How Are Those Resolutions Going?

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Resolutions! How are those working out for you, now that the month is almost over?
Survey of over  3000 people showed that 88% failed at their resolutions.

Here it is. The hard, cold facts.
If you ever want to accomplish anything in your life, you have to understand this. And never make another resolution.

You want to desperately change. You go buy a treadmill, you enroll in a procrastination course, you join weight watchers, you swear you will not take another drink.

And still, that insane brain of yours keeps defaulting to the only thing it knows.

You are Hardwired. Hard. Wired.
Your brain can only go to the place that you wired it up to go to.

Your brain cannot go to places that don’t exist.


Watch the Video. Like your life depends on it.

It’s crazy really.
The more you try to NOT do something, the more confused your brain will become. Your brain has to do SOMETHING. And the one thing it knows really well, the thing it is hardwired to do… is the very thing that you don’t want.

Watch the dang video already.

Support groups. Maybe you joined a support group so you can stop procrastinating, overeating, having anxiety, being depressed, quitting drinking.


What do you spend all your time talking about while in that group?

What do you focus on during that time?
More of the same?
Sad stories, fears, worry, strategies to cope, other people’s problems?

How much time is spent on changing all that internal crap in your subconscious mind that is running the show?


Watch the video, pretty please.

It is not that all support groups are bad, they are just mostly getting it wrong.

What you think about… expands.

Thoughts are things.

You become what you think about most of the time.

What you resist… persists.

We have hard science that now shows us why this happens. If you are checking out Joe Dispenza or Bruce Lipton or ME you are starting to get really smart about the neural networks in your brain and the genetic changes that happen as a result.

Is addiction really a disease?
Are you doomed to be addiction the rest of your life?
Should you really attach this identity to your name- 
“hi, I’m Joe and I’m an alcoholic”- 
and expect to be anything else?

Are you really going to say to yourself, one more time, “I just can’t stop eating sugar” or  “I can’t lose weight, I just love to eat too much”.
??? Really ???

Ok, Breathe.
Relax your shoulders.
Breathe again.

Hear my voice. It’s all going to be ok. Let’s get started.

Watch the video. :)

I love you,


Here is an ice sculpture that the river made. It seems to be a dove.
Here are the rest of the pics, in high rez.

ice river

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wendi snow

I took a hike on a trail that my friend loved, but she didn’t mention it was 8 miles and 2000 feet up and back down. These Boulder people are in olympic shape. We finished the hike but ended up at the wrong parking lot. And the sun was going down and it was mountain lion time.

She wanted to hike the rest of the way, alone, to the other parking lot. I wanted to walk to the road and flag down a car. Risky as well. My very weary body continued to the road.

The road, as it turned out, was just a remote mountain dirt road with no traffic and very few houses on this mountain.
And it was mountain lion time, remember?

I told her that I would manifest a car, with a very nice woman to drive us to our car. Hard to believe, because there were no cars and it was getting cold. And mountain lionish.

I said I would put in a 100% certainty, for sure, manifesting miracle request for us…just hang in there for a minute.

About a minute later, dontcha know, a lovely woman pulled up, gave us a ride. She said it was a really good thing she came along. It was mountain lion time and there is one lion that visits her porch and lives right here on this place on this mountain.

Thank you universe. Or whatever it is that makes things happen so nicely.

This woman said to come back and visit her anytime, hang out. That was so  much better than a creepy guy in an old pickup that might have been our rescuer.

These mountains are beautiful. Even though I couldn’t walk for two day, the hike was amazing.

See the pics. They are quite lovely.


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I Want To Pump, You Up!

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Body Builder Mental Mastery

It’s here! The new, snazzy, faster acting, longer lasting-

Body Builder Mental Mastery

Athletes know how important their mental game is. And no matter how good you are at your sport, if you don’t have your mind in the game more practice will not make you better.

A simple experiment at Manchester University in England shows that visualization alone can build muscle.
Half the group did exercises each day with their pinky finger, the other half only visualized doing the exercises.

The group that did the exercise, increased the size and strength of the muscle by 29%.
The group that did not move a finger, only imagined, increased size and strength by 16%.

Build Muscle Only With Your Mind?

Pretty impressive, yes?

Think about it.
I am always telling you to watch what you say to your cells, because they are listening. And I want you to realize how specific the messages from your mind to your body are- the words and images go to a specific place to perform a specific function.

So, when you say to yourself, “OMG I hate how fat my thighs are getting” or you tell your head “This headache is getting worse and worse” your body hears it and figures, “okey dokey, we better obey. Fatter thighs you want? No problem. Bigger headache, you got it baby.”

Just a friendly reminder. If you want something to grow, tell it to grow. Imagine it growing. Immerse it in messages of growth. Imagine doing the very thing that will make it grow. Great for muscles. And boobs. (research has been done on this as well)

It is not that hard to create a miraculous effect in your body, whether it is repairing damage from a stroke, stopping a headache, ending chronic pain, getting over a skin condition that was considered incurable. You get the idea.

How I Fixed My Finger

I once had a swollen finger with a ring that was stuck for over a week. I had tried everything. Soap, oil, ice, just everything for days. My finger was looking bad. So I was going to drive to get it cut off (the ring, not the finger) and figured I might as well hypnotize it to get the swelling down. I didn’t totally believe it would work, I kind of hoped it would work, but I did it anyway.

I went inside the finger, imagined the tissues reducing size, letting fluid flow back, reversing the inflammation, etc. I also imagined very vividly the ring sliding off easily about 2 hours from that time.

Lo. And Behold.
A couple of hours later that ring slid right off my finger. No oil, no ice, no butter, no fuss, no muss.

The reason I tell you this is to remind you how powerful a specific thought can be. Remember how receptive our body is… Your commands will be carried out, just have to ask!

Are Your Muscles Really Listening?

Body Builder’s Mental Mastery- this is the extreme version. You get to do virtual exercises, meet your powerful future self, focus on specific growth for each muscle group, create bigger gains in your weight lifting and grow, baby grow.


$20 OFF and a Bonus!

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$20 off and Irresistible You bonus CD

Sweet? Yes.
Limited time?
You bet.

Order before Saturday at Midnight and I will Pump You Up in no time. :)

I know you are going to love this all New Body Builder hypnosis program. Please remember to send me an email and pictures of your lovely bod.

I love you,


Body Builder – Extreme All New!

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Weight Release- Powerful hypnosis getting thin

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The pursuit of Happiness

I got a little excited when I saw the big blue Happiness Bus pull into Boulder. It said it is delivering happiness. I was all over that!

Turns out, it is Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos on a city to city tour with his book, Delivering Happiness. I have to tell you, I loved the book. It is his real story of getting started as a kid trying to start a work farm and several other biz projects.

His creation of Zappos was not about shoes. It was an attempt to make a company with the best customer service possible. Reading the book was inspiring. And that is what Tony is out to do now. Inspire people to find their happiness.

Oh, and in the process, Tony asked me to come in the bus and be interviewed live about how my work inspires others. Now that made me feel pretty jazzy. Hanging with Tony. Yee haw!

Recently I asked my Facebook group for an idea for a recording and most of them said the want to stop worrying, stop anxiety about the economy and let go of fear. They want to live in the feeling that everything is going to work out ok. Just feel content. Just feel happy.
I have a project I am working on that is about creating happiness for a lot of people. This project has the potential to end homelessness for those that want a way out. It all revolves around getting people to find their happiness. When it is ready, you will be the first to hear about it. We are in the testing stages right now.

Here’s to a little happiness in your day. Schedule it in, in ink. Do something every day that makes you happy. Something really cool and different every day.

Love you,


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Hypnosis For Hair Growth | Wendi’s Newsletter

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One of the most intriguing uses of hypnosis
is the miraculous changes we can make in our bodies.

Miraculous Body- Podcast Audio

Powered by

Some people claim to change their eye color.
Some claim that they are growing taller. I get many emails about this!
Milton Erickson claimed that his client grew 5 inches taller. Hmm. Amazing, but how can this happen?
People claim to change their hair color.
I even found a website that says you can do hypno orthodontics and straighten your teeth.

I don’t know if all these things are possible and I have no first hand information or research on those. Just stories.

I sure have seen a lot of miraculous things happen for clients of mine.

And I have to tell you it is hard to believe that we have this much power by simply setting the cellular communication in action.

I have helped people get rid of serious allergies almost instantly.
Asthma, gone for good.
Back injuries healed completely.
Migraines- completely, totally eliminated.
Severe chronic pain for years, totally released.
Nasty incurable rashes and psoriasis, healed right up.
Plantar Fascitis, strange but true, (the foot arch pain) just gone for good.
8 Years of agoraphobia (she couldn’t leave the house) totally cured in 4 days.
Carpal tunnel, her MRIs showed it disappeared in our 4 sessions together. No surgery!
20 years of depression gone in 2 weeks, her husband thanked me for giving his wife back to him.

It is just so unbelievable to most people though.
And I understand why it is hard to believe just on faith.

You have to experience it for yourself.

I want to teach you a little about this so you understand it better.
I want you to use these methods to make some unbelievable things happen in your body.
And then you will be amazed at your very special super powers as well.

Now for the good stuff.

I told you we are going to talk about the HAIR GROWTH with hypnosis.

Sounds crazy I know. Sure wouldn’t want to risk my reputation by trying something as goofy as growing hair on your bald head.

it works.

Want to find out why?
Here is my explanation about why I think you can activate the dormant follicles on your head.
It turns out that these sleepy follicles are just waiting to be turned on.

Hair Growth Hypnosis

Have you listened to your MANIFESTATION MEDITATION today?

It is still free. Just go here to listen to it now.

Be sure to leave your comments on how it is changing your outlook, your life and your manifesting.

Need a Miracle?

Let’s do this. I am going to give you   a chance to experience some of my miracle inducing sessions.

30% OFF today
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Want an excellent GIFT thrown in?
Order today and I will include my beautiful
Fountain Of Youth CD as a gift.

Choose your miracle now.
Take 30% any of these below.
Grab your gift, the Fountain of Youth.
Use coupon code FOUNTAIN for discount and gift.

Allergy Freedom Allergy Freedom
Back Pain Gone Back Pain Gone
Clear Head - Headache Relief with Hypnosis Clear Head, headache relief
Pain Release Hypnosis Pain Relief
Body Mastery Body Mastery
Eye Sight Excellence Eye Sight Excellence
Stroke - Brain and Body Healing Stroke- Brain restoration
Skin Deep Skin Deep
My Life- Relief from Depression My Life- Relief from Depression
So now you know.
Cat’s out of the bag.
Turns out you can take
charge of some of those
pesky health issues that
have been making you bonkers.
Wendi Friesen

Life’s good.

I love you,



PS- Did you still need to pick up your download of LOVING WORDS?
The letters are amazing from people who are using the program.

Get yours here, now.
(I reactivated the coupon code on that page!)

Read this! So cool!

Dear Wendi,

I just want to say that I’ve listened to your Love Infusion bundle… and you really hit the nail on the head. I’m a hypnotist myself, and I’ve waited a very long time to hear say the things you’ve said in these sessions. There is much to appreciate in your word choice – the spacing between each phrase – and your sincerity behind how you say them. I felt, on so many levels, like you were speaking directly to me as if we were actual friends.

Three weeks ago (tomorrow), I’ll have gone 3 weeks completely sober – from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, even wine – which is a pretty big deal for me. I love the approach you used in the whisper-drug-fantasia one.

Specifically, I LOVE how you said, “Doesn’t it feel good to be YOU?” and “You’re back!”
— I mean, I say these things to myself, but to hear a 3rd person say this was such a special experience.
You really brightened a dim part of me that has been covered for a very long time.

In the Love-whisper-fantasia one, you said, “Your feelings matter,” and “I’ll stand by you, and I’ll stand with you…” and “I believe in you…” were so special, I can’t even describe.

There is much good in your soul – and I feel that I trust you. Please continue what you are doing.

I will continue to create strong and fair boundaries (your suggestion) which is exactly what I needed to hear.

Compliments are a dime a dozen in this business. In so many ways, I wish to leave you with a compliment you may actually remember years from now. Can you imagine remembering a compliment?

You matter. Your words are magic. Your optimism is hopelessly contagious.

Peace and love,

What is the Infusion? | Wendi’s Newsletter

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A powerful and loving way to infuse your mind with love, hope and pride.

Are you struggling with
destructive self talk?

Are you sometimes your own
worst enemy?

Do you feel anger, failure and disappointment in yourself?

It is time for a really big change.

Research shows that subliminal messages have no effect. Research also shows that words and sentences in text that flash on your computer screen have absolutely no effect.
If you are ready to change the negative and destructive messages in your mind, the INFUSION might be just what you have been looking for.

These are not affirmations.

Affirmations can create conflicts because you are saying something to yourself that is not true. Your inner mind rejects the statement and might even create sabotage if the statement does not resonate as true.

Now you have a brain INFUSION.

Instead of repeating affirmations, you will hear me telling you things about yourself.

You will hear questions that your inner mind can answer.

You will feel loving comments and praise on what you have done well. You will be reminded of why you should be proud of yourself.

Your mind will respond in an entirely different way to INFUSION statements.

Simply let my voice play in the background on your computer or iPod or in the car.
As the phrases float in and around your mind, you are infused with the feelings, thoughts and beliefs that make you feel loved and healthy.

Choose the type of music you are in the mood for, or choose voice only.

At night or when you need to recharge, choose the deep trance session that has soothing music with the words woven in along with trance inducing Binaural Beats.

Binaural beats direct the brain waves to change. Your brain is guided from Beta, through Alpha, Theta and Delta while you simply relax.

Beta is your waking state

Alpha is the day dreamy state

Theta is the deeper sleep state when your brain and body is in the most restful and restorative state. During this time you are repairing and regenerating cells.

Delta is a deep sleep state

If you want to stop worrying, end anxiety, stop your insomnia and feel very peaceful and balanced, use the binaural beat session when you can close your eyes and let go.

Imagine this- while you do your work or take a walk or even drive down the street you hear the voice floating along with you.

The voice gives you loving messages, asks you questions, allows you let go of the past, focuses on your worthiness and wraps you up in love.

These are not affirmations. Affirmations often don’t work.

The Infusion is a more like you have a good friend who sees the best in you and wants to tell you how wonderful you are.

The Infusion is the right words in just the right way that penetrate your mind and soul.

You might find yourself quietly saying “yes” or you might feel that you are nodding your head in agreement.

When you hear the questions, your mind will search for the feelings and experiences that answer it in an empowering way. And you don’t have to put out any effort. You simply allow your inner mind to find the answers to the questions.


Download the topic that you need the most.
You can choose the one you want to hear right now.

Each topic has 5 sessions.  They are only $29 each.

(grab the coupon below)

1- The voice only, with a lively expression.

2- The voice only, in a soft whisper.

3- The whisper voice with FANTASIA soothing, melting musical background and binaural beats.

4- The voice with SPIRIT sparkly, happy musical background.

5 -The voice with CHILL an upbeat, jazzy, drum beats and pumping rhythm.

Ready to find out how this will feel?

Introductory special for the first 100 orders- ONLY $17 each

Use coupon code INFUSE for discount.

Choose your topic-
infusion cd

Loving Words- learn more
5 sessions. Infusion of Love, self esteem, self love and healing your hurt.

Freedom From Alcohol- learn more
5 sessions that will restore your power, release alcohol from your life and make you strong.

Freedom From Drugs- learn more
5 sessions that will give you power to let go of your addiction and heal your mind and heart.

Weight Relief- learn more
5 sessions that will give you energy, get you to drink more water, workout and eat healthy and feel loved and beautiful.

infusion cd

Get all 4 topics in one bundle. Yes I want all 4

All four Infusion topics, $99.90
Use coupon code INSIGHT for 50% discount.

1/2 off!!
Introductory special for the first 100 orders,
only $49!

I really enjoyed making these for you.
Please let me know how you
experience them!
Wendi Friesen

I love you,


Wendi Friesen
Get one topic
or all 4

Offer Expires: First 100 orders only!

Dream Police are here, they’re looking for you

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Can you learn while you sleep?

How do you hypnotize your lover while they sleep? (and is it possible?)

Are you a frantic, ninja style sleeper? I have a cool free offer to
participate in my experiment.

Do subliminal CDs have any effect on your brain?

Hello my hypnotic friends,

I got an email from Happy Murray in Ireland, it blew me away.
And some guy said he hypnotized his wife while she was asleep and made her
have some really, shall we say, pleasant feelings in her body.
And the guy who grinded his teeth so bad that he chewed up his mouth guard
every night… he is the one who prompted me to help the frantic sleepers of
the world


Having trouble listening to the audio?
Click here to listen or download it.

Leave a comment below about these podcasts and let me know if you are liking

Catch you tomorrow. Want your questions answered? Just put them in the
comments field below and you might be featured on my next podcast.
Wendi Friesen

I love you,



Somnulucent - The Cure For Insomnia

Somnulucent – the end to insomnia and the start of
something really amazing every night.

Watch the free video that will teach you hypnotic
techniques to END your insomnia.

Hypnotize Your Lover

Hypnotize Your Lover -

book and CD.


Buy the Book and CD set


Download it now Ebook and MP3

Start working on your mad hypno skills with your lover.
Just as juicy as it gets. The CD is an interactive thing- I hypnotize your
lover, you give the suggestions.
And the book… oh the book.

Bruxism &anp; Wake Up Sleepyhead Combo

Bruxism – Stop grinding your teeth at night. Your jaw, neck, teeth and dentist will thank you.

Sweet Dreams 8 sessions CD

Sweet Dreams – 8 sessions to fall asleep to that will make you LOSE WEIGHT, love to exercise and get over your food addiction.

Cool, yes? Here is why people love this:

+++++ 5 Stars! IT WORKS!
Reviewer: PJS from Dallas, TX

Something is happening on a very subtle level. I AM eating less and today, I ate a salad at one of my usual places. Normally, I ALWAYS buy cookies to take home, but today, I did not! I saw them when I ordered my salad and even talked about buying some with my friend, but I got up and left and didn’t! Just now, which is about one and a half hours after lunch, I had the thought, “What do I have that”s sweet?” Then, another voice kicked in: do you really want/need something else? You had a very nice, healthy lunch…. WOW!!! In all my years of dieting (about 30!) I don”t recall ever having that dialogue with myself. Last night (day 3 of listening) I ate a lot less than usual. I”m not stopping for more breakfast stuff on the way into the office, either.

Put down that Easter Egg

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Cravings, hunger, fat, frustration, and the end to this madness!
Bonus GiftWendi

Alcohol Freedom Veggies Body Mastery
Your Hunger ends now. Period. End of Sentence. Quit asking.
As you may know (if you follow me on facebook) I have been on a new eating plan.
I’ve lost 18 pounds so far and I am feeling fantastic.

Follow me on facebook at
And of course, I hear you say-

Wendi, why does a hypnotist need to use a special diet? Don’t you have it all figured out?

And why, for that matter are there fat hypnotists?
I was just at a cool hypnosis convention and the top award winner for being one of the greatest hypnotherapists was spotted outside smoking!
What in the sam hill is goin on here?

Hypnotherapists are human too. But that is no excuse.

Since I turned 50, I have gained weight, not much, but it seems that despite my best efforts and exercise I gained a pound here and there. And I truly believe that if I didn’t have my mad brain skills that stop hunger, cravings and overeating, I would have gained 50 or more pounds. My hypnosis skills keep things in check.
But we still have these metabolism changes that happen to most everyone as they get older. And I have been 20 pounds heavier than I like.

So I posted about it on Facebook. I started the HCG diet and all is going well. Greatest diet plan ever. You can learn more about online.

Anyhoooo… this diet is only 500 calories a day. And before you scream OH NO THAT IS SO UNHEALTHY, just take a deep breath.
The HCG causes you to absorb 2000-3000 calories of fat from your body. And that my friend, is a good thing.

An extremely good thing.

Now, here is what I am really excited about.

I have 3 new programs that I made just in time for your brain as you contemplate the impending doom of summer and the state of your body.

Tracey just used the Hunger Blaster and she was blown away-

Dear Wendi,

Well, this time you have really done it.  I have been a long time user of your hypnosis products and your New "Low Calorie Diet Support" program is amazing.  I started listening to the "Stomach Shrink" session and the induction was so powerful, I felt myself going deep into a lovely state of bliss.  I heard every word spoken but at the same time was so relaxed I was just floating in a dream state.  What a peaceful feeling.  When I was finished, I was full of energy.  My kids had just gotten home from school and were in the kitchen and living room with their typical after school snacks.  I had no interest in what they were eating at all!  It was an INSTANT CHANGE!  I really had no sense of hunger or even interest in eating.  I felt as though I had just had a meal and it had been about 3 hrs since I had. This is really exciting because compulsive eating has always been an issue for me.  I love all your products Wendi and this is certainly top notch!  I’m thrilled to feel like I have control over my eating habits and can’t wait to see the results.


She just used it yesterday. Today she called me and said "holy cow, I am still feeling so full and all I had was a tiny breakfast". She struggles with eating way too much food and feeling out of control, so this is a godsend for her.

This report came out on being addicted to junk food. Did you see it? Rats get so addicted to it that when they withdrew the junk food the rats starved and would not eat ANY food for 2 weeks. They were holding out for the twinkies.

And when the Rats ate the junk food and they electrocuted them, the rats continued to eat it! If only those rats had a Wendi!
But they don’t.

But You do!

And then today there was the article on CNN about BINGE EATING and how they found that cognitive behavioral therapy would change your binge eating for 60% of the people in just 12 weeks. Wow, seriously 12 weeks.

That is just about 11 weeks, 23 hours and 30 minutes too long for me.
Just give me 30 minutes and I swear I will knock that binge eating right out of the park.

I made 3 programs that will instantly change your eating habits. And if you are on the HCG diet, you are really going to love them.

Stop cravings, stop hunger, feel full, diet, weight loss. Apple of Your Eye-
this creates a trigger, an apple, that makes you want fresh and healthy food, stops your hunger, makes you feel full.

So far so good?

Hunger Blaster-
I made this for a  low calorie diet (like HCG and other low cal). After I made it I felt so full, almost uncomfortable. I had not eating in 4 hours. So that was pretty weird. I felt full the rest of the day.

Stomach Shrink-
This session makes you imagine and visualize your stomach becoming smaller, tighter and accepting less food. It is crazy how this works. It is like a virtual stomach stapling. It is totally new. We retired the old one, you will like this one even more.

Raw food diet, how to eat raw, stay on a raw food dietGet Raw-
This was a special CD for David Wolfe’s longevity conference last week. This one is for getting you to eat more raw, delicious, healthy veggies. Some people will use this to get committed to being all raw, and others will simply use it to eat less cooked foods. If you want energy, outstanding health, less illness, lower blood pressure, and stronger immune system, raw is the way to go.

And now I am sure you asking, "Wendi, can you give me a smoking hot deal if I buy all of those?"

"Why yes, indeed I can, my soon to be thin, healthy and energized friend."

If you buy them all, it would be $89.70
But if you buy them with this coupon code, you can get them all for only $49.90.

Yea, yea, I know. That is a really good price.
And when it comes to stopping your:

Sugar cravings
Binge Eating
Hunger all day
Night time hunger
Low energy
Junk food cravings
Fast food addiction

… you are about to be set free. I am serious.

Here we go.

Coupon code is FOODIE
$49.90 for all three. Save over $40.

You must order all three items, either download or cd or the coupon just won’t work.

Get Raw
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Hunger Blaster/Stomach shrink
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Apple of Your Eye
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Order one of each, Get Raw, Hunger Blaster, Apple and you are on your way to some good healthy living.

And no matter what food issues or health challenges you are struggling with or feeling hopeless about, this will really help. Nothing is more important that the food you put in your mouth.

You really are what you eat!

I love you,


PS- please do this before Easter, so you won’t be tempted to raid the basket or steal little children’s chocolate peanut butter eggs.

wendi bright

If you need a little more help, and you want to stop junk food, try this.
Junk Food Junkyard
or the session that makes you say YES to all my questions. We will both enjoy this.
Hunger Helper

Remember, I love you,

Wendi Friesen

wendi ocean

Wendi Friesen, CHT

I was at the coolest place last weekend- the Longevity conference. David Wolfe is amazing and really inspires people to eat healthy and eat raw. We made insane tonics, smoothies and seaweed soup.

I bought some medicinal mushrooms and now I make tea out of them. You wanna taste funky town? Make mushroom tea. That will funkafy your body and mind. Jing!

I met Dr. Mercola. He is really cool in person. Fun, full of energy, happy, inspiring. He is telling it like it is and willing to be honest about the deception in the food industry, pharmaceutical fraud, and about a million other things. I hope he is reading this and knows how much I love his work. If only he had a great line of hypnotherapy products to help people manage the emotional and mental aspect of their health… nudge, nudge.

He also told me that a friend of his got a huge life change from my work. :)

I am going to make you a video about the things that I feel are the most important for health and longevity. It should be ready for you by Monday.

I bought a new shower filter. The more I learn about the bad crap in water, the more freaked out I am about putting it in and on my body.

Life’s good. Let’s live it with great health.


PS- I went on a few dates with a cool guy but when I learned he drinks tap water I knew it would never work out. ;) Seriously. Is that bad?



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Joe Vitale interviews Wendi

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Wanna get your manifesting magic movin and groovin?
Bonus GiftWendi

Alcohol Freedom    Zen of Thin    Body Mastery
Starts soon, check it out. Dial in early to hold a line.
If I had a magic wand, I would give it to you.
This might just be the magic wand…

Joe Vitale said Wendi, I want you.
And I said, whatever it is the answer is Yes!

Turns out he wants to interview me about some serious manifesting strategies. So of course, if it is manifesting he wants, it is manifesting he gets.

I will give you the rock bottom, sure fire methods to make your wishes become reality.

Dreamers are cool.
They make life interesting.

But dreaming, wishing, verbalizing and visualizing may not be working.

Wanna know why?

5 pm pacific
7 pm central
8 pm eastern

The call-in number is 
(712) 432-0075

And the passcode to enter is 363919

Joe had 1000 people last week and maxed out the phone lines.

Be sure to set your alarm on your phone right NOW for 10 minutes before the hour.

Love to you!


wendi bright  

Got Cravings?
Can’t stop snacking?
Getting fatter and fatter?

I got yer back…

I have something new for you. I mentioned it on my Facebook page, and then I kept getting emails begging me to release it.

It is about hunger. I made it for people who are on a very low cal diet, (like HCG) so they would not have hunger or cravings.

It is pretty cool. After I made it around lunch time I felt so full the rest of the day I could hardly eat! And the full feeling continued into the next day.

The second session is to make you feel that your stomach has shrunk so you eat less. How cool is that.

Here is the link. Hope you love it as much as I do.

Hunger Blaster download

Hunger Blaster CD version

Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

wendi ocean
Wendi Friesen, CHT
I met Joe over 10 years ago when he was standing at a table selling little tiny booklets and trying to get people interested in manifesting and stuff. Little did we know that our friendship would grow because we both have such a passion to help people learn to get out of their own way and sabotage every good thing that comes their way.

Now more than ever, you need this. Of course the call is free, just get in a few minutes early. Maybe Joe will tell us what he is currently manifesting.

I am always honored when he asks me to be interviewed. He only chooses people he believes in and I just dig the crap out of being interviewed about manifesting.

I love you guys! Catch you in a little while.

Love you…


Hey, did you see the NEW Inspired Intuition program? 

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Just Say Yes

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Did you get a phone call like this?
Bonus GiftWendi
Alcohol Freedom    Zen of Thin    Body Mastery

I have to make it quick, I am off to a movie
Two things-

1- Did you get a phone call about a documentary called The Difference?

2- I have something I need you to test for me.  

The Movie offer-
An Australian company is calling people who are therapists, counselors, new age types, energy healers, massage therapists… and extracting $2000 from them.

The woman with "the vision" is says she has over 700 people so far, and is going for 6000.
She is currently doing meetings in hotels around the USA.

I went.
I think it is a bit scamalicious.
Will you please take a moment to read what happened while I was there and try to tell your friends in advance so they can know before they submit.
(you can read it  and follow the discussion on Facebook if you use it. If not, read on the blog)

Read my story on Facebook here.

Read my story on my Blog.

Be a Tester for me-

I made a couple of new sessions that are basically this-
I ask you a question.
You answer YES.
I then repeat the question in the first person, you affirm your answer by repeating it.

Here is what I am thinking-
The inner nagging doubts that we have prevent us from fully saying YES to a decision we want to make.

For instance-

Do you want to live in a healthy, lean body?

Of course you do, but on a deeper level I think the answer might be maybe, sort of, it depends.

I don’t have time to explain it all, but I really want you to test this out. The first two I made are on weight loss, healthy foods, and loving to workout.

I want to make an entire series for lots of subjects.
Will you be a tester?

If so, I will let you download the two sessions for only $14.90, rather than the $39.90 price.


USE the coupon TESTER to get that price.
Here is more information on this.
I really d
o want your feedback after you listen to them.

Should I add music?
Should there be a drumbeat or hearbeat?
If you used these while driving, walking or at your computer, what effect did it have.

You can leave you comments here on the blog page after you do a few listens.
wendi bright  
Please read and pass on my thoughts about that Movie thing. I really don’t want people to lose money they don’t have. It seems there is just NO benefit.

Read it now.

Enjoy your JUST SAY YES sessions. I will be waiting for your thoughts!

Remember, I love you,
Wendi Friesen

Need serious help?

Take 50% off today, if you need to stop the depression, anger and hopelessness.

My Life- A program to end depression

Chill Out- A program to end your anger

Happiness 101- A program to let go and start feeling happy again.

Quit Smoking- Stop the cravings, get serious!

Use the coupon SERIOUS to to take 50% off these and get your life started.

wendi pink small
Wendi Friesen, CHT

I went to see Avatar a second time. My favorite part was halfway through when I looked over at Riley in the Imax 3d glasses and busted out laughing.

I love movies and can’t wait for Alice in Wonderland. I am off to see Shutter Island this afternoon. So, I don’t have much to say except this-

If you did not yet get the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE program and you are sitting around feeling lonely…

People are telling me some amazing stories already. Send yours to me and I will publish them next week!
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The movie The Difference

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I am going to take a deep breath first. Now- I have to make a tough decision about whether I am to be careful about what I say, or if I tell the absolute truth. Yesterday I drove 2 hours to San Diego for an opportunity that was offered to me to be part of a movie called The Difference. In their email and phone call to me they described the opportunity- perhaps vaguely- to be in the movie and that they are looking for people to be involved in the movie. Did I misinterpret the offer, or follow the carrot when they discussed their movie being produced as similar to the Secret and What the Bleep? Sounded like a good opportunity, worth a drive to San Diego. They also assured me that I had been carefully chosen for this. I arrived at the room, there were about 7 other women. Jaqueline assured everyone that they had been carefully chosen, that they were there because the staff had researched their work on their website and liked what they saw. After the website comment 3 or 4 of the women said they don’t have a website, and 3 of them don’t even use a computer. CLUE #1 No one was chosen. More likely is a boiler room calling a list of therapists- massage therapists, counselors, hypnotherapists, etc. The offering, the emails, the phone call— no mention of it being any type of a sales presentation or offering to invest or buy anything. The set up was that it was to be “in the movie”. Jacqueline began her speech by talking about her vision, her dream, her mission to open the hearts of all the people in the world. She asked us how many people there are in the USA (she is from Australia) and apparently had no clue about the number of people- I was the only one who had a remote clue, at 300,000,000. CLUE #2 A project of this proportion with a person doing a world tour to find her participants in the movie has no clue how many people are in the USA, even though she is planning to reach 6 billion people with her movie. She drew some circles on some paper and showed that this would certainly affect the lives and open the hearts of 6 billion people. Hmmm. “What is this movie about?” I asked several times. Her answer was consistently, “I don’t know yet” “What is the concept?” I queried. “We won’t know that until it is made”, she replied. Hmmm. Ok, well so far we have air. Nothing but air. And some circles on a paper on an easel. At this point my spidey sense was tingling and I decided to make the most of this and pay attention. Nothing had been mentioned about money, this was obviously not an investment opportunity (there are disclosure laws about that) and so far it didn’t feel like a ponzi scheme. Heads were bobbing up and down. Yes, yes, yes. People were really on board, feeling the need to be part of something that does not exist, but will certainly open the hearts of 6 billion people in some magical way. CLUE #3 Excuse the hell out of me, but if this is a business you better have a plan. What is your product? What is the content? Why does this have potential? What possible reason is there for the impact this movie will have on humanity? Zippo. Heads are still bobbing which is getting annoying to me. One woman in the room is a shill I am pretty sure. She just adds all the right words and enthusiasm. I know, better than most, that people want to be part of something. I get it. And I know how easy it is to get excited about something that hits your hot button. By choosing people (women) who are therapists and new age types, she has found a group that has a similar hot button. She has the key to their lock. In addition to movie you will have the opportunity to make a 6 minute video that will go on a website that will be seen by billions of people. This was a big part of her presentation. You will be exposed to millions or billions and your 6 minute video will make you wildly successful. CLUE #4 Big claims for a business a product that does not exist, a website that has a lot of blank pages and no track record in internet marketing, film production or websites that have performed well in the past. You can’t just say it and make it true. Saying that you will expose people to millions of viewers is simply lying to them. Putting a video on youtube is exposing it to millions of viewers. Last time I checked that is free and you can do that today. Not in 3 years from now. My curiosity is building. She is going to ask for money soon… she is stirring the pot. Heads are still bobbing up and down in agreement with everything she is saying. Why does this bother me so much? I am a business person. I’ve created and run a business from the ground up, 3 times. Each one very successful, my current one successful in doing millions in sales annually. I know my stuff. I am not so much a skeptic as I am realistic. She says she has 750 people in Australia who are already signed up as collaborators. To cut to the chase- She wants $2000 for you to participate as a collaborator. For this you get a nice list of things, like the right to use the logo, an online training class to help you make your 6 minute video, some teleseminars. Of course each of these things shows a price attached to it with an exact (and ridiculous value) like the online training class to learn to make your video, worth $3028. HOLY FUCKING SHIT- that is such an interesting number it must be true! And your six minute video being posted on their site, is worth…. wait for it… $1540 (and to think… I can put a video anywhere on the internet for free) And you get your profile on The Difference website, and that is a value of…. $434 Another spectacular number. How did she come up with this? Not $433, not $435, but Four Hundred thirty four dollars. It must have taken weeks to crunch the costs to arrive at this number. After all… this woman stated she was an accountant. But here is an interesting comment from the accountant- “I am going to give 10% of the money… ummm, from the amount that is ummm… before taxes… what do you call that… (she puts her head down and thinks for a moment) … the gross, I think that is what it is… that will be given to…” (whatever the fuck she said at this point was lost on me. Charity, new shoes, number crunching fees, markers for drawing her 6 circles…?) Hello! Ladies in the chairs, please stop bobbing your heads up and down. If you give her $2000 you will get to share 10% of the profit of this non existent movie with 6000 people. But then in a another sentence she said something about keeping 50% of the money for herself (called it future projects) and the remainder would go to produce the movie, and your 10% that you share with others comes from that. MATH- do the MATH. She is an accountant? OK, quick math- 700 people so far = 1,400,000 My calculator is about to blow a gasket. Right after I do. 6000 people she is recruiting? = 12,000,000 REMEMBER- she is offering you 10% of the profit of the movie, NOT of the money she is taking in from you! Well, this should be some kind of movie! You get ONE stake in the investment scheme for your $2000. BUT WAIT, you can earn another stake if you… wait for it… wait…. yes…. if you RECRUIT your friends! Oh wait, the math. This means that there are more than 6000 stakes. hmmm. Accountant girl, something does not add up. Forgive me for being so blunt, but if each 6000 of your warm, fuzzy recruits, finds 1 more person, that is 18,000 stakes, and those lucky girls get to split 10% of the profits, of which you keep half, and produce a movie with the rest and then offer 10% of the profit left. Hell to the Yeah! (and you can get more stakes by working for her for free as well. Yippee!) Remember- not the profit of this VENTURE, the profit of the movie- oh wait there is no movie. There is air. I’m sorry. But that is ok, because she has a refund policy. refund- OOPS, that page is blank. Made over 700 people pay you $2000, but that page is “coming soon” Also coming soon (blank pages) include, well, most of them: EXCEPT THE ROBUST SCHEDULE that apparently there is time and money for, and at each presentation she will get 2-3 people to fork over their credit cards to invest in AIR. 6 meetings in each city- how is she getting so many people to come to these meetings? Even if she only has 8-12 people at each one, and sells only 2-3 people out of that, it is still a daunting task to email and call enough people to recruit the butts that land in the seats. There are other teams, by the way, doing these presentations in other cities. OOOOhhhhoooooohhhhhh. I got it! I just remembered- if you donate 10 hours of your time, you get another share in the profit. Holy shit- the people who just paid her $2000 are now doing the phone calls to the lists to get people into the presentations. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Please do not buy into something that does not exist. The SEC will shut this project down in a heartbeat. By the time you decide to pull out, your credit card time limit for a chargeback will have long since passed. Jacqueline- I am very sorry if this is truly your dream, your vision, your passion and your mission. I am sorry if this is your way of opening hearts and you honestly believe you are going to make a movie. *************** It costs less than $50,000 to make a simple docu-drama in the style of The Secret. *************** GO MAKE YOUR MOVIE, get millions of visitors to your website, show how much this has benefited your recruits with their 6 minute video. THEN let people invest in something real. Oh, and remember to get your Securities and Exchange Commission filings done. I am sure you thought of that already, since this is an investment that requires full disclosure and a lot of paperwork. But your refund policy is clearly stated. Oops, that page is blank. (Cooling off period is 3 days, not 48 hours as you stated on your paper you handed out. Whoops, must the the accountant brain working again) I know that you are aware of the potential for this project to make you millions of dollars, and if you are ummm, an accountant, you have also done the math to see that your recruits are simply out $2000. Seriously? This is going to change humanity? As a business, it doesn’t fly. As a scam, it is brilliant and you obviously have an aggressive schedule. But I actually do want to help humanity. And for me to NOT stand up and speak my mind about this, would be as big a crime as yours. Wendi Friesen

Find Love

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You’ve got needs.
You are searching for love.
I have an idea.

The big new amazing thing that might just change your love life.
Got 7 days?
I’ve got you covered.

And here is a 3 minute Hypno-Quickie to start your Valentine Weekend.
Watch the video

Wendi Friesen

I made that hypno-quickie while I was in bed this morning, so it is extra warm and snuggly. Won’t you join me? :)

For all of you who are in the snow, just don’t know what to say. Over here in Southern California we are starting a heat wave. I think it will be 80 degrees this weekend. So sorry. I will send it your way to melt the snow.

The love of your life program is something I feel really good about, and I think you will too. It has a lot of healing and instead of just a bunch of sessions it is a daily journey with healing and inspiration and big change every day.

For my newsletter readers you get it for $30 off.
Please promise me that you will keep in touch as you go through each day of the program.

I really do care about you and what you experience.

On the last day, if you send me an honest  testimonial I will send you an additional session that is filled with even more love.

Let’s get started.

Love of Your Life

Rachel Ray show-

One of my Hypnosis programs was on the show last week. They do this thing called the Human lab and they test products. Here are my comments about the show and their results.

I am not sure if you can read them if you are not on facebook. Let me know and I will post them on the blog instead. 

Rachel Ray showNotes
Find the Love of Your Life.
Your Soulmate Search starts NOW!

 HappyThere is nothing else like it.
Seven days of exploration, soul searching, releasing and manifesting.

Can you really Manifest the Love of Your Life?

But even more important is what you might be doing to resist love, to push it away or sabotage a new relationship.

Let’s look at this.

Maybe you are trying to protect yourself from hurt.

It could be that you are still angry about a difficult breakup.

Perhaps you believe that you are unlovable.

Or deep down you just don’t feel worthy of being loved.

I am ready to change this with you.

Lenore came to my office hoping to find out why she was without a man in her life. During our sessions she saw her future soulmate in a vision- and said he was only 3 months away. She imagined what he looked like, smelled like, sounded like and how it felt to touch him.
(hopefully the "smelled like" part worked out ok)

One of the things she realized- that as much as she wanted love, she also had a deep resistance to having love. And when she resolved it, and then was able to feel free to have love and did her soulmate manifesting.

She called me 3 months later and was so excited on the phone I could hardly understand her. I suspect she was jumping up and down at the time.
"I found him, I really did! He is the man I saw in my vision and here he is!" 

She knew it was love at first site.
And just yesterday she sent me an instant message on Facebook. She just wanted to remind me about how happy they are.
And, that they have been married 11 years now.

Laura was longing for love.

She had given up and thought she would never find anyone. Her story will stun you. It is just weird that it worked out like it did.

She found her love and it happened just like she imagined it after listening to my CDs. You have to read her story. It is a little eerie. (link is below)

Why did Laura find her soulmate so fast?

I have no idea why this soulmate manifesting works.
It defies logic.
But love is not logical so we don’t have to figure that out.
And seriously, I don’t care why it works. I have seen it happen too many times to wonder why or how.

Here’s what I think.
Maybe love is all around us, everywhere.
Maybe there are opportunities for us to embrace a new love that are right in front of us.

But- we won’t recognize them or even be the least bit open to them if our beliefs are negative, we feel hopeless, we believe that there are no good men/women left, that love equals pain, and so on.

I am sure you hear me loud and clear.
And you are saying to yourself "Yup, but what the hell do I do about it"?

What you think about expands.

If you secretly think about love meaning pain and relationships bringing hurt or you are still resentful about a breakup, that is what will expand.

I want your brain! And your heart and soul.
Just for a week.

I want to shake it up. I want to change what you THINK about so I can help you expand your feelings about being worthy and lovable. But not only that, I also want to EXPAND your THINKING about being a fantastic lover and a beautiful sharing and giving soulmate.

I want you to oooze with joy that will make you magnetic and irresistible.
I already know I can do this for you.

All I need is you.

Your search for love better start here, bucko.

This is not some stupid list you’ll write about what you want, and it is not a bunch of tips on how to attract a mate. It is definitely not a 20 minute plan to make you feel pretty.

This is a full body and mind overhaul in the love shack of your heart.

This is a soul train that is leaving the station with you on board headed to Lover’s Lane. (good and corny, I know)

Let me show you what I mean.

Put your arms out to each side
Reach straight out
Now cross your arms in  front of you
Keep going until each arm is on the other side
Now wrap them around your body
Try to touch your back
Now squeeeeeeeze
And say
"I love you"

I love you,

Love Of  Your Life
Save $30, and transform your search for love.
Read about it here.

COUPON CODE for $30 off is-



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