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Forget about it already

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If you are tormented by your past, you will want to read this.
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Why can’t you just forget about it?
(and be sure to check out the amazing deal at the bottom  of this)
Can you really put the past
behind you? 

On the show this week we talked about how to put the negative memories, events and other various emotionally devastating traumas in the past.

The show was on addiction, but the method of putting the past behind us is something everyone needs. Let’s face it, we are all struggling with things we did in the past. Or maybe we are fighting the memories of things that were done to us.

Maybe your obsessive thought is just an image of something you saw that you simply cannot get out of your head.

People always ask me if I can make them just forget it, erase it, or eliminate it.

It might be possible, but probably won’t be permanent and will still have the emotional content of that memory. And that emotional content is what causes all the trouble.

The emotional content of the memory floods the body with a release of chemicals, even years later. The chemicals continue to be released, but even worse, this affects how your cells reproduce.

What do do? How to change it?

Trying to use hypnosis to block the memory does not stop the chemical release of the emotional memory, so a better way to handle it, would be to change the content of the memory.

When you activate the feelings associated with the memory, and then look at it in a different way, you can change the emotional content.
For instance, if you had an embarrassing event years ago, you can look into that memory and ask your very wise inner self to find the positive lesson or the thing that you have decided as a result of this experience.

When you bring the positive lesson into the memory and put in the new emotions that go along with that new powerful belief, the memory no longer sends the chemicals of fear or sadness or guilt or anger into your body.

Make sense so far?

Anything that triggers the old memory is now met with a new response. The old memory didn’t go away, but the reaction has changed. If this process is done well there should be an entirely new feeling ( something like a "yippee I feel so dang good now" sort of reaction)  that results from the old memory being triggered.

And this is why even hard core addicts and alcoholics have totally eliminated their cravings.

You still with me?

Now- think about this.
You have 100s or 1000s or bazillions of these old memories running amok in your brain. They are not all causing havoc, but there are a few key ones that are totally helping you feel depressed, afraid, filled with anxiety, turning to drugs and alcohol and diving deep into hopelessness and despair.

Here’s the solution.
This is why people have miraculous healing.

The very real result of these crappy memories is how this affects our health. (not to mention your worthiness)
When you are depressed your immunity is compromised.
When you are angry your emotions cause damaging stress.
When you are stressed your body cannot fight off viruses, bacteria, cancer and disease.

Let’s change it.
It is really not as hard as it sounds.
When you watch the shows from this week, you will understand more. (links to shows below)
But if you want the fast track to obliterate the bad joo joo, I’ve got your back.

The holy trinity of healing the past.

Resolving the Past
Releasing the triggers

How much will it cost to fix it all up?
Not much. These three hypnotherapy sessions are some of the most powerful work I have done for my clients over the years.
These are the result of 1000s of sessions with clients who have serious difficulty with depression and health issues.
I believe that NOTHING is more POWERFUL than the experience you will have when you resolve the past.

Let’s do this!
All 3 sessions- were $87.
But for you, I combined them into one sadness, anger and depression smashing package, and if you download it you can have it for only $29.

Yes, the entire package is only $29.
Find out how to get this, now

If you want to stop your addictive cravings, bad habits, and fears of never getting clean and sober, you have to watch this.

wendi bright  
If you decide to do my program for RELEASING THE PAST, consider using a journey to write down the feelings, thoughts and new beliefs that emerge as a result. Writing in a journal has amazing power and doing it right after each session can totally help your brain transform the pain of your past.

Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

Need serious help?

Take 50% off today, if you need to stop the depression, anger and hopelessness.

My Life- A program to end depression

Chill Out- A program to end your anger

Happiness 101- A program to let go and start feeling happy again.

Quit Smoking- Stop the cravings, get serious!

Use the coupon SERIOUS to to take 50% off these and get your life started.

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Wendi Friesen, CHT

On Wednesday I was in the audience at the Conan O’Brien show.
I really like Conan and will be sad to see him go. He’s a funny guy.  His life long dream of being the host of the tonight show got yanked out from under him.
At least he still has his fame and money. Phew. What a relief, huh?
(I was so worried for him)

Haiti Help
On a serious note, the earthquake in Haiti is just so devastating and unimaginable from our comfortable, warm, safe homes.

Let’s help out.

100% of the sale of either of these programs, will be donated to the RED CROSS.

Stress Release

Use Coupon Code REDCROSS to get either or both of these and by the end of the day on Saturday the entire proceeds will be paid directly to the RED CROSS.

Thank you for helping out and receiving a gift from me as a thank you!

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Did my show shake you up?

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The Wendi.TV show is so bloated and full, it should be put on a diet!
Bonus GiftWendi
Wow, what a great 3 days of getting things squared away for resolutions. One of my readers got mad at me  that I said your resolutions are doomed. But it is true. And you need to know why I said that. I seriously believe that the last three days of my show might be the most powerful and mind altering education you can get if you want to stop a bad habit, addiction, behavior or change your personality.  And you can watch them all now. No charge, of course.

Part 1 – Why your resolutions WILL fail
Part 2 – Rewiring your brain and people really do change (even you)
Part 3 – Moving Mountains- how to make your change, your action and commitment almost automatic
Did you hear the show today? It will shake you up.
I love you guys!

One of you asked me ~~~~~
Wendi, how can I believe that change is possible when I am feeling hopeless?
And what about the old emotions and past failures that stop me from trying again?

Whether it is weight, exercise, habits, addictions or any behavior change, this session will blow you away. And I don’t say that lightly.

Read the description. This might be the single biggest thing you do if you want to change a habit or addiction. (and take an additional 30% off the sale price with the coupon below)

Emotional Dump  Emotional Dump. See it here.

An another brilliant man asked me~~~~~
Wendi, how about making it seem like I have always LOVED to workout, that it has been a lifestyle and make me feel that I do it everyday. Like brushing my teeth, getting dressed. Make me feel like I just work out every day because it is what I have always done.

Yes, I loved this idea. And I made a kick ass session that will equate working out with the things you have always done, the things that are automatic and simple. Then I asked your brain to accept that you have always done this and always will keep on doing it.

workout for life  Workout Lifestyle- Re-Imprinting memories.
See it here

Additional 30% off the SALE price on both of the sessions above!
Use coupon code

Remember to come to the show and get all the help you need, including actually hypnosis sessions during the show.

Live Every Week!
Put it on your Calendar, set an alarm.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
Noon Pacific time
3 pm Eastern
Find your local time here


Monday- Tune in here-

OR at Ustream

Are you again struggling to try to figure out why your resolutions will fail?

Why do you feel hopeless about making a big or small change?

Is your excitement for the new year not all it should be?

Catch the archives now, and join me next week.

Alcohol FreedomZen of Thin
wendi bright  

Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

PS- I have a list of programs that are all about ending your bad habits and addictions and I gave out a 50% off link during the live show.

I think there are a few of you who might also be ready to stop the bad habits, bt you could not make the show.
You need to stop procrastinating, drinking, p0rn, fingernail biting, smoking and more, more, more.

To get the list and the COUPON code, please do this:


Subject line- must say:

My Fantastic Resolution

You will receive a return email with the links and the discount. I will make it good for ONE day, so grab it now.

And be sure to TWITTER the show link, just send friends to
http://www.Wendi.TV and they will get to enjoy the show for free as well.

Wendi Friesen, CHT
Thank goodness the holidays are over. As special as it can be, I always feel a sigh of relief when I can put away all that tacky xmas stuff. :)  

I think that for most people, the thought of new years resolutions are met with a feeling similar to hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. Seriously- another diet? Another attempt at working out every day?

Step away from
the hammer.

Two of my members gave me brilliant ideas for sessions. Just brilliant.
If you want to make a suggestion for a topic just email it to me by replying to this email. If I like it, I will make it! You guys are really inspiring and the thing I love the MOST about what I do is being in close contact with you.

Be sure to read the PS at the bottom. I have a cool secret offer for you.
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Think Thin

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Nutrition is everything, especially if you want to have a leaner body. You can start today! news
Good morning!
I am still in bed (it is already 7 am) and I can’t get up because I have a kitty on my chest. It happens every morning. As soon as she hears my laptop getting ready, she jumps into bed and purrs on my chest.

I love the feeling of purring right on my heart. Do any of you have the same morning cat routine? I’ve heard from a few of you on twitter that you also have trouble getting out of bed due to cat purring on chest syndrome.

I went on a whale watching boat yesterday, still hoping to see blue whales which just started coming through my area. (Newport Beach, ca)
I am determined to see blue whales this year! If you want to join me (seriuosly) let me know. I am going to try the Long Beach whale watching boat next. The blue whales are in the area!

The scratch and dent sale made our fulfillment company go a little nuts and I know there were a few (yea, I wish it was just a few)  errors in shipments. I am very sorry, and if for any reason you had an error in your shipment, I want to know. I don’t know why it is so hard to find a great fulfillment company, and as a result of the last month with them, I am looking for a new company.

Do you have a great recomendation for an excellent fulfillment company? Reply to this email!

Why do you need even more training for weight loss?
You  HAVE to meet Todd today!

Because, despite your best efforts, you still might not have your head screwed on straight.

You have a couple of options.
1- pay attention to your HEAD (more about that below)
2- pay attention to your nutrition

You know I have talked a lot about Raw Foods and Super Foods, and how I have transformed the way I feel and created a ritual that has become easy.
So, I met a couple of people who know a lot about nutrition and raw foods, and their specialty is in helping people learn how to use great nutrition to lose weight.

Even better, one of their main things is a drink made from raw cacao (not cocoa) that is an amazing super food that will help you burn fat. I make drinks with raw cacao (pronounced cacow) that are unbelievably  delicious, and it is so easy.

If you would like to listen in, I will be interviewing Todd today. Learn a lot about the exact superfoods that will help you feel great, burn fat and get started on great nutrition.

Tune in TODAY – Thursday
10 am Pacific
1 pm Eastern

Dial in #  – (712) 432-0075
Pass code – 369-304

Is it all in your head?
Are you minding your thoughts!

Eating slowing and mindfully will make your brain receive the message that you are full.

Inhaling your food without being aware of what you are eating results in massive quantities of calories and can still leave you hungry.

You have heard about putting down your fork between meals and that is all just dandy advice. But what I love to do is MAKE you do it, automatically.

And then once we have mastered that skill, you get to start feeling full after just a few bites.

And after that I want to get you to pay attention to the types of foods you are eating.

Every day, I want you to change 1 little thing for a week. Are you up for it?

5 Things you must NEVER eat, ever, for any reason.

I have listed them here. There are more. But these five are gonna getcha!

$50 off if you decide to take the challenge.
I am still blown away that so many people dropped 6-10 pounds in a week on my 7 day challenge. I know that it is not all fat, it is water and shall we call it "waste" that is petrified in your intestines.

Once you clear the crap out of your mind and body, the rest can be easy.

And with TODAY’s telemseminar AND the next 7 days of the THINK THIN challenge, you might feel some amazing energy and get up at 6 am every day, like me! Or not… I don’t really care too much what time you get up, but mornings are pretty sweet. So many birds at 6 am.


I am working on a new ADDICTION FREEDOM program for that is online, 7 day intensive that will start to change the deepest conflicts and needs about addiction.

I am designing this for use with drugs, alcohol, gambling, internet addiction, and making it a real way to deal with the obsessive negative thoughts that fuel addictive behaviors.

If you are in need, hang on.
It is just days away from being ready. I know so many of you have asked and are looking for a solution to stop the struggle, even if you are clean and sober. And I know from my years of work that this will stop your struggle.

Let’s all take this drug problem seriously, and save some lives, mend some sad families, and save some souls from the heartache.

Oprah’s show today is about addiction. I plan to sit and cry. You all know my 1st born is battling addiction. My heart aches with every one of you who has a family member who is struggling.

I will try to post an update to my blog on my son’s journey. It is just so up and down every day, it is hard to get a handle on what to write. Ugh.

Blog is at

The addictions posts are at "The Wind"
I don’t know why I called it The Wind… it just seems like how my life goes with a child who is an addict. Blown around by the wind.
Loving you!

What I love- Miraculous Healings
smileyfacesMiracles keep pouring in.

Robert emailed me, he has a miracle. It didn’t seem possible. He had a miraculous moment with the Body Mastery program. He has Ulcerative Colitis and has been struggling for years. After only 4 days with the Body Mastery program he is trying to figure out why he is feeling so much better. He says…

Wendi Wendi Wendi,
I have made it through day 4 so far, as I do one day at a time. I will have to tell you that these 4 days
have completely had a POSITIVE impact in my life so far. I’m not sure if my Ulcerative Colitis is going in remission, but I can’t wait to listen to the next 4 day’s and am anticipating nothing but good thing from your secessions.   – Robert

And Spike says-
Thanks for spreading the truth Wendi. I’ve acheived a trifecta thanks
to you – I’ve beat alcohol, nicotine and depression thanks to you (And tried all the usual clinical therapies and many medications, to no avail. I gave it my best and now understand more about why they  were ineffective for me.) Thanks so much, from a loyal and grateful
customer.    -From spike

Need a health miracle? Get the Body Mastery Extreme Health program. Start Day 1 now.
Video Spot- Get ready to go deep!
 Try out my 3 minute Hypno Spot on you tube.
I will give you a fast blast of hypnosis that will set you straight.

I think you will LOVE this, just because you have been feeling that feeling that is making you a little crazy sometimes. Am I right?
Check it out, there are several.Here are two of them


Tune in TODAY – Thursday
10 am Pacific
1 pm Eastern

Dial in #  – (712) 432-0075
Pass code – 369-304

Still love you,

Hypno Mojo
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WARNING: This is an erotic massage video with hypnotic  sessions embedded.
You have been warned.
Yes, take me deeper
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