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This message made me stop and think, and renew my news
When I get an email like this, I realize there is so much more to be done.
I have some amazing success stories, but when I get one like this it reminds me that I have work to do.
The person who sent this doesn’t know that the email has put me into a full on mission to change the way we look at and treat addiction.
Dear Wendi,
I have had a crack cocaine addiction for approx 12 years which has cost me my family as well as two very successful businesses. Since receiving one of your free CDs six months ago my life has had a dramatic turn around. I have just become an accredited life coach and my family is beginning to trust me again. I will shortly be in a position to purchase one of your complete programs which i truly believe is worth every penny. This morning i listened to Wendi’s 2 minute hypnosis and she mentioned the colour red would change everything, Well i went to buy a car today (first time in ages) and guess what? It is red.
Thank you to Wendi and everyone at for helping me get my life back.

What happened after I read this? Read the rest of the story…

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This Cancer Doctor found the link between positive thoughts and cancer outcomes.

You probably didn’t notice, but an Oncologist (cancer specialist) died last week. You might not know why he is important, but his work included research on how your attitude affects the outcome of cancer patients. He discovered that if you feel you are going to have a good outcome, you are more likely to recover and live and if you feel doomed your chances of dying increase.

Who is he?

Dr. O. Carl Simonton developed a model of emotional support for the treatment of cancer patients… an approach that introduced the concept that one’s state of mind could influence their ability to survive cancer. As chief of Radiation Therapy at Travis Air Force Base, Dr. Simonton implemented this model. This was the first systematic emotional intervention used in the treatment of cancer — a program that was approved by the surgeon General’s Office in 1973. While in private practice, Dr. Simonton utilized his unique approach for the treatment of cancer patients. A pilot study he conducted from 1974 to 1981, demonstrated an increase in survival time and improvement in quality of life.
More about him…

body masteryThis is a good reminder to think good thoughts and continue to bombard an illness with a powerful focus to get well.
I am continuing to read Evolve Your Brain, from Joe Dispenza and loving the miraculous healings that can happen when you put your brain to work on healing rather than focusing on the illness.

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Remember, I love you!

What I love- Miraculous Healings
smileyfacesMiracles keep pouring in.

Robert emailed me, he has a miracle. It didn’t seem possible. He had a miraculous moment with the Body Mastery program. He has Ulcerative Colitis and has been struggling for years. After only 4 days with the Body Mastery program he is trying to figure out why he is feeling so much better. He says…

Wendi Wendi Wendi,
I have made it through day 4 so far, as I do one day at a time. I will have to tell you that these 4 days
have completely had a POSITIVE impact in my life so far. I’m not sure if my Ulcerative Colitis is going in remission, but I can’t wait to listen to the next 4 day’s and am anticipating nothing but good thing from your secessions.   – Robert

And Spike says-
Thanks for spreading the truth Wendi. I’ve acheived a trifecta thanks to you – I’ve beat alcohol, nicotine and depression thanks to you (And tried all the usual clinical therapies and many medications, to no avail. I gave it my best and now understand more about why they  were ineffective for me.) Thanks so much, from a loyal and grateful
customer.    -From spike

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I watched the Michael Jackson Memorial today.

Did you?
Realizing that his drug use resulted in such devastating issues in his life, including his death, is a reminder to us all to look at all the ways we can help other overcome their addictions.

My son, who you may have read about on my blog, can walk into any hospital, fake back pain and walk out with a prescription.
Our teenagers are doing it. Our friends and family members are doing it. And people’s lives are destroyed daily because of it. Multiple doctors and multiple stores. I’ve talked to the  hospitals. They know it is going on and are powerless to stop it. And how is it that there is no system to track multiple prescriptions? Insane.

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