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The Wendi.TV show is so bloated and full, it should be put on a diet!
Bonus GiftWendi
Wow, what a great 3 days of getting things squared away for resolutions. One of my readers got mad at me  that I said your resolutions are doomed. But it is true. And you need to know why I said that. I seriously believe that the last three days of my show might be the most powerful and mind altering education you can get if you want to stop a bad habit, addiction, behavior or change your personality.  And you can watch them all now. No charge, of course.

Part 1 – Why your resolutions WILL fail
Part 2 – Rewiring your brain and people really do change (even you)
Part 3 – Moving Mountains- how to make your change, your action and commitment almost automatic
Did you hear the show today? It will shake you up.
I love you guys!

One of you asked me ~~~~~
Wendi, how can I believe that change is possible when I am feeling hopeless?
And what about the old emotions and past failures that stop me from trying again?

Whether it is weight, exercise, habits, addictions or any behavior change, this session will blow you away. And I don’t say that lightly.

Read the description. This might be the single biggest thing you do if you want to change a habit or addiction. (and take an additional 30% off the sale price with the coupon below)

Emotional Dump  Emotional Dump. See it here.

An another brilliant man asked me~~~~~
Wendi, how about making it seem like I have always LOVED to workout, that it has been a lifestyle and make me feel that I do it everyday. Like brushing my teeth, getting dressed. Make me feel like I just work out every day because it is what I have always done.

Yes, I loved this idea. And I made a kick ass session that will equate working out with the things you have always done, the things that are automatic and simple. Then I asked your brain to accept that you have always done this and always will keep on doing it.

workout for life  Workout Lifestyle- Re-Imprinting memories.
See it here

Additional 30% off the SALE price on both of the sessions above!
Use coupon code

Remember to come to the show and get all the help you need, including actually hypnosis sessions during the show.

Live Every Week!
Put it on your Calendar, set an alarm.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
Noon Pacific time
3 pm Eastern
Find your local time here


Monday- Tune in here-

OR at Ustream


Are you again struggling to try to figure out why your resolutions will fail?

Why do you feel hopeless about making a big or small change?

Is your excitement for the new year not all it should be?

Catch the archives now, and join me next week.

Alcohol FreedomZen of Thin
wendi bright  

Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

PS- I have a list of programs that are all about ending your bad habits and addictions and I gave out a 50% off link during the live show.

I think there are a few of you who might also be ready to stop the bad habits, bt you could not make the show.
You need to stop procrastinating, drinking, p0rn, fingernail biting, smoking and more, more, more.

To get the list and the COUPON code, please do this:


Subject line- must say:

My Fantastic Resolution

You will receive a return email with the links and the discount. I will make it good for ONE day, so grab it now.

And be sure to TWITTER the show link, just send friends to
http://www.Wendi.TV and they will get to enjoy the show for free as well.

Wendi Friesen, CHT
Thank goodness the holidays are over. As special as it can be, I always feel a sigh of relief when I can put away all that tacky xmas stuff. :)  

I think that for most people, the thought of new years resolutions are met with a feeling similar to hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. Seriously- another diet? Another attempt at working out every day?

Step away from
the hammer.

Two of my members gave me brilliant ideas for sessions. Just brilliant.
If you want to make a suggestion for a topic just email it to me by replying to this email. If I like it, I will make it! You guys are really inspiring and the thing I love the MOST about what I do is being in close contact with you.

Be sure to read the PS at the bottom. I have a cool secret offer for you.
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HypnoHoliday super sale

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Consider Your Shopping DONE! I got you covered. And with gifts for you!
Bonus GiftWendi
This is it! Every item you buy, you will get a 2nd one free!
Give one as a gift, keep one for yourself, give them both.
And here is the Handy GIFT GUIDE to help you choose the perfect gift

 blissed out50-70% OFFdreamgasm
AND, if you order over $75, you get a bonus pack of awesome
stocking stuffers and gifts for FREEEEEEE!
And if you order over $150, you get my

Alcohol Freedom    Gold Box    Body Mastery

There is a way to make a change in those you love the most
wendi ohIt happens every year.
You are worried about how on earth you will get a gift that has meaning, that will actually be appreciated and that really have an impact.

I come along with the Handy Dandy Gift guide.
Your problem is solved.
BUT you just wish you could have all this stuff for yourself. So I fixed it all up for you.

2 for 1 on everything you order.
Give one.
Keep one.

And a beautiful box of bonus love from me to you.

giftBONUS GIFT # 1

Order over $75, and you get all this for free!

Power Nap CD set
Peace Within
Appetite Zapper

A $107 value, my gift. (In addition to the 2 for 1 on the regular items you order!)

girlgiftBonus Gift #2
Order over $150 and you get all this-

Power Nap CD set
Peace Within
Appetite Zapper
Speed Read, Spell Well
Mojo Mega DVD (sexy)
How to Hypnotize Anyone DVD

A $254 value, is my gift to you (in addition to the 2 for 1 on everything on the order)

Starts NOW! 3 days only.
Ends Friday at midnight.

Start here at the GIFT GUIDE with wonderful suggestions for just about anyone in your family, business or circle of friends.

Use Code 2FOR1 at checkout to get the 2nd item free on everything you order.

DO NOT order 2 of each.
!!!!! ORDER only 1 of each thing !!!!
You will receive a complimentary, identical program for every ONE item your order.

Got it?

The One Year money back guarantee is, as usual, on everything I create.

Go get ‘em!

Love to you!


PS- use the coupon 2FOR1
The bonus package is automatically added if your order is over $75 or $150

PS- Imagine how wonderful it will be to help someone stop smoking, or give them the gift of sleep when you help them cure their insomnia, or bring them out of sadness with Wake Up Happy. This is a gift that will really make someone’s life a little better.
wendi bright  
Ho’Oponopono CD.

It might be the most healing, nourishing, love filled gift you can give.

Experience deep healing, forgiveness, love and immense gratitude.

You can see it here-
Get the CD for a friend you love, here.

Or download it.
If you need some love and a deep renewal,
download it here.

Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

wendi ocean
Wendi Friesen, CHT

I love having this sale. I guess it is because when I try to pick out Christmas gifts I find things I like and I want to keep them! So I figure this has you covered.

I am really excited about the boat parade that starts tonight. Yippee. 1.5 million people will descend onto the harbor… MY harbor, to watch. Wow.

Remember to let me know how you liked the Piehole Hypnosis sessions! Put your comments here on the blog. So far people seem to like my Whacky hypno recordings. Cheap too, only $9.
Buy here
Comment here

And see my crazy hypno chicken while you are there.

Hey, did you see the NEW Inspired Intuition program? Someone might like to get that in their stocking!
You’ll get TWO of them with the coupon 2for1 dontcha know!

I think I am going to work on a super special hypno gift for everyone and send it out on the 25th. Watch your email for it. I will make something that get you thinking!

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Stop Your Mindless Eating

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Bonus GiftWendi
Alcohol Freedom    Zen of Thin    Body Mastery
I need your expert opinion

I don’t know what I was thinking.

I was just in a nutty mood and decided to do something totally different.

I was thinking about what those little voices in your head are saying.

And I was standing in front of the refrigerator at the time.
Staring at it.
Realized I was not hungry.
Just bored.

Been there?

And then I remembered that one of my customers wrote to me and asked me to make a CD that would help you to ONLY eat when you are hungry.

Immediately I went and sat down and recorded two sessions.

I am going to need your opinion on this.

I made these in a conversational hypnosis tone, and I am trying to replace the voices in your head with something much more helpful. Especially this time of year.

You listen to them. Close your eyes, keep them open- either way it’s fine.

Then tell me what happens next time you are thinking about snatching a "little something" from the fridge

Perpetual Piehole- is a session that will make you want to drink water, take a walk, get away from the fridge and only eat when you are hungry. Nice, huh? (my son Riley named that one)

Fire Your Fat- This one is asking your fat cells to SkeeDaddle! Will it work? You might feel a need to exercise like, well, a lot.

Download it now.
Try both sessions for 66% off!

Regular $29, for you only $9.90 for both.

Go here and download them.
Use coupon VOICES

TELL me, please, what you think, comment here

(should I never make anything like this again, or keep them coming?)

Love you,


Shopping Addiction? Help is here
This will make the holidays a peaceful and pleasant time. Stop your shopping addiction with hypnosis.

If you feel pressured by the media and need to buy more and more, it is possible to feel good when you are out at the stores and not need to buy more.

JUST SAY NO is a life saver if you have ever felt a need to make purchases just to feel happy, complete or to try to combat depression.

Think about it. This might be just what you need.
JUST SAY NO- see it here.

wendi bright
Hey I have a cool new video for you. how brain works
It is part One of Six parts, called How the Brain Works.
Watch it here

Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

boat parade
Wendi Friesen, CHT

In my front yard, the Newport beach Harbor, there is a big boat parade that starts Wednesday and goes through Sunday. It is really beautiful. 100s of decorated boats ablaze with light.

This one floated in front of my house yesterday, guess he was practicing. I grabbed my camera and got a nice shot. I will shoot some video for you tomorrow night.

If you anywhere near Orange County, come to the harbor and see this amazing event.

Tomorrow is a BIG FAT SALE so be sure to check your email. I plan to make your holiday shopping finish (or get started) with a bang!

Hey, did you see the NEW Inspired Intuition program? Someone might like to get that in their stocking!

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I’m Sorry- It’s a jungle out there.

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The truth about why your orders have been so screwed up lately. And a proposition.Wendi.com news
Business decisions are hard sometimes. (you can quote me on that!)
Some of you know what I am talking about when I say I’m sorry.

The last few months, our fulfillment company in Simi Valley, Ca has been making unbelievable mistakes in orders. Suddenly, they just started screwing up the orders, leaving things out, sending orders twice, switching labels on people’s boxes… ugh.

This has been really hard on our company.
Some of you were victims of this, and you know I just hate incompetence. No excuses. And you might have decided not to order again because of a stupid mistake in your order. I know how excited you all are to get your purple wendi box in handed to you by the UPS guy. And I want to make sure you will never be dissappointed again.

Bryan and Melissa have both been on my team for over 5 years. They have managed some intense growth, helped make the decision to use a fulfillment company in Sacramento, that did not do the job up to our standards, then they moved everything to yet another one in Simi Valley.

bmtruckLast Monday, Bryan and Melissa flew down to Simi Valley, rented a 26 foot Uhaul, yanked our stock out of the warehouse, drove it up to Folsom, Ca where they will be managing the warehouse to fill your orders.

bmtruck2smNo small task for those two! And they always (and I mean for over 5 years always) have an amazing attitude and even faced with this task, they were gung ho, let’s go, git ‘er done, lemme at it, we will fix it, kind of people.

bmtruck3smHere’s the thing- Bryan and Melissa met each other at my office. It was strangely like Pam and Jim on the tv show "The Office". They were secretly in love for a while and when I found out they were a couple I was insanely happy for them. They are an amazing team in business and in their relationship.


The task they are undertaking this very day is to set up over 300 programs on shelves, packaging, UPS, Mail, etc. They can do it, no problem. I heard they were up until Midnight so that they can have the least downtime possible for your orders.

On top of that, the 1000s of CDs and DVDs that the fulfillment company packed were not in any order, thrown in randomly, and not even stacked nicely.
I am not there with them, they are doing this on their own.

bmtruck4smI want to reward them in a big way, and you can help!
With every order, before Sunday at midnight, we are going to give Bryan and Melissa a nice surprise.

1- Order anything- 40% off for 2 days only!
2- If order is over $50- Choose a FREE GIFT
(value of $49)
3- Add Hypnotize Your Lover for only $10  
(value of $49)
4-Use coupon code MBLOVE

Bryan and Melissa will get a big fat check for ALL the sales of the Hypnotize Your Lover bonus that you add to your order!
So, if 500 of you order that bonus with your already amazing 40% off, they get a huge surprise! $5000.
And frankly, they deserve it.

Working at Wendi.com through thick and thin, through amazing growth and challenges, they have always been outstanding.

They want to show you how they will run the customer service and fulfillment like nothing you have ever seen!

Hypnotize Your Lover, instant download
Book and CD- $49 value.
ONLY $10~

Bryan and Melissa will fill your orders perfectly, with love, gratitude and their always spectacular attitude.

They will win your trust! If you have ever talked to them on the phone, you know how much we all love them.

GET a $50 free gift on top of the 40% off.
Insane? Yes.

1- Order as many things as you want at 40% off.
Take me there

2-USE coupon MBLOVE for discount on entire order

3- Order total over $50? Get your gift.
In your order comments ask for your free gift of 1 of these: ($29-49 value)


4- Add Hypnotize Your Lover Download to your orderfor $10. (price will correct to $10 after coupon)
Yes I want this


In good times, doing business can be fun, exhilarating, rewarding and inspired.
In good times, growing and managing a business can also be frustrating, challenging, discouraging and difficult.

Every business owner wants to do things really well and hold up a great standard for their staff and customers. When I had the fulfillment (filling and sending orders) in house and my staff filled all the orders in our 3000 square foot office, things went pretty well. I was constantly told to use a fulfillment company so I could free up the resources of my staff, grow more smoothly and not have to manage the fulfillment in-house.

I did. The first company in Sacramento did not go well, we spent months waiting for them to get their act together, then made the expensive decision to find a new company. After much research we chose a new company in Simi Valley. Having all your merchandise, boxes, and well everything moved is an unbelievable undertaking. I was excited… I thought we had it, by george!

But after giving it way too long, we have only found that this company does not care, won’t make any effort to improve, and just lost it’s business ethic somewhere along the way. And I lost my zen somewhere along the way!

No matter how much brilliant marketing I have done, how much customer loyalty I have created, or how many hearts and lives I have touched or healed… when your package arrives and you excitedly open the purple box only to find someone else’s invoice and contents, or only half of your order, or a CD case that has missing parts when you open it… all the good we have done is crushed at that moment.

Ya know, I am not in the business of crushing! In the last few months I have been so discourages. I knew what an undertaking it would be to fix this. And choosing another company to handle this could result in the same problems. Devastating position to be in after all these years.

Bryan and Melissa to the rescue!
They rented a warehouse less than a mile from their house.
They flew into Orange county, spent two days with me, we took a sunset ocean cruise, talked about what we really want to create and how they see the fulfillment going.

They rented the biggest uhaul there is, 26 foot, drove it to Simi Valley and packed it all up. They are tireless. I don’t know how they do it. They drove up the 5 all the way back to Folsom (near Sacramento) and unloaded until midnight, determined to set it all up ready to fill orders with the least amount of downtime.

Phew. Thank you to then, huh?

Time for me to show my appreciation to YOU, my devoted friends, customers, and colleagues.
Time, way overdue, to show your love for 2 dedicated people- Bryan who started with me as a pup over 6 years ago and Melissa who was brought by angels to me over 5 years ago.

And they really are a spectacular team in business and in their relationship.
Let’s show them the love!

Thanks for reading this far.

I love you,


What I love- Insanely great people like Ken! 
smileyfacesKen got the alcohol freedom program about 4 years ago. I just got an email from him!

"Thanks Wendi, without you I am scared to think where I would be today.
If you were sick and went to the doctor and they prescribed a pill- Now you go back and say Doc this pill ain’t working my condition got worse. Now the doc says sorry thats the only pill that works- you think oh crap I am screwed.God Bless anyone who gets sober and thru AA, I couldn’t for years.

But wait a happy ending, after getting into Wendi’s Alcohol Freedom I haven’t had a drop in over 4 years,and am living life to it’s fullest. Not scared about meetings or rules or steps. She changed the way I think about my self, made all the differance in the world.
I think the only person who loves Wendi more than me is my wife. Thanks for all you do to fight addictions.

Always gratefull ken claffey, North Carolina"

Tears of joy for you Ken and  Wife!  ~ Wendi
Sleep Deprived? (OMG, you can get it as a gift today)

If you are sleep deprived, you might want to take a Power Nap during the day. I was just watching on the Today Show and they said you should take a power nap.
So there.


This will get you caught up on your sleep when you need to recharge, but even better you will be doing something productive. Like creating, problem solving, coming up with a brilliant idea.

Have you seen my AudioBoo hypnosis sessions?
I record them on my Iphone app. The quality is amazing.

Try one-
Wendi’s Audio Boo here.
Manifest money miracle
Do an unpleasant task with a smile
Feel the Love

Video Spot- Get ready to go deep!
 Try out my 3 minute Hypno Spot on you tube.
I will give you a fast blast of hypnosis that will set you straight.

I think you will LOVE this, just because you have been feeling that feeling that is making you a little crazy sometimes. Am I right?
Check it out, there are several.Here are two of them


Show your love!

You get this for $10, and Bryan and Melissa get a huge surprise!

Hypnotize Your Lover
Book and CD, $49.00
1- Order anything
(at 40% off)

2- Add Hypnotize Your Lover download, book and MP3 for only $10

3- Bryan and Melissa get the entire proceeds from this item as a gift of love from all of YOU!
Quick Links
Why Twitter Wendi?
Wendi kiss
So close!
I have almost 3000 followers.
I will twitter a big prize for all 3000 when I hit this mark. Tell your twitter friends! Then read my twitter to see the secret link!

Join me now!

Get your friends involved. It is SIMPLE and slightly addictive. And it is a great business resource. I have learned things I would never have discovered on my own. Twitter will accelerate your success or just give you a laugh every day.
877 68-HAPPY

Instructions for this big sale
1. Order as much as you want, 40% off.
GO here

2. Use coupon MBLOVE for discount.

3. Add Hypnotize Your Lover to order for only $10 ( don’t worry, after coupon it will become $10)
Add to order now

4. Choose your GIFT ($29-49 value) by putting in the comment area- (only one gift per order IF your order is over $50)

Power Nap
Speed Read, Spell well
Peace Within

Remember- the entire amount from Hypnotize Your Lover book and CD goes directly to Melissa and Bryan!

For 5 minutes on Saturday, 60% off and big fat prizes!

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yes  Yes, the rumors are true. I am going to something a little nutty on Saturday for 5 minutes. It is a big 5 minute event, where you get to win $1000 cash.   money But that is not the best part. 60% off everything! During this five minute event, you will get to buy anything and everything you can stuff into your cart at 60% off. Yes 60% off! You will be able to buy any CDs or DVDs at less than wholesale (gasp!) for 5 minutes. But that is still not the best part. On Saturday, May 17 at 10 am pacific time, 1 pm eastern, I will be live on my Stickam video. I will give you the GO signal and the SECRET LINK to the page where you can put on your running shoes, grab a shopping cart and wind your way through the aisles, grabbing the programs you have always wanted and tossing them into your cart. (in a virtual sort of way, of course) Here is where it gets strange and fun. The first person to complete their order with at least 3 items in their cart, gets $1000. Cash. $1000 smackers. moneypocket The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th people to complete their order get $100 in cash and a 30 minute live session with me on the phone or in person. The 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th person to order - get a free MP4 Player with the entire Pocket Therapist package loaded on. ($99 value) mp4withfinger And that is not all! The next 10 orders to come through (even if you have only one thing in your order) will get: Dr. Freuds Therapy Ball or the Oh So Silly AFFIRMATION BALL so you can have answers to all your important life questions. drum Let’s recap. Here is how to win a thousand bucks or other great prizes. EVENT DATE Saturday May 17th 10:00 am pacific time 1:00 pm eastern time FIND YOUR LOCAL TIME HERE –> go to www.stickam.com/wendifriesen –> Open www.Stickam.com/wendifriesen on Saturday Watch Wendi LIVE She will announce the secret page link and CLUE that will get you 60% off. She will say “GO!” Watch Live here: www.stickam.com/wendifriesen –> Wendi will say “GO” ! –> The Timer Starts and you will have exactly 5 minutes. –> Grab as many things as you can in 5 minutes –> Add the SECRET CODE and take 60% off your entire order Order ONLY from the page link that Wendi announces on the live video. This page will have links to about 200 programs that all qualify for the sale and contest. You can only order from that page. 1st prize First person to complete their order, who also has at least 3 items in their cart, gets the big prize, of one thousand dollars. (announced on the air immediately) Your order numbers and winners names will be announced live during the webcast. Tune in a few minutes early. The GO starts at approximately 10 minutes after the hour. There you have it. I can’t wait. And during my live broadcast I have some special surprises for you. Be sure you are listening, because random prizes will be announced and given away during that broadcast! Love, love, love wendisig TELL A FRIEND! This will be fun. Wendi Friesen Wendi.com PS- After the sale, we will have a live hypnosis session for Manifesting Everything. I will take you to the depths of your soul to bring you what you really want and desire. Manifest Everything, live hypnosis session. Don’t miss it! (just stick around on the video site at www.Stickam.com/wendifriesen)
Starts on Saturday 5 minutes only 10:00 am pacific 1:00 pm eastern Find Your Local Time Here for anywhere in the world