each day and Win!

If you can answer the three questions each day, and you are the first one to get all 3 correct, you win that daily prize.

Grand Prize is $1000.
Every day, the top 10 answers will be in the final competition for the grand prize.

I have helpers!  Ning, Tiera and Nari joined me to write this newsletter. They are enjoying my ramblings, but we have a bit of a language barrier.


Clues will come.
Prizes will abound.
Fun will be had.

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Win a baby Elephant, a small child or something just as cool.

See you soon with the fun and games.
I love you,


Ellie water

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Sweet  little friend who came to help me with this newsletter. Tiera lives with Elephants every day.  The entire family is now sitting on my lap to watch me write this email.


These children are so sweet and full of smiles.


I had a long long long flight I think I went as far as you can go without being on the way back. I guess that might be a little clue.


Starting soon you will get your first clues and you will have to figure out where I am, and answer the questions accurately.


My best to you.  

Now, I have to go and scrub something loud and large. 


Peace on earth.  Shooting a peace sign is very popular around here.


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