How Are Those Resolutions Going?

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Resolutions! How are those working out for you, now that the month is almost over?
Survey of over  3000 people showed that 88% failed at their resolutions.

Here it is. The hard, cold facts.
If you ever want to accomplish anything in your life, you have to understand this. And never make another resolution.

You want to desperately change. You go buy a treadmill, you enroll in a procrastination course, you join weight watchers, you swear you will not take another drink.

And still, that insane brain of yours keeps defaulting to the only thing it knows.

You are Hardwired. Hard. Wired.
Your brain can only go to the place that you wired it up to go to.

Your brain cannot go to places that don’t exist.


Watch the Video. Like your life depends on it.

It’s crazy really.
The more you try to NOT do something, the more confused your brain will become. Your brain has to do SOMETHING. And the one thing it knows really well, the thing it is hardwired to do… is the very thing that you don’t want.

Watch the dang video already.

Support groups. Maybe you joined a support group so you can stop procrastinating, overeating, having anxiety, being depressed, quitting drinking.


What do you spend all your time talking about while in that group?

What do you focus on during that time?
More of the same?
Sad stories, fears, worry, strategies to cope, other people’s problems?

How much time is spent on changing all that internal crap in your subconscious mind that is running the show?


Watch the video, pretty please.

It is not that all support groups are bad, they are just mostly getting it wrong.

What you think about… expands.

Thoughts are things.

You become what you think about most of the time.

What you resist… persists.

We have hard science that now shows us why this happens. If you are checking out Joe Dispenza or Bruce Lipton or ME you are starting to get really smart about the neural networks in your brain and the genetic changes that happen as a result.

Is addiction really a disease?
Are you doomed to be addiction the rest of your life?
Should you really attach this identity to your name- 
“hi, I’m Joe and I’m an alcoholic”- 
and expect to be anything else?

Are you really going to say to yourself, one more time, “I just can’t stop eating sugar” or  “I can’t lose weight, I just love to eat too much”.
??? Really ???

Ok, Breathe.
Relax your shoulders.
Breathe again.

Hear my voice. It’s all going to be ok. Let’s get started.

Watch the video. :)

I love you,


Here is an ice sculpture that the river made. It seems to be a dove.
Here are the rest of the pics, in high rez.

ice river

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I took a hike on a trail that my friend loved, but she didn’t mention it was 8 miles and 2000 feet up and back down. These Boulder people are in olympic shape. We finished the hike but ended up at the wrong parking lot. And the sun was going down and it was mountain lion time.

She wanted to hike the rest of the way, alone, to the other parking lot. I wanted to walk to the road and flag down a car. Risky as well. My very weary body continued to the road.

The road, as it turned out, was just a remote mountain dirt road with no traffic and very few houses on this mountain.
And it was mountain lion time, remember?

I told her that I would manifest a car, with a very nice woman to drive us to our car. Hard to believe, because there were no cars and it was getting cold. And mountain lionish.

I said I would put in a 100% certainty, for sure, manifesting miracle request for us…just hang in there for a minute.

About a minute later, dontcha know, a lovely woman pulled up, gave us a ride. She said it was a really good thing she came along. It was mountain lion time and there is one lion that visits her porch and lives right here on this place on this mountain.

Thank you universe. Or whatever it is that makes things happen so nicely.

This woman said to come back and visit her anytime, hang out. That was so  much better than a creepy guy in an old pickup that might have been our rescuer.

These mountains are beautiful. Even though I couldn’t walk for two day, the hike was amazing.

See the pics. They are quite lovely.


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The Swish Pro- a Brain Changer

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It’s like having a fluffer for your brain. (forgive me for that) logoWendi


Remember that Swish Teaser session I made for you?


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After so many of you had lovely breakthroughs, and shared with me how the Swish mini session totally re-jiggered your brain and soul, I decided it is time.

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Seriously, this process in it’s basic form, (originally created by Bandler I think) is powerful. It changes the hardwiring in your brain. In other words, the neural networks that form and create perpetual mental patterns, habits, addictions, fears, phobias, OCD, ADD and such… just get so permanently embedded that it feels it is impossible to fight it.


The Fight is Over.

The Swish Pro (it’s real name) is a full length version, but it is seriously enhanced with my creative infusion. The ending will blow your mind. In a good way.

Let me tell you why it works.
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Your Brain is Plastic

The neural networks grow and form based on your experiences and your environment. These create automatic responses to your environment.

  • It is hard to change these networks
  • Willpower is useless in trying to overcome it
  • The more you are subjected to a stress, habit or behavior, the more firmly rooted they become

Read this fascinating Article about how your brain can change. Scientific American using the brain’s ability to change to create kindness and empathy. Read it here


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I found a beautiful spot to mountain bike near Boulder. It is called Switzerland trail. My son Riley and I were biking it the day before the big Boulder fire started. Unfortunately, it has burned, along with 7000 acres and 170 houses.

There is a lot of sadness in our community. Most people had only minutes to flee. One of the evacuees put her valuable, important things in her car and took off. Someone broke into her car and stole it all.

This community has come together like nothing I have ever seen. The support here shows the strength of a community. I do love it here.

I went to the firefighters camp to deliver drinks and food that they can take with them on their shifts. So many people started bringing supplies after a few of us tweeted it, that they had to stop allowing cars to pull up to drop off goodies!

Dozens of restaurants in town offer free dining for all evacuees. The outpouring is amazing.

Boulder rocks. Sad to see the forests and houses lost, but we still have awesome people and a lot of love.

This granola hippy town is pretty cool.


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