Come on, Wake Up already!

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Are you really using your brain?

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A lot of people are sleepwalking through life, letting the same thing happen to them every day, complaining and hoping and wishing something will change.
It is time to WAKE UP.

If you don’t like what you have, change it!

As you know I have overcome some horrible poverty as a single mom, healed a 20 years of debilitating back pain, created worthiness that resulted in financial abundance, overcame fear of public speaking, and stopped being a victim.

Life still deals you and I some crappy blows. (we are in this together)

Let’s be realistic. But not be victims.

Miracles are hard to come by.

And as miraculous as it should be, miracles take a bit of work!
A miracle should be a miracle, dang it. Not a jobacle. Or a workacle.

Healing my horrendous back pain that all the doctors said could never be healed is a miracle. It took some work.

Getting over my poverty state and my unworthiness and self sabotage, as miraculous as it was (and I never really believed I could do it) took a bit of work.

I am prepared to make it a little easier for you.

Miracle = ON

Today- your lesson is plain and simple. I am going to show you the difference between your conscious mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind.

Next I will give you the real dirt on hypnosis vs. meditation. (there is not really any dirt, just felt like saying that)

And I will tell you how I cured my back pain for good.

You in?
You = In?
Me = Happy + You = Ecstatic.

Why is it always so hard to change?

Well, for one thing, because you believe it is hard to change.
If you just nudge your belief a bit, you open a possibility for change. People get stuck in a negative rut, and the rut becomes a hard-wired response in your brain that creates a reaction that always has the same result- it is hard to change.

And so it is.

You have so massively hardwired your brain to only have one response to stress or habits or addiction or anger or fear… that there is no other possibility.

And now the work begins.

You must undo the neural network that held those reactions and responses.
You must create a new neural network that holds the possible outcomes of what you really do want.

And you go, yea, yea, yea, blah, blah, blah Wendi… I know.

So today, when you LISTEN to me closely you will get to know your brain a bit better.
And as a result I am betting that you will take some action to make some changes.

Let’s do this!

Listen to this podcast, just let it play and notice how you nod your head a lot.

And feel your body getting all warm and blissy as you hear my words.

And then just notice that you have a choice to start it up, right here and right now. “It” being whatever little thing you are tired of having and whatever little thing you are ready to create.

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Wendi Friesen

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I Love you,



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Sabotage that

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Wendi.TV today- Why do you Sabotage the good things in your life?
Bonus GiftWendi
Alcohol Freedom    Zen of Thin    Body Mastery
Happy MLK jr. Day! Tune In for the live show.
I am going to get you going… I promise
Live Show Reminder

Watch live here-

You focused, worked hard and made something good happen. Just when things seem to be getting better, with a chance to finally make some money-  you seem to take a sharp left and do something stupid to destroy all the progress you made.

You just decided to go on the most powerful, unstoppable, body altering diet of the century. Everything is ready- and suddenly you find yourself wrist deep in a gallon of ice cream with no hope of stopping until your face in firmly planted in the carton as you lick the delicate creamy residue.

You managed to quit drinking. You powered through the withdrawals, counted the minutes of sobriety you had accumulated, decided that this 12 step misery wasn’t really that bad… and then on a day that should have been a happy occasion you suddenly nose dive and feel comfort in the bottom of your glass of gin.

… if you find yourself in the thoughts above, you are not alone. Self Sabotage can strike at the strangest times and in the middle of the happiest times.
Just when things are going really well, you dive deep. Whether it is food, drugs, alcohol, failing at a job or business venture or destroying a relationship that was the only thing you valued in your life… you end up perplexed and dumbfounded that you could have sunk so low.

Just when you thought you had it all figured out.

Just when things were coming together.

Just when you had prepared, put so much work into it, focused and cheered yourself on… it all took a wrong turn.

Familiar feeling?
Do you know that one all too well?

This week LIVE on Wendi.TV you will find out the truth about self sabotage, worthiness and the real reason you fail despite your best plans and intentions.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

12 noon Pacific
3 pm Eastern

Find your local time here

Self Sabotage.

Watch live here-

The show is free, dontcha know.
It is filled so full, it is just oozing with help and ideas to make your entire day feel like you are surrounded by rainbows and unicorns.

Chat live during the show.

See you shortly.

It is at the Ustream page.
wendi bright  
I have some really great specials for you during today’s show. Be sure to come and watch and listen.

It starts in just a few minutes!

Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

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Take 50% off today, if you need to stop the depression, anger and hopelessness.

My Life- A program to end depression

Chill Out- A program to end your anger

Happiness 101- A program to let go and start feeling happy again.

Quit Smoking- Stop the cravings, get serious!

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Wendi Friesen, CHT
Here in California it is sunny. But last week was the darkest, wettest week we have seen in forever. For the midwest… well, enjoy. It is coming your way.

A little sunshine is a great thing! Big waves here at my beach after the storm. So fun to watch.

I watched a recent show on 20/20 about a chain of children’s dentists that hold them down and let them scream as they work on their teeth.
Did you see it?

So sad. And the trauma will stay with those kids. It hurts to know this is going on.

For the last 2 weeks I have been working on a great project that will give dentists everywhere access to hypnotic sedation (using hypnosis sessions while patients are in the chair) and help anyone alleviate their dental fears.

So- do you have dental anxiety?
Were you traumatized as a child?
Do those very long needles scare the crap out of you?

I think that this project will give everyone access to a blissful dental visit.
So many great things about this project. If you are in the dental business in any capacity, please give me a shout! I need to talk to you!

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