The Poetry winner and 40% off love sale is ending soon….

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Moan, coo, sigh, squeal…
And the winner is…

Poetry contest winners

Love is still on sale, last day 40% off

Here are the poems that were submitted in time for a video reading.


Play the video, it will make you warm and happy.

And the winner is-

Stephanie Conkle! You win $100


(scroll down to read her poem)  


Runner Ups  for $40 gift certificate are: 

Art, Terry, Jody, Sondra, Larry, Glyn, William, Mark, Christopher, Alan, Dennis, Emily, Ian, David, Sharon, Richard, Sally, Marcia, Lydia

You will get an email with your gift certificate! Congratulations!
What fun it was to read the spewing of your love in poetry.

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I love you,



Stephanie’s original poem.

(she wins because of her excellent use of the bacon stealing kitty,

which was a facebook post of mine)



When I think of you my heart’s all a’flutter.

I love you more than organic peanut butter.

More than kissed rays of sun or free falling rain,

Or little blue flowers that grow on the plains.


I love you more than stars flung high in the sky,

The warm wind at my back or birds that soar high.

For you I’d cross oceans, vales, and hardened terrain

Just to see the sun set on of your face once again.


Yes, yes my love, to my heart you’re endeared

But there is one thing more I think you should hear.

When I don’t get to see you I it’s crime, nay, a pity,

But now, now let’s be clear…

I do NOT love you more than my bacon stealing kitty!


Stephanie Conkle :)

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

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heart doorPoetry!

That was fun, thank you for sending you wonderful poetry. I hope the video makes your day! Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Have a week filled with love!


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