Did my show shake you up?

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The Wendi.TV show is so bloated and full, it should be put on a diet!
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Wow, what a great 3 days of getting things squared away for resolutions. One of my readers got mad at me  that I said your resolutions are doomed. But it is true. And you need to know why I said that. I seriously believe that the last three days of my show might be the most powerful and mind altering education you can get if you want to stop a bad habit, addiction, behavior or change your personality.  And you can watch them all now. No charge, of course.

Part 1 – Why your resolutions WILL fail
Part 2 – Rewiring your brain and people really do change (even you)
Part 3 – Moving Mountains- how to make your change, your action and commitment almost automatic
Did you hear the show today? It will shake you up.
I love you guys!

One of you asked me ~~~~~
Wendi, how can I believe that change is possible when I am feeling hopeless?
And what about the old emotions and past failures that stop me from trying again?

Whether it is weight, exercise, habits, addictions or any behavior change, this session will blow you away. And I don’t say that lightly.

Read the description. This might be the single biggest thing you do if you want to change a habit or addiction. (and take an additional 30% off the sale price with the coupon below)

Emotional Dump  Emotional Dump. See it here.

An another brilliant man asked me~~~~~
Wendi, how about making it seem like I have always LOVED to workout, that it has been a lifestyle and make me feel that I do it everyday. Like brushing my teeth, getting dressed. Make me feel like I just work out every day because it is what I have always done.

Yes, I loved this idea. And I made a kick ass session that will equate working out with the things you have always done, the things that are automatic and simple. Then I asked your brain to accept that you have always done this and always will keep on doing it.

workout for life  Workout Lifestyle- Re-Imprinting memories.
See it here

Additional 30% off the SALE price on both of the sessions above!
Use coupon code

Remember to come to the show and get all the help you need, including actually hypnosis sessions during the show.

Live Every Week!
Put it on your Calendar, set an alarm.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
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Are you again struggling to try to figure out why your resolutions will fail?

Why do you feel hopeless about making a big or small change?

Is your excitement for the new year not all it should be?

Catch the archives now, and join me next week.

Alcohol FreedomZen of Thin
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Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

PS- I have a list of programs that are all about ending your bad habits and addictions and I gave out a 50% off link during the live show.

I think there are a few of you who might also be ready to stop the bad habits, bt you could not make the show.
You need to stop procrastinating, drinking, p0rn, fingernail biting, smoking and more, more, more.

To get the list and the COUPON code, please do this:


Subject line- must say:

My Fantastic Resolution

You will receive a return email with the links and the discount. I will make it good for ONE day, so grab it now.

And be sure to TWITTER the show link, just send friends to
http://www.Wendi.TV and they will get to enjoy the show for free as well.

Wendi Friesen, CHT
Thank goodness the holidays are over. As special as it can be, I always feel a sigh of relief when I can put away all that tacky xmas stuff. :)  

I think that for most people, the thought of new years resolutions are met with a feeling similar to hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. Seriously- another diet? Another attempt at working out every day?

Step away from
the hammer.

Two of my members gave me brilliant ideas for sessions. Just brilliant.
If you want to make a suggestion for a topic just email it to me by replying to this email. If I like it, I will make it! You guys are really inspiring and the thing I love the MOST about what I do is being in close contact with you.

Be sure to read the PS at the bottom. I have a cool secret offer for you.
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Change your personality

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Question from a reader: Dear Wendi, From your experience, is it possible to abandon old personality and enter into new? Some people develop multiple-personality disorder out of shock/trauma, so there must be capacity inside us. While i wouldn’t want that, it may be interesting to get rid of unwanted beliefs or habits. Regards, Saso ~~~~~ Hello Saso,
Can you become a new person?

Can you become a new person?

Yes you can develop a very new and different personality. You are not discarding the old one, but rather you are allowing your true self to shed the fears and limitations that keep you from being who you are really meant to be. We are born with a lot of potential and a unique set of skills. Along the way there are things that happen to us that shape our reactions, values, ideas and all of this becomes our personality. Resolving some of the old values that are no longer helpful or useful, and creating new core beliefs about who you are will result in massive personality changes. A person who was shy and withdrawn due to abuse or humiliation, can resolve the fears that created the shy personality. When those fears are resolved, the person would then find the values that are most important to them and find new ways to experience themselves. Using hypnosis to do this would mean that in your mind you create the person you are becoming, and who you are in the future when you are able to fully express your true self. When your mind experiences this in trance it can become a reality in the way your brain stores this information about yourself. Now, the exciting part. When your brain experiences this as having already happened, even though it was in a trance state, it starts to believe that it is true and makes changes to support this change. These changes can result is some very quick personality shifts. And it gets better. If you experience yourself in this new personality and you also imagine that you are watching yourself doing things as this new personality, your mirror neurons start the process of implementing the skills and unconscious abilities needed to support the new personality. Make sense? It is a natural ability that our brain has and if you allow your brain to experience it, and watch yourself doing it, you are almost assured that the changes will happen. Mirror neurons help us emulate others and continue our development√ā¬† we need for survival. This helps us by making our body learn to stand up, to talk, to copy other humans and engrain the behaviors that assure our growth and survival. Using these mirror neurons for changing traits, or creating new skills or behaviors is a brilliant way to make the most of the hypnosis process. One of my favorite methods is in the Parallel World session, or on the Time Line Journey program. I think we are clearly stuck with some of our traits and our behaviors, but there are many ways to evolve into new aspects of our personality that will result in being happier, more productive and more powerful.