For 5 minutes on Saturday, 60% off and big fat prizes!

May 16, 2008 by  
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yes  Yes, the rumors are true. I am going to something a little nutty on Saturday for 5 minutes. It is a big 5 minute event, where you get to win $1000 cash.   money But that is not the best part. 60% off everything! During this five minute event, you will get to buy anything and everything you can stuff into your cart at 60% off. Yes 60% off! You will be able to buy any CDs or DVDs at less than wholesale (gasp!) for 5 minutes. But that is still not the best part. On Saturday, May 17 at 10 am pacific time, 1 pm eastern, I will be live on my Stickam video. I will give you the GO signal and the SECRET LINK to the page where you can put on your running shoes, grab a shopping cart and wind your way through the aisles, grabbing the programs you have always wanted and tossing them into your cart. (in a virtual sort of way, of course) Here is where it gets strange and fun. The first person to complete their order with at least 3 items in their cart, gets $1000. Cash. $1000 smackers. moneypocket The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th people to complete their order get $100 in cash and a 30 minute live session with me on the phone or in person. The 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th person to order - get a free MP4 Player with the entire Pocket Therapist package loaded on. ($99 value) mp4withfinger And that is not all! The next 10 orders to come through (even if you have only one thing in your order) will get: Dr. Freuds Therapy Ball or the Oh So Silly AFFIRMATION BALL so you can have answers to all your important life questions. drum Let’s recap. Here is how to win a thousand bucks or other great prizes. EVENT DATE Saturday May 17th 10:00 am pacific time 1:00 pm eastern time FIND YOUR LOCAL TIME HERE –> go to –> Open on Saturday Watch Wendi LIVE She will announce the secret page link and CLUE that will get you 60% off. She will say “GO!” Watch Live here: –> Wendi will say “GO” ! –> The Timer Starts and you will have exactly 5 minutes. –> Grab as many things as you can in 5 minutes –> Add the SECRET CODE and take 60% off your entire order Order ONLY from the page link that Wendi announces on the live video. This page will have links to about 200 programs that all qualify for the sale and contest. You can only order from that page. 1st prize First person to complete their order, who also has at least 3 items in their cart, gets the big prize, of one thousand dollars. (announced on the air immediately) Your order numbers and winners names will be announced live during the webcast. Tune in a few minutes early. The GO starts at approximately 10 minutes after the hour. There you have it. I can’t wait. And during my live broadcast I have some special surprises for you. Be sure you are listening, because random prizes will be announced and given away during that broadcast! Love, love, love wendisig TELL A FRIEND! This will be fun. Wendi Friesen PS- After the sale, we will have a live hypnosis session for Manifesting Everything. I will take you to the depths of your soul to bring you what you really want and desire. Manifest Everything, live hypnosis session. Don’t miss it! (just stick around on the video site at
Starts on Saturday 5 minutes only 10:00 am pacific 1:00 pm eastern Find Your Local Time Here for anywhere in the world