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Don’t fear weight gain. It is just stupid and a waste of energy.

THREE things that are going to totally take the fear out of weight loss.
And a little Bacon Talk.

pig fly

How’s everyone doing?
Holidays got you excited or a little afraid? Emotions run wild these days. And for some, emotional ups and downs mean some out of control eating.

I am going to give you what I feel is the most important inner game for a healthy body and the end of fear of weight gain.

1. 4 Hour Body
2. Steph’s super powered coaching
3. My Down and Dirty Mindful Eating crash course. MUST READ.

I won’t beat around the bush. After some changes in my weight due to age and metabolism, I struggled-  even with my best inner game strategies I started gaining weight and got scared.

4 Hour Body , the book

Most of what I discovered that really lets me maintain my healthy weight is summed up in Tim Ferriss’s new book, the 4 Hour Body.

Eliminate Carbs- all white foods, no grains, add lots more protein, and stuff your face with veggies.
For most of you it is the carbs that are getting you. And you are probably not getting enough protein. Learning this lesson and applying it properly has allowed me to eat a lot of food, feel energized and stop the weight gain. Four  Hour Body

The research in Tim’s book is fascinating.
Take a peek.
But I am not, under any circumstances taking his suggestion of an ice bath for 20 minutes a day. Not going to do it.


Steph’s Super Powered Coaching
Steph has an amazing program that will make you not only get your emotional mindset, brain blueprint and energy tools… it will also get you motivated like crazy. Steph is THE most uplifting and insanely contagious women I have every met.

She is giving this to my subscribers. I know you will love this series. It’s a good time to get a big  mindset change and find out why I think Steph is a woman to learn from!

Grab your copy of her 3 part video series:
“Secret’s Of The Slim And Sexy” from the page I’m
sending you to. Right now, get it.

Mindfulness Training

This is weird. And good.

There is research that shows that if you imagine yourself eating something, BEFORE you eat it, when you actually eat it you eat a lot less.
And they did the experiment with M&Ms and with cheese cubes. Here is an excerpt-

In the experiment, the appear in the journal Science , researchers from Carnegie Mellon asked volunteers to imagine eating about 30 M&M’s, visualizing the sights and sounds involved in as much detail as possible, including chewing and swallowing.


When those same volunteers were presented with a bowl of M&M’s, they ate about half as much as volunteers who did not participate in the visualization, according to The Los Angeles Times. reported that the study showed similar results when other participants were shown photos of 30 cubes of Kraft cheddar, one at a time, for five seconds. Like those who imagined the candy, the cheese people still liked cheese, but ate relatively less.


So Amazing and Simple!!

Does this link to the the hypnotic power that you have to force your brain to eat mindfully, choosing to experience the food, rather than just gulping it down?

Eating mindfully, if you just change that one thing, will make you eat about half of what you  normally eat.


Why does imagining the food make you have less of an appetite?


Remember that your brain doesn’t know the difference between an imagined or real event. If you imagine eating it you set in motion the hormones (ghrelin, leptin) that tell your brain you are feeling full, and you communicate to the cells (stomach in particular) that you are feeling full due to the M&Ms you just ate, even though you have not actually eaten them.


Cool, yes?


Wanna play? Today, take 2-3 minutes before you eat any food. Even just 30 seconds would help. But better would be to do a full couple of minutes.


Next- start eating.

Put your fork DOWN after a bite.


SERIOUSLY. Do that. See above.


Make SURE your mouth is EMPTY before loading your fork for the next bite.

Take a deep breath before you take the next bite.

Taste the food. Taste it. Feel it. Love it up with your tongue.


Remember, when you are eating mindfully, you are also taking advantage of the process of telling your brain you are full. In the same way that imagining eating the M&Ms creates a smaller appetite, the process of REALLY tasting the foods will convince your brain you are more full.


Bacon- This  morning I ate bacon with my breakfast. I could take big bites of it, chew, swallow, stuff in next delicious bite.




I can just take a small bite.

TASTE it, Enjoy it.

Let that insanely delicious morsel of dead pig flesh linger on my tongue.

All the while my brain absorbs the message that this flavor that explodes in my mouth teaching my brain to feel full, if I had a big bite or a small one.

Do you want to do the intensive MINDFUL eating course?

It’s a goodie!

I know this is way too good to be true, but it is true.

Some people lost over 10 pounds in one week on my Think Yourself Thin program.

Seriously. Not one person, not two, but many of them.

And some only lost 5-7 pounds. ;) In one week you will not only find out how mindful eating can affect your weight loss, you will embed permanently the mindfulness programming.

I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

It is real.

Check it out. The video will get you thinking.


Here is a moose, just so you will remember to smile today. :)


Got some holiday needs? Christmas Gifts? Need Ideas?

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infusion cd

Love Infusion August 6, 2010
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I don’t usually review products, but I had to write one about the Love Infusion Program.  It is fantastic.  Wendi says all the things that one would have wanted a loving parent, friend or partner to say.  A lot of people hook up with the wrong person, simply because they are starving for kind and loving words.  This program will satisfy that longing and craving, so that one does not have to be with the wrong person, simply because they pay us a compliment or see us in the light that we want to be seen in.  Bravo Wendi.

Loving Words-
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I love you,


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John Denver? He asks Daddy not to get drunk, because he doesn’t want to see Mommy cry again?


Love you.



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