Sarah Palin for VP? Really?

August 30, 2008 by  
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Is it just me? Choosing a 40 year old mother of 5 to run for VP might not be a positive choice for women voters, or for most voters. And what does it say about McCain’s judgement? C’mon. 5 kids, one is 4 months old with Downs. And now she is going to devote 100% of her time to campaigning and then if elected, to being a full time VP, traveling, being available in a moments notice, making choices between her kids needs and the job? Seriously? Being a mother of young kids is a demanding job. I only had 2, but there were many times when I was torn. Having to choose to leave my child to go to work when my child was sick, or had a special project, or needed help through an emotional crisis that can only be helped by giving the love that a mom can give… these are extremely hard choices for normal moms. What does it say about a woman who is willing to put herself in this position to deprive her children, including a 4 month old, of physical and emotional access to their mother? Is it realistic to think that a woman can balance these two jobs? Sarah! Seriously? And what about John McCain’s judgment to put someone in this position- she could be president in a heartbeat. How does he put someone in that position, that could have to decide between a meeting with world leaders around the globe, or staying home to see her child through surgery, or missing the big event at school, or when her children are having an emotional meltdown and she has to say “later, I’m busy”. Downs babies often have serious medical complications. If she is a dedicated mother, what does it say about her choice to accept this role? And John McCain, C’mon. She has 2 years being governor of a state that won the office with 115,000 votes. And you were complaining that Obama doesn’t have the experience to lead the country. What kind of judgment were you using to make such a big decision. I am all for women doing outstanding things, including being president. But this demonstrates extraordinarily bad judgment. Mcain on his choice, and Palin on her acceptance. She has a stuffed bear in her office. Did she shoot it for fun? Sounds like a crowd pleaser, shooting animals just for fun. I don’t like hunting for sport, but that’s just me.
Sarah Palin with her bear. Awe, how cute.

Sarah Palin with her bear. Awe, how cute.

And Joe Biden, who had those lovely comments about his wife being drop dead gorgeous and in the next sentence that her Phd could be a problem (insinuating that she is too smart, and that would be a bad thing). I must assume that he meant that being smart somehow prevents him from wrapping his brain around her drop dead gorgeousness. Seriously Biden. You are going to be a source of entertainment. We are in for a spectacular time. I don’t like McCain. I just can’t imagine a president that can’t use a computer. Ick. Ron Paul, where are you.