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Do you (or your kid) have trouble waking up? logowendi 11


Don’t hit that snooze button
ever again!
And find out how to use some ninja mind control to make your kids get out of bed in the morning.
This is from the
Can’t Hurt, Might Help
school of mind control.

This video will teach you how to never hit the snooze button again. Yes, you. A morning person. Now that is special. Also, we will see if it is actually possible to get your kids out of bed. For real.

Are you late for work?
Do you hate mornings?
I had to get out of bed to write this to you. It’s like a mini-workshop on getting your brain to wake the hell up.

I will make you a morning person.
And I might just make your kids love mornings as well. …yea, like that will ever happen ;)

Some people are just not morning people. I know. I was one of them. And then, about 10 years ago, someone hypnotized me to wake up with the sun and bounce out of bed. Weirdest thing! It worked, and to this day I am still up with the sun.

Watch the video, it is 10 minutes that could make your morning and your kids mornings a lot better.

Ok, we will let this girl stay in bed. She looks like she needs her rest.

Get both of these for cheap.

Wake Up Sleepyhead.

This is the very process that I used to make myself into a morning person. Use it on your kids, or on your self. You will love it.



The bonus session (a $29 value) is a total life changer.

If you are chronically late, you need this. You will never stress again about being late. How good will this feel?

wake up CD

Learn more…

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Here’s to some great mornings.

I love you,


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Isn’t that is what life is about?

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wendi coffeeSometimes the foam in my latte just goes crazy. Thought I’d share.
I steam the foam in my cup, then pour the coffee in and it makes the foam rise up into a fluffy cloud of dreamy goodness. It is a special moment.


OK, enough about me. We have to talk about you for a minute.


Well, I kind of let you all slide on the new year’s resolutions. I wanted to wait until you gave it your best shot to use all the willpower and effort and determination first.

Well? How’d you do?
I am thinking you need a little Wendi time.

I know, I know, you have been waking up in the middle of the night calling my name, begging for my help, moaning and crying and all in that fetal position. I hear you.

Pick one -

P0RN addicts
Drug addicts
Food addicts
Chronically late


If you are serious and ready to change, please let me help. There are lots of drug companies trying to sell you dangerous drugs to help you keep your resolutions, especially smoking. Please try to avoid the drug treatment. Especially Chantix or Champix. That is some really scary stuff.

I’ve seen an lot of miracles and it is time for you to have a miracle of your own.

Watch the video and just think about how this one thing that I changed over 10 years ago is still affecting my life every day. It is responsible for a big part of my success, creativity and morning joy.

Love, love, love you.


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Today I want to share with you a powerful and touching story from a customer who used my forgiveness program- (read it below the video)

Can you really forgive someone for the bad things they have done to you?

Do you feel justified in the anger you feel from being wronged?

Are you enjoying being right rather than happy?

Has life dealt you some bad cards?

I have a video today that will help to open your mind and heart.

It is a big leap to go from being angry and resentful to forgiving someone who has hurt you.
In this video we will look at what it takes to forgive, why you must forgive, what to expect after doing forgiveness work and most important HOW to do it.

And guess who is the most important person you will ever forgive.
That’s right, point to yourself right now.

How beautiful is forgiveness?

You have a choice. To think that you can choose to live with your stuff
packed deeply inside of you, let it eat at you bit by bit, or you can
experience a spiritual, emotional and physical release through the process
of true forgiveness.
What a choice.

Will your life change?

Will your physical pains and ailments clear up?
Quite possibly. Arthritis and many digestive problems and back pain are all
about deeply stored anger and rage.

Will this session elevate you to feel more happiness?
Super duh. Yup. Crawl out of that dark hole. There’s light over here.

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Wow, a life changing forgiveness experience


peace within banner

And now, a powerful story from a customer of mine, the story of how it feels to finally forgive.

(You can read and comment to the author on this blog: )

In Reference to my brother, my big brother who died 13 years ago. Mitchell Lee Ayers 03/15/1971 – 09/26/1997

I was recently telling my folks that I still dream about Mitch, he sometimes would appear in my dreams as if he was alive…sometimes aged even by my mind to an appropriate appearance, and would sometimes confuse me as to his life and death, in the dream state anyway.
So – I have recently begun a series of self hypnosis audios, to heal. to let go of the past, to program my mind for success and so on .
The thing about hypnosis is it is all internal, there are no outward signs of progress or lack of – my eyes don’t turn a different color, or I don’t wake up 10 pounds heavier – but something is definitely changing under the surface.

Last night Mitch showed up in my dream, and for the first time ever, I confronted him ( my mind’s memory of him) with “why are you here? You’re dead and I know it, stop confusing me” or something like that. The dream image of my brother first became defensive, trying to justify his existence – “no I’m still alive, i was just away at school”, or something like that.

Then I became angry ” No, you’re fucking dead. We buried you. I remember saying goodbye.” THEN the dream got weird and the dream Mitch vamped out with big black hollow eyes and a nightmarish grin – which would have been something he would have done in real life to scare the shit out of me when I was a boy.

So here’s what happened this morning. I have a track called “open heart forgiveness” and I realize I have a lot of issues with the past and with my brother ( still) first of all for being an abusive asshole to me my entire life, then for freaking dying on us.

So I do this 20 minute guided hypnosis on forgiveness, and wow. I really accessed a very tender part of myself. In the sequence you imagine ( under trance – which is very much like the dream state) a special room, for me it ended up being a totally white room, with two chairs. Like a light box. just me, in one chair, and on the other side of the room, an empty chair. And who should decide to join me in this healing session? Who decided in the line of many people I need to forgive, but big brother.

Once the dialogue started, I started crying. I mean, big time sobs. I’m not sure if I have EVER cried this hard or this deep. I imagine a lot of it was grief, still buried in my heart, but also, a lot of anger, and frustration, and hurt. I mean, we’re talking about my big brother here.

So one of the really beautiful things that came from this, healing, was when I allowed him to tell me something I didn’t know, and he thanked me for standing by him. He thanked me for being his little brother, and through all of his health problems, his journey, I was there for him as an inspiration. He always wanted to be like me. That means so much to me. I was so angry that I had an older brother with problems ( seizures) and resented that I could not have a normal sibling. So that was powerful.

There were other words exchanged, but I still am amazed at the depth and intensity of my sobs.

Actually its funny, when the audio first started I tried to crowd my mom and dad AND my brother in the same room. (Group therapy ) But realized quickly that I had complex issues with each of them to forgive ( and ask forgiveness) so I had to send mom and dad outside the ‘room’ and wait for their own sessions.

So who do you need to forgive in your life? Forgiveness is not something you do for others, but something you do for yourself, for your own soul.

Finally, in the sequence, you are guided to an imagery of exchanging gifts – a visual representation of the intangible gift of forgiveness, and so my brother gave me an image of the infinity symbol, in a circle.

I will probably need to do this again with him, as there was just so much history, so much pain, abuse, and of course, the unbelievably complex issue of his death – anger, guilt, grief, All in the past, all anchors around my neck that I’m finally letting go of.

Hypnosis is incredibly powerful thing. – In a matter of 5 minutes, I had accessed probably one of the most painful issues in my heart and mind, and like I said, just pouring tears – something I could not access consciously. Thanks Wendi :)

Oh, and so I drew an image of the gift, and I went to his grave this morning, somewhere i seldom go to, and I put it on his headstone, and i prayed, and I tried to connect my unconscious experience with my waking state. And I think it worked.

I forgive you big brother. We love you and miss you, you are released from any animosity or hard feelings from me. I know you loved me and cared for me in your own way.

Lastly, I asked him to stop coming into my dreams and confusing me, and that he appear more like obi one kenobe, ( with a soft glow ) so that he’s welcome to visit, but as his true form, a memory, as a spiritual guide, but not as a confusing past memory of someone who is deceased. That’s healing.

Thank you for sharing that with us!