Depression and Meditation

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Is Depression Genetic? Are you doomed? Watch… logowendi 11
Two interesting studies that go
well together.

The drug companies are trying to make the connection that depression is genetic. And it is discovered that people who are depressed have a certain genetic marker that might be causing the depression.
Since we know that your genes can change based on your life, thoughts and experiences, the depression might be causing the gene. Make sense? And of course, they must try to make a drug for this.

And the Meditation study shows permanent change in your brain as a result of meditation. Find out how this goes very nicely with the depression gene info.

Watch the video on youtube
Part 1
Part 2

watch video


Women In Business 2.0 is a film about several successful and influential women.
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If you want to find out how some women
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and got massively focused…
this documentary is for you.

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Fall treesA golden drive up to the mountains.

What a beautiful place to be in the fall. The mountains of Colorado are golden. I am realizing that I have never lived in a place where there is a real autumn.
The trees are just spectacular.

I have not had time to write my newsletters this  month, due to a big project I am working on. If you are on FaceBook you might remember me saying that I have a project that can end homelessness. The project is really taking off and almost ready to take it into the testing phase.
I will tell you all about it when it is closer to being ready. It is big. I am giving it all I've got!

Lots of love to you wherever you are. And watch the video today. It really is important to understand how you can help yourself and others to change the brain, the mind and your, well, everything!

I love you!

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Hypnosis For Hair Growth | Wendi’s Newsletter

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One of the most intriguing uses of hypnosis
is the miraculous changes we can make in our bodies.

Miraculous Body- Podcast Audio

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Some people claim to change their eye color.
Some claim that they are growing taller. I get many emails about this!
Milton Erickson claimed that his client grew 5 inches taller. Hmm. Amazing, but how can this happen?
People claim to change their hair color.
I even found a website that says you can do hypno orthodontics and straighten your teeth.

I don’t know if all these things are possible and I have no first hand information or research on those. Just stories.

I sure have seen a lot of miraculous things happen for clients of mine.

And I have to tell you it is hard to believe that we have this much power by simply setting the cellular communication in action.

I have helped people get rid of serious allergies almost instantly.
Asthma, gone for good.
Back injuries healed completely.
Migraines- completely, totally eliminated.
Severe chronic pain for years, totally released.
Nasty incurable rashes and psoriasis, healed right up.
Plantar Fascitis, strange but true, (the foot arch pain) just gone for good.
8 Years of agoraphobia (she couldn’t leave the house) totally cured in 4 days.
Carpal tunnel, her MRIs showed it disappeared in our 4 sessions together. No surgery!
20 years of depression gone in 2 weeks, her husband thanked me for giving his wife back to him.

It is just so unbelievable to most people though.
And I understand why it is hard to believe just on faith.

You have to experience it for yourself.

I want to teach you a little about this so you understand it better.
I want you to use these methods to make some unbelievable things happen in your body.
And then you will be amazed at your very special super powers as well.

Now for the good stuff.

I told you we are going to talk about the HAIR GROWTH with hypnosis.

Sounds crazy I know. Sure wouldn’t want to risk my reputation by trying something as goofy as growing hair on your bald head.

it works.

Want to find out why?
Here is my explanation about why I think you can activate the dormant follicles on your head.
It turns out that these sleepy follicles are just waiting to be turned on.

Hair Growth Hypnosis

Have you listened to your MANIFESTATION MEDITATION today?

It is still free. Just go here to listen to it now.

Be sure to leave your comments on how it is changing your outlook, your life and your manifesting.

Need a Miracle?

Let’s do this. I am going to give you   a chance to experience some of my miracle inducing sessions.

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Body Mastery Body Mastery
Eye Sight Excellence Eye Sight Excellence
Stroke - Brain and Body Healing Stroke- Brain restoration
Skin Deep Skin Deep
My Life- Relief from Depression My Life- Relief from Depression
So now you know.
Cat’s out of the bag.
Turns out you can take
charge of some of those
pesky health issues that
have been making you bonkers.
Wendi Friesen

Life’s good.

I love you,



PS- Did you still need to pick up your download of LOVING WORDS?
The letters are amazing from people who are using the program.

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Read this! So cool!

Dear Wendi,

I just want to say that I’ve listened to your Love Infusion bundle… and you really hit the nail on the head. I’m a hypnotist myself, and I’ve waited a very long time to hear say the things you’ve said in these sessions. There is much to appreciate in your word choice – the spacing between each phrase – and your sincerity behind how you say them. I felt, on so many levels, like you were speaking directly to me as if we were actual friends.

Three weeks ago (tomorrow), I’ll have gone 3 weeks completely sober – from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, even wine – which is a pretty big deal for me. I love the approach you used in the whisper-drug-fantasia one.

Specifically, I LOVE how you said, “Doesn’t it feel good to be YOU?” and “You’re back!”
— I mean, I say these things to myself, but to hear a 3rd person say this was such a special experience.
You really brightened a dim part of me that has been covered for a very long time.

In the Love-whisper-fantasia one, you said, “Your feelings matter,” and “I’ll stand by you, and I’ll stand with you…” and “I believe in you…” were so special, I can’t even describe.

There is much good in your soul – and I feel that I trust you. Please continue what you are doing.

I will continue to create strong and fair boundaries (your suggestion) which is exactly what I needed to hear.

Compliments are a dime a dozen in this business. In so many ways, I wish to leave you with a compliment you may actually remember years from now. Can you imagine remembering a compliment?

You matter. Your words are magic. Your optimism is hopelessly contagious.

Peace and love,

Come on, Wake Up already!

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Are you really using your brain?

Having trouble listening to the audio?
Click here to listen or download it.

A lot of people are sleepwalking through life, letting the same thing happen to them every day, complaining and hoping and wishing something will change.
It is time to WAKE UP.

If you don’t like what you have, change it!

As you know I have overcome some horrible poverty as a single mom, healed a 20 years of debilitating back pain, created worthiness that resulted in financial abundance, overcame fear of public speaking, and stopped being a victim.

Life still deals you and I some crappy blows. (we are in this together)

Let’s be realistic. But not be victims.

Miracles are hard to come by.

And as miraculous as it should be, miracles take a bit of work!
A miracle should be a miracle, dang it. Not a jobacle. Or a workacle.

Healing my horrendous back pain that all the doctors said could never be healed is a miracle. It took some work.

Getting over my poverty state and my unworthiness and self sabotage, as miraculous as it was (and I never really believed I could do it) took a bit of work.

I am prepared to make it a little easier for you.

Miracle = ON

Today- your lesson is plain and simple. I am going to show you the difference between your conscious mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind.

Next I will give you the real dirt on hypnosis vs. meditation. (there is not really any dirt, just felt like saying that)

And I will tell you how I cured my back pain for good.

You in?
You = In?
Me = Happy + You = Ecstatic.

Why is it always so hard to change?

Well, for one thing, because you believe it is hard to change.
If you just nudge your belief a bit, you open a possibility for change. People get stuck in a negative rut, and the rut becomes a hard-wired response in your brain that creates a reaction that always has the same result- it is hard to change.

And so it is.

You have so massively hardwired your brain to only have one response to stress or habits or addiction or anger or fear… that there is no other possibility.

And now the work begins.

You must undo the neural network that held those reactions and responses.
You must create a new neural network that holds the possible outcomes of what you really do want.

And you go, yea, yea, yea, blah, blah, blah Wendi… I know.

So today, when you LISTEN to me closely you will get to know your brain a bit better.
And as a result I am betting that you will take some action to make some changes.

Let’s do this!

Listen to this podcast, just let it play and notice how you nod your head a lot.

And feel your body getting all warm and blissy as you hear my words.

And then just notice that you have a choice to start it up, right here and right now. “It” being whatever little thing you are tired of having and whatever little thing you are ready to create.

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Consider this-

Back Pain Gone-

A miraculous healing program that might just end your pain, forever.

Back Pain, Gone

Clear Head -

This has cured migraines, tension headaches and stress headeaches. Yes, CURED. (I am not supposed to use that word) (oh, well)

Clear Head - Headache Relief with Hypnosis

Chill Out -

End Your Anger. Be patient, kind and sort of like teflon. Things that used to bother you just slide off.

Chill Out End your Anger and Find your bliss.

My Life -

Snap out of your depression. Release the core issues that make you depressed. Seriously, get this. It is a miracle.

My Life-A 14 day Solution to Depression

1/2 off today!

Tell a friend.
Wendi Friesen

All the above programs are half price for today.
Use coupon code MIRACLE and it will take half off.
Get one for a friend, won’t you?

I Love you,



Having trouble listening to the audio?
Click here to listen or download it.

Miracle Manifestation Meditation, a gift for you

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I did this as a prayer, sort of, and something really cool happened

Does a prayer have the power to clear your fear and
lead you to a wealthy mind?

So many are struggling with fear about money.

Are you one?

I know it can be hard.
If you will spend 7 minutes with me you might just instigate a miracle!
Here is my free gift to you:
My miracle manifesting prayer. Let me know what you think.

If you are not into prayer, use this as a manifesting meditation. If you feel that prayer is a source of power for you, allow this to free your soul.

Having trouble listening to the audio?
Click here to listen or download it.

Here is something that will get you started. First day of my famous Attract Wealth program is free.
Check it now NOW

A reader’s question about restoring vision to a sudden blindspot.

After she had a painless childbirth as a result of using my birthing program she had some vision problems.
The blind spot in her left eye, the doctor told her, will never go away.
Is this true? Can some things never heal?
Since our brain is what “sees” and not our eyes, and our brain is always growing and changing (remember neuroplasticity) the potential exists to resolve her blind spot. How to do it?
Listen to my response and suggestion for restoring her sight.

Having trouble listening to the audio?
Click here to listen or download it.

Body Mastery Program- a healing miracle.

Hi Wendi-

I just want to let you know that I have been working with your body mastery program for about 4 months and it has done wonders for my back pains (I am only 20 but still, stress can do a number on you). Furthermore, my initial purpose for starting was to gain some control of my life and illness, as I suffer from sever bipolar (manic depression). I do not believe in meds as I have tried them all and they only created more health problems and made me feel like a “zombie”. I can already feel a change in my mood swings so thank you.

Hi Wendi,

I wrote you back in June about having trouble with breathing due to an illness called COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and you suggested I try the Body Mastery program which has helped me very much. With my breathing under better control and not having to take the steroids as much as I use to I had released 40 pounds this year so far… My family doctor had nothing but praise when I saw him recently. I could not have done it without you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you and take care, Donna

Kids driving you nuts?

I sure wish I had this when my kids were little. Not just to put them to sleep, but to change some harmful behaviors.
I knew this would help put children to sleep at night (and some moms tell me their kids won’t go to sleep without it now) but what I didn’t know is how it would totally change their behavior.

+++++ Great Results
Ramona A Oertel from Racine, WI United States

I ordered this for my 6 yr old grandson who would not sleep in his own bed. After listening to the story for a week, he now sleeps in his own bed with no more problems. We went to a gem store and he got his own magic stones just like in the story.
Thanks Wendi for this wonderful product.

+++++GET THIS CD!!
Nonnie from Tucumcari, NM United States

My 5 1/2 year old grandson WAS apprehensive about starting kindergarten.Add to that the battle to get him to bed and go to sleep. He likes his routines because he feels very secure with them. We have been listening to this for about 2 weeks now. He absolutely LOVES his bedtime story(we listen right after bedtime prayer). He has even comforted some of his friends about going to school! He feels great about going to kindergarten all day…and enjoying the experience. Plus, he is in a routine where he falls asleep in about 5 minutes…and wakes up refreshed and happy.
GET THIS CD, you’ll be glad you did!

Put them to sleep with this and be amazed. I made this CD with a story about a Wizard taking a child on a great journey. As the wizard helps put your child to sleep in the story, it is also a magical transformation that resolves some behavior problems. Parents are telling me that their kids are changing. How? More patient, more confident, excited about school, share, connect with family, feel loved.

How did I do it? In addition to the stories, at the end of the CD I softly suggested the things they love about life, and what they love about themselves. Best thing you will do for your peace of mind!

Sweet dreams!

Sleepy Kids 1 – For 5 years and under
Read about it here

Sleep Kids 2- For kids 5 -10 years old
Read about it here

wendi bright
I loved making the manifesting prayer for you.

I liked it so much I decided to just give it away.

Be sure to listen to it now and let me know what miracles you bring into your life today.

I had a great opportunity come to me on the phone shortly after I did the Miracle Prayer. Let’s see what you can bring your way!

Use the player above to enjoy the 7 minute life changer.

Remember, I love you,

Wendi Friesen